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THDP Ch 94 Part 2 – Reunion of Friends (II)

“Wait…” Meng Qi was a little confused, “The rumor is spreading in the four realms?”

“That’s right.” Sikong Xing’s eyes widened, and she turned to Su Junmo, “Explain to Meng Qiqi.”

Su Junmo: “…”

He sighed helplessly and explained: “Once every ten years, various spell and sword sects in Three Thousand World’s four realms received a large-scale trial practice mission to assist the medical cultivators during the second test of the Grand Tournament.”

“I see.” Meng Qi’s heart jumped, “So those who come to help us are all real cultivators from Three Thousand Worlds?”

“Yes!” Su Junmo nodded. He faintly felt that this matter shouldn’t be that simple. Who on earth possessed such a great ability to actually use the medical cultivator’s holy land to connect the entire Three Thousand Worlds?

“Are they all right?!” Meng Qi suddenly stood up and asked worriedly. When she was still in the barrier, she thought that the people on the second test were just array spirits summoned by the Grand Tournament barrier, similar to the ghost puppets summoned by Ji Wujiong’s Hundred Ghosts and Hundred Charms array. Only they were much more powerful and resembled real humans.

“Don’t worry.” Su Junmo took a deep look at Meng Qi, “They’re all right.”

“That’s good.” Meng Qi breathed a sigh of relief.

“After they left the trial barrier, the disciples went back to their respective sects and reported about everything they had encountered.” Su Junmo continued: “The task they received was to assist medical cultivators in defending the town. Sword and spell cultivators would engage with the enemies, and medical cultivators would heal them. For those disciples, it is a relatively easy trial. After all, with so many medical cultivators around, they just have to cooperate to defend the town. In their words, it is almost like a vacation.”

“Pfft…” Sikong Xing couldn’t help it and burst into laughter.

Meng Qi smiled: “I really wronged them this time.”

“What wronged?!” After finally getting a chance to speak, Su Junmo had forgotten his initial curiosity, and his chattery nature finally took over: “From the news I received, those disciples were indeed shocked beyond belief. They obviously had never seen such a fierce medical cultivator, who, despite their small number, teamed up and took them to destroy the entire Tengshe sect. The attack method was also eye-opening. It looked like an array, but who on earth has ever seen arrays used to kill enemies?”

“Therefore, the news spread the entire four realms in no time, and some Eastern Realm sects located near Xingluo City even directly came here to inquire about the situation.” Su Junmo raised his jaw towards Chu Tianfeng: “Even this Young Palace Master of Fentian Palace should be here for the same reason, too.”

“Don’t sow discord!” Chu Tianfeng almost jumped up in anger, “I left Fentian City long before the news spread. I am here to bring our sect’s medical cultivators to attend the conference.” Chu Tianfeng suddenly paused. His voice lowered, and he murmured: “My father has indeed contacted me, but I’m not going to tell them or anyone about Meng Qiqi!”

“Really?” Qin Xiumo folded his arms on his chest and said lazily: “If your father came to ask in person, will you tell him?”

“I won’t!” Chu Tianfeng answered firmly, his face flushed: “Even if I die, I won’t say a word!”

Qin Xiumo chuckled and stopped asking. He was betrayed by his former best friend and was unable to return to his sect. He was alone without backing, but also without restrain. However, Chu Tianfeng was different. As soon as Su Junmo spoke, Qin Xiumo guessed what he meant. The two cooperated well and directly extracted a promise from Chu Tianfeng.

Su Junmo continued: “In short, Ji Wujiong’s action was very bold. This year’s Medical Cultivator Conference was turned upside down. As a result, everyone is a little absent-minded. With non-medical sects mixed in, Xingluo City is currently very bustling with people coming and going.”

“Right!” Sikong Xing nodded and quickly added: “Both Medical Society Alliance and Feng Alliance insisted that the Grand Tournament’s barrier can only be opened once every ten years. Unless you and Ji Wujiong break out by yourselves, they have no way to let you out or others in. We originally wanted to unite people who come to inquire about the news and force Feng Alliance to compromise. Huh…” She became angry: “Meng Qiqi, you don’t know how bad those old men are! They refused to do anything. Su Junmo said they definitely have some secrets they didn’t want to tell us. But even if we all joined our force together, we were still too weak to force them to speak.”

Xue Jinwen smiled slightly. She was a former member of Xue clan and the daughter of their current clan head. Regardless of whether she was favored at home or not, she was still a third miss Xue in the eyes of outsiders. Su Junmo and his friends knew this, and they also understood that she must know some Xue clan’s secrets unknown to others. Yet, they seemed to have a tacit understanding, and no one threw her questions from beginning to end.

Just like now, Meng Qi nodded after hearing Sikong Xing’s words, but didn’t show any intention to inquire her at all.

How nice!

Xue Jinwen sat quietly. The feeling of being respected and protected by friends was very nice.

“What happened later?” Meng Qi asked.

“Later, you and Ji Wujiong finally broke out!” Sikong Xing said excitedly: “We all saw what happened to you and Ji Wujiong in the barrier. Meng Qiqi, you were so awesome!”

“Huh?” Meng Qi blinked, “You saw me and Ji Wujiong…?”

“Yes!” Sikong Xing was full of excitement. “You don’t know, but the sky above the Apricot Forest turned into a huge mirror. We can see each and every situation inside the barrier via it.”

Meng Qi: “…each and every situation?”

No way?!

Meng Qi suddenly blushed. Although she could confidently say to had never done anything that couldn’t be shown to the public, it didn’t mean that she wouldn’t be embarrassed. Especially the time she spent with ‘Yun Qingyan’ inside the illusion, had everyone also seen this? Was her attempt at Yun Qingyan known by so many strangers?!


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