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THDP Ch 93 Part 1 – Back to Apricot Forest (I)

After Lin Yan’s voice was gone, Meng Qi raised her head and looked up at the sky. Following the destruction of the sea of devil aura, the black clouds hanging above also dissipated, revealing the original blue sky. The cliff also began to change, slowly turning into a verdant hill. The hill was not too high, and they could see its peak at a glance.

“Senior Lin Yan should have been gone.” Meng Qi was still a bit absentminded, and her voice was full of regret. Although she was very firm when she refused Lin Yan’s offer, her heart seemed to be gently scratched by countless cat claws. It was both itchy and painful.

Ji Wujiong snorted in disdain.

Inside the beast house, the little white tiger squinted his eyes slightly. His gaze flickered as he tapped the bed with his fluffy paws. He had also heard about Lin Yan’s name, and knew that she was a legendary healer who lived tens of thousands of years ago.

Meng Qi even refused to be her disciple…

The little white tiger lightly pawed the bamboo bed he was lying on. As far as he could see, this illusion array was very powerful and could change based on the people who entered. It should be the strongest part of the entire Grand Tournament barrier. No matter how strong she was, an ordinary medical cultivator wouldn’t be able to create such a powerful array. Not only that, but she also left behind a trace of her consciousness to control the array.

Just now, he tried to talk to Meng Qi, but the girl couldn’t hear his call at all.


He knew more than Meng Qi, and could tell that the illusion array should have been left behind by Lin Yan to find a suitable successor. As a genius medical cultivator whose name shook the Three Realms more than tens of thousands of years ago, Lin Yan shouldn’t care about a person’s identity and background. She left this illusion array to test the later generations’ heart and willpower step by step, finally selecting a disciple whom she deemed the most suitable…

Meng Qi seemed indifferent, but she had a very firm heart. Once she set on something, not even the threat of death could make her change her mind. Unexpectedly, her stubbornness accidentally won her the favor of an ancient powerhouse.

However, she turned Lin Yan down!

The little white tiger, whose real name was Yun Qingyan, snorted lightly. Even Lin Yan was rejected, showing that that person’s status in Meng Qi’s heart was truly unshakable.

Yun Qingyan squinted his eyes and stretched out his paws lazily. It seemed that their white tiger clan hadn’t been cleaned for a long time. It was time to check who on earth dared to cross the realm’s boundary, run into Three Thousand Worlds without permission, and even teach the clan’s secret legacy to a human little girl.

Of course, Meng Qi’s talent in arrays was extraordinary, but it didn’t mean that the legacy of their white tiger clan could easily be passed to outsiders.

However, despite teaching Meng Qi so much, that man seemed to refuse to accept her as a disciple…

Even though Yun Qingyan was still in the cute baby tiger form, a frown suddenly appeared on his face.

Not accepting disciples, could it be that he…

Yun Qingyan was stunned by the sudden conjecture. The next moment, he recalled Meng Qi’s firm and stubborn attitude when acknowledging that person as her Master.

Yun Qingyan suddenly felt a little gloating—

Ha! Quietly running to Three Thousand Worlds and passing all the clan’s secret inheritance to a human girl, yet refusing to accept her as a disciple…

He must want her to be his Daoist couple, right?

What a pity, that girl only saw him as a Master!

“Let’s go…” Meng Qi looked around for the last time. Although she was still reluctant, Lin Yan’s soft and warm voice never rang again.

She and Ji Wujiong had passed the final test safely, and it was time to go back.

Meng Qi touched her forehead with her finger and slowly moved a trace of spiritual sense into her spiritual sea. The spiritual sea, which had expanded dramatically after entering the Golden Core stage, was originally empty, save for the golden core that was quietly hanging above the sea. But now, there was an addition of a simple-looking bamboo slip floating right next to Meng Qi’s golden core. The spiritual aura trickling from the white orb passed through the bamboo slip before it slowly poured into the spiritual sea below.

Meng Qi was a little surprised to find her aura seemed to have become more condensed. The spiritual aura produced by a Golden Core cultivator was originally as thin as mist. Meng Qi, who was still at the Golden Core stage’s lowest realm, could naturally only produce an extremely thin spiritual aura. But now, she saw that the aura flowing in her spiritual sea had a thicker color than before.

Meng Qi looked at the bamboo slip thoughtfully. She carefully moved her spiritual sense into the bamboo slip. With a soft light, the words recorded in the slip slowly appeared in her mind.

Senior Lin Yan…

After taking a quick glance over the contents, Meng Qi felt a warmth in her heart, and she suddenly had the urge to cry.

Senior Lin Yan was a true genius healer, with a broad mind matching her reputation. Meng Qi solemnly asked herself. Even if her cultivation base grew to be comparable to Lin Yan one day, would she also possess the same broad mind?

“Meng Qi? Meng Qi!”

Ji Wujiong called loudly, returning Meng Qi to her senses. She quickly retracted her spiritual senses and turned to face Ji Wujiong: “What?”

“Not ‘what?'” Ji Wujiong raised his eyebrows, “Where should we go next?”

“I don’t know.” Meng Qi looked around. The scenery in all directions looked the same, and she didn’t know which direction was the exit.

“Let’s go east.” She said, walking towards the east, “East is the direction of Wood element, symbolizing growth and vitality.”

“…” Ji Wujiong reluctantly followed, “Meng Qi, you…” He looked at the blue-robed young girl, who had regained her usual calmness. He suddenly chuckled and asked: “Up to you, then. But who is that Lin Yan?”


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Translator’s note:

Don’t you love it whenever Xiao Qi diss out Meng Qi’s ‘master’??

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    1. “Yun Qingyan suddenly felt a little gloating—

      Ha! Quietly running to Three Thousand Worlds and passing all the clan’s secret inheritance to a human girl, yet refusing to accept her as a disciple…

      He must be wanting her to be his Daoist couple, right?

      What a pity, that girl only saw him as a Master!”

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