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Aerial Rain
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THDP Ch 92 Part 3 – Lin Yan (III)

Ji Wujiong returned to Meng Qi’s side. Seeing the girl was still playing with the knife, he couldn’t help saying: “You are still looking at that knife? Let me see. The devil aura had tempered it, and then…what kind of garbage is this?! Did you make this thing by randomly hammering an iron ore with the rock you pick on the side of the road? Since you hold it so preciously, I thought it was a rare spirit weapon. But it turns out to be…tsk! What a waste!”

Hearing this familiar tone, Meng Qi was sure that Ji Wujiong was already alright. Ignoring his mockery, she put away the knife and took a look around. Without the sea of devil aura, the entire place seemed a bit quiet and empty. The gate opened by the mysterious woman had disappeared, and the cliff was totally empty. It seemed that the senior had been annoyed by her constant refusal. Now, she and Ji Wujiong could only rely on themselves to find a way to get out.

Following her gaze, Ji Wujiong also looked around: “What’s next? Another test?”

“I don’t know.” Meng Qi shook her head. The mysterious senior indeed said that she had passed the final test. But now, she was not sure…

“Let’s look around first.” Without the sea of devil aura surrounding the cliff, the area they could explore had expanded greatly.

“Oh.” Ji Wujiong raised his eyebrows, “Then let’s go and look for the eye of the array.1 This illusion array…” He squinted his eyes: “..is quite interesting.”

“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded.

“Young Daoist.” Suddenly, the woman’s gentle and warm voice sounded again. “You are fine.”

“Senior?” Meng Qi was surprised.

“Come here,” The woman called softly.

Before Meng Qi could react, Ji Wujiong had already taken a step forward, protecting her slender body behind him. He raised his eyebrows slightly and glared towards the sky: “Who are you? What do you intend to do?”

“Ji Wujiong!” Meng Qi hurriedly stopped Ji Wujiong. This mysterious senior was obviously deeply connected to the powerhouse that built this barrier tens of thousands of years ago. She might even be the master of this place itself, and Meng Qi didn’t want Ji Wujiong to offend her. Not to mention, this senior had never tried to harm them and even repeatedly persuaded her to leave.

“It’s okay.” The voice said gently: “Young Daoist is open-minded, yet you are also firm in your belief. Having a junior like you makes me very relieved. Moreover…” She suddenly paused.

“Come here.” The woman called again.

Ji Wujiong still looked at the sky warily. Knowing that he was worried about her, Meng Qi gestured at him before she strode forward.

“Young Daoist, your name is Meng Qi?”

“Yes.” Meng Qi replied respectfully.

“My name is Lin Yan.”

“Lin…Lin Yan?!” Meng Qi’s eyes suddenly widened in disbelief.

Meng Qi was not alone. In the Apricot Forest, there were also many gasps of surprise. Too many things have happened today, shocking enough for everyone to remember it for life. But for medical cultivators, even Meng Qi’s firm adherence to the way of a healer and Ji Wujiong’s extraordinarily powerful counterattack didn’t bring them as much surprise as the name Lin Yan.

Lin Yan…

Was she really that Lin Yan…

Sure enough, they heard Meng Qi ask expectantly: “Excuse me, Senior. Are you the Great Healer Lin Yan, who broke through the ninth rank of medical cultivation and entered the legendary Profound realm?”

“It’s me.” The woman said with a smile: “Unexpectedly, someone still remembers my name.”

“Of course I do!” Meng Qi raised her head. Her eyes were burning with excitement: “Senior’s cultivation base was already at the Great Ascension stage, but to save the people in six cities and eight towns in the Southern Realm, you voluntarily dissipated your cultivation base, falling from Great Ascension to Void Comprehending stage.2 Once falling, it would be difficult to restore the cultivation base in your lifetime, and there is no hope for ascending.”

“This junior has read about Senior Lin Yan in the book and was extremely touched. This junior wished to be born tens of thousands of years earlier, so I could be by Senior’s side and share some of your worries.”

“Haha.” Hearing the sincere tone, Lin Yan chuckled and said: “Just to share my worries?”

“Uh…” Meng Qi blushed a little embarrassedly, “I also want to listen to Senior’s teachings from time to time.”

The recorded history about the prosperous era tens of thousands of years ago was actually incomplete. However, everyone knew that the era was also the golden age of medical cultivators. Countless geniuses were born during that time. They exchanged views about Dao, discussed life and death, produced countless medicines and healing spells…Every time Meng Qi read about the era, she was full of yearning and admiration.

After several catastrophes, refinery cultivators were not the only ones who saw much of their legacy and knowledge cut off. Medical cultivators were also in the same situation. Countless medicine formulas and spells were lost in the long river of history. Even after tens of thousands of years of hard work, medical cultivators were still far from reaching their former glory.

Meng Qi was not good at lying, let alone the other party was a great senior whom she admired so much. When Lin Yan asked, she answered straightforwardly. It was true that she would be happy to share Lin Yan’s worry. Even more so, she was more than eager to listen to Lin Yan’s teachings and took a glimpse at the glorious era that had been lost for tens of thousands of years.

“Meng Qi.” Lin Yan’s voice seemed to contain a smile, “Would you like to be my disciple?”


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  1. The eye of an array is the part that becomes the center/core of an array and also its weak point. Once the eye part is destroyed, the array is also destroyed.
  2. Great Ascension is one step right before the real ascension. A quick reminder of cultivation levels: Qi Condensation -> Foundation Establishment -> Golden Core -> Nascent Soul -> Spirit Severing -> Void Comprehending -> Comprehending Perfection -> Crossing Tribulation -> Great Ascension (sometimes also translated as ‘Mahayana’)

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  1. Yes reap the rewards Meng Qi you deserve them! And since the tiger is your array master, hopefully its fine if Lin Yan becomes your medical master

    Thanks for the chapters!!

  2. This is the only part where I’m frustared with Meng Qi’s stubborness and Yun Qingyan’s secrecy about his feelings towards Meng Qi. He only ever said not to call him master. Not why she shouldn’t call him master when all he’s ever done is be one to Meng Qi. Now if he had only said why he couldn’t be her master (he just wanted to be her husband ;D) Meng Qi would accept it and could become Lin Yan’s disciple. .。・゚゚・(>_<)・゚゚・。.

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