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THDP Ch 95 Part 2 – Kindred Spirits (II)

“Xiao Qi.” Xue Jinwen leaned closer and whispered in Meng Qi’s ear, then smoothly proceeded to stroke her hair.

Meng Qi recalled the name she chose casually in Beyond The Heaven. In any case, she never deliberately hid her identity. Even the appearance she used in Beyond The Heaven was also real. However, since she only visited a few stores and attended several auctions, very few people knew this ‘Xiao Qi.’

When Meng Qi met Xue Jinwen in Beyond The Heaven, this third miss Xue was graceful and charming. Her every move reflected the elegance of a daughter of a large clan. But after they met again here, she seemed to be a little different. More relaxed? More lively? Meng Qi couldn’t tell for sure.

The two chatted idly and soon arrived at Cloud Immortal Pavilion. The medicinal cauldron available for sale here were the ordinary products, mass-produced by refinery sects. Meng Qi didn’t have particular requirements for the cauldron she used. Not to mention that she was rich now, but during the battle in the Grand Tournament barrier, she used spirit stones freely like they cost nothing. Eighth-grade and ninth-grade spirit stones were constantly ready in her hand. When the situation was urgent, she even threw out profound-grade spirit stones in the handful. This somehow messed Meng Qi’s perception about the value of things, and different grade spirit stones looked the same in her eyes. Now that she still had a lot of spirit stones, she simply chose a five-rank cauldron that she could use, which cost ‘only’ one hundred eighth-grade spirit stones.

Next, Meng Qi took out ten additional ninth-grade spirit stones. Seeing this, even Xue Jinwen couldn’t help staring at her for a moment. Although Xue Jinwen was born in the prestigious Xue Clan and had never been short of money, a ninth-grade spirit stone was not a small sum for her.

The staff in charge of Cloud Immortal Pavilion pharmacy was a man full of smiles. Upon seeing Meng Qi’s generous hand, his smile became even more enthusiastic: “Does Fellow Daoist need any medicinal ingredients?”

“I want to exchange all these ninth-grade spirit stones with medicinal ingredients needed to refine Beiming Pill.” As Meng Qi spoke, she took out another set of ten ninth-grade spirit stones: “As for these, I want to exchange with Jiuhuiyang Pill’s ingredients. Please adjust the proportion of each ingredient accordingly.”

This time, even the staff was taken aback. “Of course,” he responded quickly. “Only the medicinal ingredients for Beiming Pill and Jiuhuiyang Pill?”

“Right.” Meng Qi nodded.

“Meng Qiqi.” Seeing the shop staff take over the spirit stones and go to prepare the order, Xue Jinwen lightly bumped Meng Qi’s arm. “You want to refine Beiming and Jiuhuiyang Pill? For sell?”

“Give them to a friend.” Meng Qi replied.

“Pavilion Master Pei?” Xue Jinwen asked again.

“Yeah.” Meng Qi turned her head and looked around the pharmacy section. Cultivators could buy many common medicines and medicinal ingredients here, even some rarer ones. But for the most precious and rare items, Cloud Immortal Pavilion didn’t sell any, and people had to go to Beyond The Heaven to find them.

“Oh, right.” When Meng Qi thought of Beyond The Heaven, she suddenly remembered another thing: “Sister Xue, have you ever been to a store called ‘Heaven And Earth Bookhall’ in Beyond The Heaven?”

“Heaven And Earth Bookhall?” Xue Jinwen was stunned. She slowly shook her head. “I have never heard of it, let alone been there.”

“It’s located in the northwest corner of Beyond The Heaven City. There are a lot of books there, from all over the three realms. The owner is also very knowledgeable, but the books are not for sale and can only be borrowed.” Meng Qi explained.

“…never hear of it.” Xue Jinwen shook her head again. They both spoke very quietly. After thinking for a moment, Xue Jinwen said again: “But Beyond The Heaven is very big, and there are many shops I haven’t seen. Next time we go to Beyond The Heaven, you can take me to see it.”

“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded: “Sister Xue, the books there must be borrowed using spirit points. Is there any way to exchange spirit stones with spirit points?” She had a lot of spirit points, but compared to the vast sea of books in Heaven And Earth Bookhall, it was still too lacking. However, she also had a lot of spirit stones, including profound-grade ones. It would be great if she could exchange them for more spirit points.

“Spi-spirit point?!” Xue Jinwen almost thought that Meng Qi had made a mistake. “Are you sure you said it right? The books there must be borrowed with spirit points?!”

“Yes.” Meng Qi nodded.

“Spirit point…” Xue Jinwen felt a little dizzy. Some of the cultivators who could enter Beyond The Heaven were the type of people who no longer cared much about spirit stones. Those top leaders of large sects sometimes traded with one another without bothering to use spirit stones as exchange currency. But spirit points…that was the absolute currency in Beyond The Heaven! Even those large sects never spared any effort to gain spirit points!

Just like Xue Jinwen. As an appraiser in Profound Auction House, she would be rewarded with a very small amount of spirit points when she discovered something of extraordinary value such as unprecedented new pills, extraordinary formulas, or very rare treasures. For example, after she registered Meng Qi’s Beiming Pill for auction in Profound Auction House, she received five spirit points as a reward. But even so, the total amount of spirit points she currently possessed was just a bit over one hundred.

“Meng Qiqi…” Xue Jinwen lowered her voice and asked anxiously: “How many spirit points do you need to borrow a single book?”

“Ten points,” Meng Qi replied.

“Ten points?!!!” Xue Jinwen stared into the blue-robed girl’s clear and bright eyes. Her first reaction was wondering whether Meng Qi had been cheated or not.


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  1. Her sense of money has been skewed, makes sense considering how much she happens upon and is given. My sense of money is also skewed, just in the opposite direction.

  2. In the early chapters I used to joke that MQ’s sense of money is just the “how much could a banana cost” meme, but now it has actually happened. F to anyone she charges for treatment in the future.

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