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THDP Ch 91 Part 2 – Xue Jinwen’s Choice (II)

“Third sister?” Xue Chengxuan saw his younger sister come, “Why aren’t you resting at the inn?”

“The poison has been eliminated.” The corners of Xue Jinwen’s lips curled up into a brilliant smile. “Thank you for eldest brother’s concern.”

Xue Chengxuan couldn’t help but take a second look at Xue Jinwen. As the eldest brother, he was not partial at home. However, there were two younger sisters, Zichen and Lingfeng, who were extremely talented in both cultivation and medical skills, so it was inevitable that Xue Jinwen, whose talent was much worse than theirs, was always a bit ignored.

Xue Chengxuan rarely chatted with Xue Jinwen. In his memory, this third sister of his was always relatively silent and used to stand behind the other two sisters. Zichen was gentle and demure, while Lingfeng was lively and charming. As for Jinwen…

For a while, Xue Chengxuan couldn’t find a way to describe Xue Jinwen. He only remembered that the girl later chose to go to Beyond The Heaven. Instead of going to Xue Clan’s shop, she went to Profound Auction House, where she became an appraiser responsible for identifying pill and medicinal items.

After Xue Jinwen entered Beyond The Heaven, she seemed to become even more silent. Around this time, Xue Chengxuan began to travel more and spent less time at home, which resulted in his impression of her becoming even weaker.

Xue Chengxuan glanced at Xue Jinwen again. The girl had already put back the brilliant smile on her face, and her eyes were focusing on Meng Qi again. Xue Chengxuan followed her gaze and looked at the slender figure of a blue-robed young girl. Her beautiful countenance, which obviously wasn’t extraordinary, was shrouded with a pale blue light from Beiming Spell.

Amidst the raging waves of devil aura, she looked dazzling and…somehow, made him feel poignant.

Xue Chengxuan couldn’t help but close his eyes slowly.

“I envy her a bit.” Xue Jinwen suddenly muttered.

“Huh?” Xue Chengxuan was baffled at first, but soon understood. Whether Meng Qi could return alive or not, she had become the focus of the entire Apricot Forest. Her name was bound to spread throughout the four realms, becoming the legend among Three Thousand World’s medical cultivators and even among all cultivators of their generation.

“Eldest brother.” Xue Jinwen raised her lips and smiled lightly. Her eyes were firm: “I want to leave Xue Clan.”

“I see—…what?!” Xue Chengxuan couldn’t believe his ears.

“I want to leave Feng Alliance and Xue Clan. From now on, I will no longer claim myself as a Xue Clan daughter, nor will I receive any protection from the clan.” Xue Jinwen said slowly. At this time, the whole Apricot Forest was brimming with conversation. The siblings’ voices were not loud, so no one overheard what they were talking about.

Xue Chengxuan couldn’t believe his ears. He stared at his younger sister, who was smiling brightly with a face as beautiful as their other two sisters.

“Third sister…” Xue Chengxuan frowned, “Do you understand what you are talking about?” He paused and then slowly said again: “Are you still blaming father for not saving you that day? Did you know that Lingfeng was also injured by Ji Wujiong? Later…”

“I’m not.” Xue Jinwen shook her head. She raised her head and looked at Meng Qi again. Under the fierce attack from the devil aura, the girl’s thin figure was no bigger than a small boat in a raging ocean, as if about to be capsized at any time.

Was she really not afraid?

Xue Jinwen’s hand slowly clenched.

Of course she was afraid.

“Eldest Brother.” Xue Jinwen turned at Xue Chengxuan and asked him: “If it were you, would you choose to leave?”

Xue Chengxuan was startled.

“If the one lying there in a coma is me…” As Xue Jinwen said this, her smile suddenly turned into a self-deprecating one. She seemed to have seen through everything, and accepted the fact with an open mind: “If the one lying there is younger sister or elder sister, and their life or death was unknown…The time remaining for you is just an hour, and you have passed the final test from the Grand Tournament barrier. Once you return, honor and rich rewards are waiting for you. For the next ten years, you are the number one among all medical cultivators of your generation. You will have a bright future, and even father will be very proud of you. Because of your achievement, no elders will object for you to become the future clan head, and they will even support you wholeheartedly…” Xue Jinwen paused for a moment. Then she asked softly: “…in this case, will you stay or leave?”

Xue Chengxuan was startled. The hands hanging to his side slowly clenched, hard enough that blue veins appeared on the back of his hands.

“If it were you, would you leave?”


On the reflection in the sky, the huge waves of devil aura were still attacking ferociously.

Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong’s figures had not moved for a long time.

If it were you, would you leave your comrade behind?

Or would you stay?

Xue Jinwen was not the only one who asked this. In the whole Apricot Forest, everyone was pondering the same question, regardless of who they were or their background.

Xue Chengxuan closed his eyes again.

Xue Jinwen did not seem to want a reply from her brother. She spoke again: “There are so many medical cultivators, and I believe that many people will choose to stay.” She smiled lightly: “If it was me, maybe I would choose the same. After all, I’ve come to this point. Who knows if the woman is lying or not?”

Xue Jinwen shrugged and smiled charmingly.

Xue Chengxuan’s clenched hands relaxed again.

“But father will leave.” Xue Jinwen continued: “Because he is the leader of Feng Alliance and the head of Xue Clan.”

“Eldest brother, you will also leave. Because you are the eldest son and heir of our clan, and you are shouldering the clan’s expectation.”

“Wen He will also leave. Like eldest brother, he is the most talented among Wen Clan’s current generation, and he is also trained as the future head of his clan.”

“Youngest sister will leave.” Xue Jinwen chuckled lightly, “As well as elder sister.”

“Stop it!” Xue Chengxuan closed his eyes and yelled.

“Eldest Brother.” Xue Jinwen was not angry. When she was poisoned and lying motionless on the ground that day, her mind was sober. None of her family came to help her, but Xue Jinwen was not surprised at all. Because once they took the initiative to help, it was tantamount to admitting to the public that she was a member of Xue Clan. Once that happened, the fact that a Xue Clan’s child was so foolish as to get herself poisoned would inevitably result in wild gossip.

Xue Clan and Feng Alliance couldn’t afford this shame.


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10 thoughts on “THDP Ch 91 Part 2 – Xue Jinwen’s Choice (II)”

  1. Thank for the update! I am so happy to have Ninth Uncle back … not to mention interaction between our leads!

  2. I really want to give Jinwen a hug 🥺
    Honestly, she needs to separate herself from her toxic family since she obviously doesn’t share their same “values”

  3. Xue Chengxuan…he tried to make excuse as to why he’s not close to or have much memory and interaction with Xue Jinwen. But honestly I feel like he’s just like his father. Because she’s not talented he subconsciously treated her the same way his father and pretty much everyone else in this Xue clan treated her. It’s best that she leave them and join Meng Qi crew. She’ll be more love and appreciated there. This Xue clan and the Feng Alliance whatever is sooo toxic!

    1. Exactly! Xue Chengxuan was even trying to justify why their father didn’t try to save her when she was poisoned by using Xue Lingfeng as an example, but the difference was that at least he tried with the latter and was even willing to pay to have her healed, whereas with the former, he didn’t even acknowledge her or care that she was poisoned. Xue Chengxuan is just as bad as his father, but refuses to acknowledge it. I hope he’ll change in the future, but I don’t think he will in the end. It’s also because of their selfishness that they will never pass the last test of the tournament or be acknowledged by the medical Dao via its blessing.

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