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THDP Ch 95 Part 1 – Kindred Spirits (I)

“Wait!” Meng Qi hurriedly chased after Pei Mufeng.

Pei Mufeng stopped and turned around quietly.

“When will you leave?” She asked.

“Tomorrow.” The young man replied. He looked at Meng Qi for a while and added: “The entrance to Starfallen Sea will disappear tomorrow night.”

Meng Qi quickly calculated: “Okay, are you going back to your sect now?”

“Yes.” Pei Mufeng said, “Do you need something?”

“Can you wait for me before leaving tomorrow?” Meng Qi asked again.

“Okay.” Meng Qi didn’t say why, and Pei Mufeng also didn’t ask. He just took a deep look at her and nodded, “I’m waiting for you at the sect.”

Meng Qi nodded. She knew that Pei Mufeng would definitely go to Starfallen Sea no matter what. Even if he didn’t make the promise with the Medical Society Alliance, he would still go there to practice his swordsmanship. In her previous life, Meng Qi’s first meeting with the Pei Mufeng was precisely at the edge of the Starfallen Sea, where the young man collapsed with heavy injuries after fighting with a powerful mutant beast.

As she pondered, Meng Qi turned and went back to her room. She initially wanted to take a good rest, but it now seemed that she didn’t have the time. Ignoring the strange look in Xiao Qi’s eyes, Meng Qi quickly stuffed him into the beast house, put the beast house back into her storage space, then promptly walked out again.

“Meng Qiqi.” Before Meng Qi reached the inn’s front gate, Xue Jinwen’s gentle voice came behind. “Sister Xue?” She turned around and saw Xue Jinwen sitting alone in the lobby of Ruyi Inn, facing a table with a few simple dishes and a blue wine jug.

Xue Jinwen filled a cup of wine and asked: “Why aren’t you resting? Where are you going?”

“Well…” Meng Qi explained, “I want to buy some things.” Her medicine cauldron was broken, and she needed to buy a new one if she wanted to refine medicine. On top of that, she also wanted to replenish her stock of medicinal ingredients and buy a few more.

“I’ll accompany you.” Xue Jinwen finished the wine with one gulp and stood up with a smile.

Meng Qi’s alcohol tolerance was extremely poor. Seeing Xue Jinwen’s drinking valor, she was a bit envious.

“Let’s go.” Xue Jinwen walked over.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing Meng Qi’s envious gaze, Xue Jinwen raised her brows. She suddenly remembered the girl’s drunken state in Beyond The Heaven last time and couldn’t help but smile slightly: “It’s just a bit of drinking. This is not a good thing, so you don’t need to care.”

Meng Qi smiled back. She and Xue Jinwen then walked out of Ruyi In together. Their first destination was the Cloud Immortal Pavilion, which provided most necessities needed by cultivators. This shop opened branches in almost all towns and cities in Three Thousands Worlds. Naturally, they also had a branch in Xingluo City.

The two walked in silence. “Meng Qiqi.” In the end, Xue Jinwen opened her mouth first, “What is your plan next?”

“Pavilion Master Pei will depart for Starfallen Sea tomorrow. I’m going to go to Xingluo Pavilion to see him off.” Meng Qi said. “I guess we won’t see each other again for ten years.”

“I see.” Xue Jinwen smiled, “You have a good relationship with Pavilion Master Pei.”

“Not so.” Meng Qi glanced at Xue Jinwen. Somehow, she felt that the other’s words were a bit weird. “We just met a few times before. Pavilion Master Pei is a good person.”

Meng Qi couldn’t say that she and Pei Mufeng had a good relationship in her past life. Although this genius young man was cold and indifferent, his dedication to swordsmanship was unrivaled to anyone. His dedication was similar to Meng Qi’s own dedication in medicine, and that probably was the reason why they became so close later — because they understood each other, like kindred spirits.

If Meng Qi categorized all the people she knew in her previous life, Pei Mufeng was definitely put under the ‘friends’ column.

“Sister Xue, Xue clan is also staying in Xingluo City. Why you don’t stay with them?” Meng Qi didn’t like to pry other people’s private matters, but she had a good impression of Xue Jinwen and was also grateful for her helps. She genuinely cared about Xue Jinwen and was curious to see her seemed to have no intention of returning to her father and siblings.

“Well…” Xue Jinwen smiled, “I won’t go back anymore.” She stretched out her hands comfortably. The broad sleeves of her robe slipped down, revealing her white arms.

Xue Jinwen looked up at the sky. At this time, the sun was setting, and the sunset glow was burning on the horizon, dyeing the sky with bright red. It was so beautiful. Because it was almost dinnertime, the street was full of the smell of food from restaurants and stalls. Obviously, it was just an ordinary city, but Xue Jinwen felt it refreshing.

“Meng Qiqi.” Xue Jinwen closed her eyes and took another deep breath before putting down her arms and turning at Meng Qi, “Can I stay with you?”

“…Okay.” Meng Qi nodded. She did not ask why. Xue Jinwen had her own thoughts and made her own choices. As long as she didn’t regret it, Meng Qi would support her.

“Meng Qiqi.” The two fell silent again for a while, but Xue Jinwen took the initiative to say: “I think it’s boring to stay at home.”

“My father and brother are famous for their talents. Both my sisters are also renowned as young geniuses. Probably all medical cultivators in Three Thousand Worlds dream of entering Xue Clan and Feng Alliance.” The corner of Xue Jinwen’s lifted up in a half-smile, “But it’s not what I want.”

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded again. She was also a cultivator who rebelled against her sect, so she didn’t seem qualified to comment on Xue Jinwen’s conduct.

Since Xue Jinwen was unhappy to stay, it was okay to leave.

“So I want to leave.” Xue Jinwen said.

“Will you still go to Beyond The Heaven?” Meng Qi asked again.

“Of course.” Xue Jinwen narrowed her eyes and turned her head slightly at Meng Qi. “It’s not me who reveal it, but you.”

“Huh?” Meng Qi didn’t understand.

“Xiao Qi.” Xue Jinwen leaned closer and whispered.


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  1. MQ to Xiao Qi: I’m sorry, I won’t leave you in my storage space for that long again!

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