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THDP Ch 91 Part 3 – Xue Jinwen’s Choice (III)

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Xue Jinwen was not angry. When she was poisoned and lying motionless on the ground that day, her mind was sober. None of her family came to help her, but Xue Jinwen was not surprised at all. Because once they took the initiative to help, it was tantamount to admitting to the public that she was a member of Xue Clan. Once that happened, the fact that Xue Clan’s child was so foolish as to get herself poisoned would inevitably result in wild gossip.

Xue Clan, as well as Feng Alliance, couldn’t afford this shame. So even though everyone saw that she was there and suffering, no one took the initiative to save her. Even Murong Fei, who courted her before, also just stood indifferently.

Afterward, everyone told her that it was for the sake of her reputation. Only by this way that no one else would know that Xue Clan’s third young miss was the one who was lying on the ground in such an embarrassing manner.

Xue Jinwen smiled again. In fact, she should have understood a long time ago.

“Eldest brother.” She turned her head to look at Xue Chengxuan, “Actually, the barrier can be opened again, right?” Her eyes squinted slightly. Even if she was just an unfavored daughter, she was still a Xue Clan’s child, and she knew a lot of secrets that many others didn’t know.

“Every ten years, the barrier can be opened three times. Once is during the Medical Cultivator Conference, which is to select talents for the large sects. The remaining two times are exclusive to the disciples of the twelve major medical sects. Once they passed the test in the barrier, the rewards are very lucrative.”

Xue Jinwen smiled slightly: “Obviously, the barrier can be opened again. But no one is willing to waste the opportunity. What’s more…”

Xue Jinwen turned her gaze to a certain direction. There, Su Junmo and Sikong Xing were standing side by side. Next to them was the handsome and cold Xingluo Pavilion Master, then Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo. None of the five spoke. They were all looking anxiously at the sky. Xue Jinwen had figured out that these people, including Su Junmo, were all Meng Qi’s friends, and they were genuinely worried about her. They never thought whether Meng Qi was worth their effort or not. It was a pure friendship, with no calculation of profit or loss.

Xue Jinwen narrowed her eyes slightly. After recognizing her that day, the only person who rushed forward to save her was the girl with whom she had only met several times in Beyond The Heaven. All her close relatives were there. However, they didn’t go to her aid, claiming that it was to protect her reputation.


Xue Jinwen gently closed her eyes. She blinked away the last trace of mist in her eyes and bowed in salute to Xue Cheng’s direction. “Eldest brother.” Her slender hand closed. When she opened it again, there was a small, crystal-clear jade card on her palm.

“You…” Xue Chengxuan took a deep breath, “Have you thought carefully?”

“Thank you for your concern. I’ve made up my mind.” Xue Jinwen put the jade card into her brother’s hand. She then smiled: “Eldest brother, I wish you well.”

After she finished speaking, Xue Jinwen turned around decisively. Her sleeves flicked as she walked, not towards where the rest of Xue Clan was located, but straight to Su Junmo and the rest of Meng Qi’s friends.

Xue Chengxuan gripped the clan jade card that Xue Jinwen handed back to him. The jade card was obviously warm and smooth, but seemed to be piercing painfully into his palm. He saw his sister walk away without looking back, decisively and unhesitatingly, with a firm determination.

Leaving Feng Alliance and Xue clan was not just as simple as returning the jade card that was her identity token. From now on, Xue Jinwen couldn’t use the healing spells and medicine formula owned exclusively by Feng Alliance and Xue Clan. Even if she still remembered the spells and formula, she would suffer a backlash if she tried to use them, and the backlash was severe enough to completely turn her into a useless person.

Xue Jinwen was Xue Cheng’s daughter, and everything she had learned came from Xue family. Although she was not as smart as Xue Lingfeng, her talent was not insignificant if put in other regular sects. By leaving resolutely, Xue Jinwen had to start everything from the beginning, except for her cultivation base and medical cultivation level.




“Is it going to break?”

“So dangerous!”

“It’s not broken!”

“Almost scared me to death!”

“It’s coming again!

“When will it end?!”

A burst of shout and gasp suddenly filled the Apricot Forest. Xue Chengxuan returned to his senses and looked up, just in time to see a huge black wave, over three hundred meters, slapped towards the cliff with imposing momentum. Even though he was not there, Xue Chengxuan seemed to feel the power strong enough to shake the entire ground.

On the cliff, the barrier that protected Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong was now full of cracks, as if it was about to be broken with just a light touch. Although the last huge wave didn’t break the barrier, it made the barrier even more fragile and tattered.

Throughout the Apricot Forest, there was another bout of gasp. Just seeing it indirectly was enough to make everyone feel scared all over, so what did Meng Qi, who was right in the middle of that craziness, feel?

In a blink of an eye, another huge wave, even higher and more terrifying than before, surged up and hit the barrier with a huge bang. Not only the barrier, but even the cliff seemed to tremble with shock. This time, Meng Qi finally moved her eyes from Ji Wujiong and looked in the direction of the rampaging wave. Her hands were still pressed on Ji Wujiong’s chest and back, steadily replenishing aura into his spiritual sea.

“Meng Qi!” Someone suddenly shouted: “Go back! Don’t stay any longer!”

“Yeah, no one will blame you for leaving!” Another person shouted loudly.

“Meng Qi, go back! You have done your best, and you have done well enough! Go back now!”

“Meng Qi, don’t stay there any longer! No one will blame you!”


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