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THDP Ch 92 Part 4 – Lin Yan (IV)

“Meng Qi.” Lin Yan’s voice seemed to contain a smile, “Would you like to be my disciple?”

“Huh?” Meng Qi suddenly felt the sky was spinning. Her heart was pounding so hard, as if it was about to be about to jump out of her throat. For a moment, she couldn’t utter any word. She tried hard to reply, but her throat seemed to be blocked, and she couldn’t make a single noise.

Meng Qi couldn’t believe her ears at all. She even wanted to pinch herself hard to see if she was still trapped in the illusion or not.

Lin Yan…the Lin Yan who lived in the long-lost prosperous era, whose both ability and vision she admired so much, actually offered to make her a disciple!

Willing, willing, willing!

Of course she was absolutely, certainly, totally willing!

“Humph!” Ji Wujiong snorted coldly. He saw Meng Qi’s face was blushing, her eyes were shining, and her entire body exuded excitement and yearning beyond words. He still remembered how quickly and firmly she refused when he wanted to accept her as a disciple!

Meng Qi was brought back to reality by Ji Wujiong’s cold snort. She suddenly remembered that she had made up her mind to worship Yun Qingyan as her only master. Yun Qingyan treated her very well, and his teaching had benefited her constantly in both lives. Just because she was fascinated by Senior Lin Yan’s offer, she couldn’t forget the kindness given to her by Yun Qingyan.

Meng Qi bit her lips lightly. She suddenly wanted to cry.

“Humph!” Ji Wujiong turned his head away angrily. He and Meng Qi had been getting along well during this time, especially in this third test where they had to survive against the sea of devil aura. He already knew a lot about this stubborn girl. Meng Qi liked medical cultivation more than anything else. Now, she was facing such a powerful senior with superb medical skills, and the other party was also willing to accept her as a disciple. It was very easy to see how frantically happy Meng Qi must be at this moment. But unfortunately, she had promised herself to another person. This stubborn girl also seemed to have great respect towards that mysterious master of hers. Torn between two people, she was put in a painful dilemma.

Ji Wujiong suddenly felt that this woman named Lin Yan was a bit likable, since she let him see Meng Qi’s struggling and conflicted look. He still held a grudge over being rejected before, so he was happy to see someone finally made Meng Qi so conflicted. This showed that Lin Yan was at least on par in Meng Qi’s heart with that mysterious yet stupid guy.

How refreshing!

Ji Wujiong folded his arms leisurely and watched Meng Qi’s struggling figure with a glee.

He was not alone. All the medical cultivators in the Apricot Forest were also watching in silence. Even the sect leaders and elders of the large sects on the twelve peaks, who had been watching from the sidelines until now, could no longer maintain their initial calmness.

No one doubted the woman’s words, not even the elders of Medical Society Alliances. Because this place was the Apricot Forest, the blessed and the last holy land left behind by the great ancient powers of medical cultivators. It was not surprising that someone who could control everything in the Grand Tournament barrier turned out to be the legendary Lin Yan.


Lin Yan was going to accept a disciple!

That legendary Lin Yan!

In the prosperous era tens of thousands of years ago, medical cultivators were revered and respected. At that time, eighth-rank medical cultivators were everywhere, and seventh-rank medical cultivators were just amateurs. Even so, Profound-realm medical cultivators were still rare and between.

As Meng Qi said, for the sake of rescuing the people in the six cities and eight towns in the Southern Realm, Lin Yan voluntarily dissipated her cultivation base and was also injured too badly, falling into the Void Comprehending stage from the Great Ascension stage, leaving only her strength as a medical cultivator.

Since ancient times, no one in the Three Realms had been able to ascend. A cultivator of the Great Ascension stage was already the peak in the Three Realms, standing at the pinnacle of strength. Such a powerful figure was willing to accept Meng Qi as a disciple, so why was she still hesitating?!

The medical cultivators in the Apricot Forest, who were still worried about Meng Qi just a moment ago, now couldn’t wait to press her head and force her to kneel down to Lin Yan in a disciple ceremony.

Immediately! Right now!

That’s Lin Yan, the legendary profound-realm great healer!

“This junior…” Meng Qi finally raised her head. She felt so bitter that she wanted to cry.

She really wanted to be Lin Yan’s disciple!

She wanted to learn the long-lost knowledge from the distant golden age, right from the hand of a legendary healer…

But she couldn’t!

Lin Yan did not urge. She waited patiently, as if she didn’t care about the passing time at all.

“This junior really want to worship Senior Lin Yan as a master, but…” Meng Qi pursed her lips. Her eyes reddened. Her heart seemed to be torn into pieces, but she forced herself to continue: “This junior is heavily indebted to another Senior, who taught me a great deal of knowledge. Although this junior is still yet to be acknowledged as a disciple by that Senior, this junior has already regarded him as a master. This junior is determined to work hard until he accepts me as his disciple. Therefore…” Meng Qi choked and almost cried: “Without his permission, this junior cannot worship anyone else as a master.”

Ji Wujiong: “…”

All the medical cultivators in the Apricot Forest: “…”

The elders and sect leaders on the twelve peaks: “…”

“…” Even Lin Yan seemed a little surprised. She was silent for a moment and then suddenly laughed: “Okay.”

Lin Yan’s voice was as gentle as before: “After what happened just now, it’s not surprising that you would say something like this.”

This girl named Meng Qi had her own understanding of the Dao and was firm in her belief.

But it was also good.

“Although you and I don’t have the fate of being a master and disciple, our meeting is also fated.” Lin Yan said with a smile. “Since you like books, I will give you one.”

“Ah—” A white light suddenly penetrated Meng Qi’s forehead. Her body swayed a little, and she took two steps back unsteadily.

A moment later, a look of surprise suddenly appeared on Meng Qi’s face, and she quickly looked up at the sky again.

“Se-senior…” She murmured.

Senior Lin Yan did this, but she…

She obviously refused to be her disciple!

“Young Daoist, you have a clear heart, and I am willing to do this.” Lin Yan said slowly. Her voice was soft and warm, like a spring breeze. Lin Yan didn’t speak loudly, but each of her words reached every cultivator in Apricot Forest clearly: “Since we have no fate of being a master and disciple, we can be friends.”

Although Lin Yan’s voice was still gentle as before, she finally revealed the pride that belonged to a genius whose name was remembered tens of thousands of years after her era: “From now on, you are my, Lin Yan’s, friend.”

After a pause, she finally said: “Go back.”


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Author’s Note:

Meng Qiqi: Master, Do not worry! I will only recognize you as my Master in this life!

Yun ‘I don’t want a disciple, I just want a wife’ Qingyan:…I’m a little scared of the future. What if Qiqi comes to settle scores with me every time she remembers this!

Translator’s Note:

Sorry for the missing updates last week! The schedule should return to normal now, if January doesn’t throw any surprise….

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  1. When you hold a lotto ticket worth 1 million and another worth 1000000000 m but the 1 m was bought by someone precious and given to you when you needed it most it has so much weight that it became priceless… Lol gdamn

  2. This arc felt so long when waiting for the updates. Now re-reading this, everything goes by so fast~

    … Still miffed that Meng Qi declined her offer for a master-who-doesn’t-want-to-be-a-master

  3. Even though Meng Qi regards Yun Qingyan as her master, it’s not like he can teach her medical knowledge or anything; the only thing she’ll learn from him is arrays. It would be pretty awesome if she could have two masters to teach her different things since she’s gifted in both medicine and arrays, but obviously it would be rude to each of them to have their own disciple also worship another as a master.

    When she finally understands why she’ll never have Yun Qingyan as a master, I wonder if she’ll regret her decision, lol. Even if she did accept Lin Yan as a master, though, wouldn’t she have to stay in that barrier because Lin Yan can’t leave there? Who knows how long she’d have to remain cut off from the rest of the world.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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