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THDP Ch 94 Part 4 – Reunion of Friends (IV)

“Meng Qiqi.” Chu Tianfeng’s focus was different, “You said Ji Wujiong also owes you spirit stones?”

Meng Qi was startled. Her face suddenly became a bit hot again. She didn’t expect that they really watched her every move inside the barrier.

“…yeah.” She was not good at lying, not to mention that it was useless to lie.

“How many spirit stones does he owe you?” Chu Tianfeng pressed again.

Among these people, only Qin Xiumo could guess what this arrogant young palace master was actually minding about. He chuckled lightly and returned to his previous lazy look to watch the excitement in leisure.

Meng Qi fell into thought for a while. Her expression was staid as she finally said: “The situation at the time was critical. I actually didn’t mean it seriously.” She carefully explained to Chu Tianfeng: “Don’t take it seriously. You guys also saw that Ji Wujiong and I have fought side by side inside the barrier. Without him, I’m probably still stuck in the first test even now. I just said that to stimulate him to wake up.”

“We know this!” Chu Tianfeng interrupted her, “So how many spirit stones does he owe you?”

Chu Tianfeng guessed that Meng Qi should have rescued Ji Wujiong and then charged him spirit stones for the treatment fee. Although Meng Qi said she never counted the so-called debt because they had fought side by side, Chu Tianfeng was still eager to know the specific amount.

Qin Xiumo’s lips raised in a smile: “Probably around a few dozens of eighth-grade spirit stones.”

“…before Ji Wujiong left, he gave me an IOU for one thousand profound-grade spirit stones.” Meng Qi finally muttered.

Chu Tianfeng: “!!!”

Qin Xiumo: “…”

“When I see him again, I will give this IOU back.” Meng Qi said. She then raised her arms and stretched: “I think I need sleep.”

“Alright, go back and take a rest now.” Sikong Xing said quickly. She jumped up and pushed Meng Qi towards her bedroom: “Everything else can wait until you wake up. Go ahead.”

“Okay.” Meng Qi turned her head and smiled, “Thank you for your concern. I will take my rest first.”

After Meng Qi returned to her room, she closed the door, lightly stretched her shoulders, and finally took out the best house from the storage space. “Xiao Qi,” she called. Seeing the little white tiger lying lazily on her bed, she reached out to rub his fluffy little head.

“Your injury…” A trace of confusion flashed in Meng Qi’s eyes. Why did Xiao Qi look weaker than before? Meng Qi closed her eyes and frowned slightly. The next moment, her fingertips shone lightly as she touched the little guy’s forehead.

“Ah—” Meng Qi suddenly cried out. She quickly withdrew the aura she injected into Xiao Qi’s body and staggered back two steps, staring at the little white tiger in confusion.

What was that just now? She shook her head. She seemed to have been…bitten by another powerful aura. Although the aura didn’t hurt her, she was caught off guard and was forced out of Xiao Qi’s body.

What was that?!

Meng Qi stood dazedly for a moment before she walked slowly to the bed. The little white tiger was resting with his chin on his paws. His eyes shut tight, refusing to look at her.

“Are…are you angry?” Even though no expression could be read from the little guy’s fluffy face, Meng Qi still vaguely felt that he seemed…angry?

“Uh…” Meng Qi scratched her head, “I’m sorry, Xiao Qi. Although it wasn’t my intention, I indeed kept you trapped in the beast house for so long.”

When she was trapped inside the Grand Tournament barrier, Ji Wujiong was always by her side. She had no way to get Xiao Qi out. Fortunately, she had promptly changed Xiao Qi’s beast house with a higher-grade one right after she earned enough spirit stones. If he stayed in her storage space for a month, there would be no problem.

Meng Qi’s hand slowly moved to Xiao Qi’s head and gently rubbed it: “I won’t do it anymore.”

“This time, except for passing the Grand Tournament tests, I also met a very, very powerful senior.”

Still call ‘senior’?


What a disobedient girl.

Despite thinking so, the little white tiger Yun Qingyan still opened his eyes and glanced at Meng Qi.

Once Meng Qi began to talk about Lin Yan, her eyes sparkled brighter than even the stars in the night sky. “She is a great medical cultivator from ten thousand years ago! She is so famous that her name was known throughout the three realms. Not only was she a genius in medical cultivation, but she was also a very benevolent person, and her cultivation base was very high. She is very, very…”

“Very good!” Meng Qi finally exclaimed. It seemed that she was so excited that she even lost her words. In the end, she was stuck looping simple phrases again and again.

After a while, Meng Qi finally calmed down. She seemed a bit in a daze. She stared at the distance for a long time before speaking again: “That senior has given me the record of her lifetime’s experience. However, my medical cultivation is not high enough, and I can barely read up to four volumes. But Xiao Qi…” She reached out her hands and held the little white tiger’s two fluffy paws. Her eyes brightened, and her tone was full of excitement: “I think I can find a way to heal you in that record!”

At this moment, three soft knocks suddenly came from the door.

“Who?” Meng Qi let go of Xiao Qi’s paw, turned to the door, and asked in a loud voice.

“Meng Qi.” A young man’s clear and slightly cold voice came from outside, “It’s me.”

“Pavilion Master Pei?” Meng Qi was startled, but she quickly went to open the door. She didn’t need to worry about Xiao Qi. The little guy concealed himself well. Everyone around her only knew that she kept a white tiger cub as her spirit beast, but no one ever guessed that he was a celestial demon.

Pei Mufeng was a gentleman. After Meng Qi opened the door, he quickly turned his gaze away from her bedroom. “I’m departing for Starfallen Sea.” He said. “Too many things happened to you, and I should have stayed a bit longer…However, the entrance to Starfallen Sea in the Eastern Realm is about to disappear in a few days, and the next time it appears again is three months later.” He paused. “I am here to say goodbye. Meng Qi, take care.”

The corner of Pei Mufeng’s lips raised in a slight arc, like a smile. “See you in ten years, Meng Qi. I hope we can have a drink at our next meeting. At that time, let’s drink to our heart’s content. No one can go home without being drunk.”

Once he finished speaking, the young man turned around and walked away.


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