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THDP Ch 96 Part 1 – Star Lake (I)

After the disciple finished speaking, he turned around and led Meng Qi and her group into Xingluo Valley. As the number one sword sect in the Eastern Realm, Xingluo Pavilion occupied a whole mountain range. Despite staying in Xingluo City for many days, it was Meng Qi’s first time visiting the sect. From the entrance, a straight road made from bluestone slabs led straight into the valley, surrounded by high mountains on both sides. Lush green trees grew alongside the mountain walls, looking very imposing.

The disciple led the group on the straight road before turning at a corner. In an instant, a gigantic view spread before their eyes. The inside of the valley was many times wider than its entrance. A magnificent building – Xingluo Pavilion’s main building – was built against the mountain. Surrounding it, seven mountains stood tall and mighty. Many buildings of various sizes spread around the mountains, which should be the residence for the disciples.

Halfway up, the mountains were covered by cloud and mist, adding a mystical look to the scenery. As the number one sword sect in the Eastern Realm, Xingluo Pavilion naturally had many places for the disciples to practice. Meng Qi once heard Pei Mufeng mention that Xingluo Pavilion had two grotto-heavens with rich spiritual aura on their back mountain. The treasures in the grotto-heavens had long been emptied, but there was still a spiritual vein inside, making it very suitable as a place for cultivation.

This kind of resource was something that a small sect like Qingfeng Valley could never dream of obtaining, and was also one of the reasons why many cultivators dreamt of entering a large sect.

“Fellow Daoists, over here, please.” The Xingluo Pavilion’s disciple turned his head and said politely, leading Meng Qi and her group into a side hall of the main building. “Please wait for a moment.”

Soon after, another disciple came in with tea and refreshments. The disciple poured tea for everyone one by one. The aroma of tea suddenly spread up, refreshing one’s heart and mind and making them lost in appreciation.

“What a nice aroma.” Sikong Xing picked up the teacup and inhaled, “What kind of tea is this?”

“This is the sword tea unique of ​​our sect.” The disciple explained with a smile, “On the cliff of our back mountain grow several tea trees aged five to six thousand.” He paused, “From the generation of our great ancestors, there have always been disciples practicing swords in the back mountain. That place was filled with sword aura day and night, but the tea tress survived stubbornly. Not only did they survive, but under the nourishment of sword aura, their leaves are now shaped like small swords.”

“Huh?” Sikong Xing was very curious. She glanced at the teapot in the disciple’s hand.

The disciple smiled and lifted the lid to let Sikong Xing see the inside.

“Sure enough!” Sikong Xing blinked. She took Meng Qi’s arm, showing the latter what she had seen. “Look at this tea. This is my first time seeing such tea. They really look like small swords. How interesting.”

“Not only are the tea leaves shaped like small swords, they are also made up of thirty percent spiritual aura and thirty percent sword aura. If a disciple drinks this sword tea, it can improve their cultivation speed. Moreover, the resulting tea is very refreshing to drink. Although the taste is somewhat bitter initially, it has a sweet and delicious aftertaste. Our sword tea is very famous throughout Three Thousand Worlds.”

“Do you sell it?” Sikong Xing took another sip. As expected, it was slightly bitter, but the aftertaste was sweet. Coupled with the refreshing aroma, she felt warm in an instant. Indeed, this tea contained quite a bit of aura.

“The yield of this sword tea is extremely low. The trees can only be harvested once every ten years, and we can get only a dozen cans at a time.” The disciple smiled, “Even in our sect, not all disciple has the privilege to drink it. Normally, we can only get it as a reward of making a great contribution, or redeem it with a certain amount of sect points.”

“I see…” Sikong Xing was disappointed. Her father was a well-known rich man in the Demon Realm, and she had never worried about spirit stones. Whenever she encountered something she liked, she couldn’t help but want to buy it.

“But Pavilion Master has given his words.” The disciple smiled again. “Fellow Daoist Meng Qi is our sect’s distinguished guest, so we have prepared a small gift for everyone, including this sword tea.”

“Thank you!” Sikong Xing responded happily. She turned at Meng Qi and said: “Meng Qiqi, did you and Pavilion Master Pei know each other before?”

“A bit.” Meng Qi was actually quite surprised. Her relationship with Pei Mufeng in her previous life was indeed very good. They were basically two nerds who clicked together and shared mutual sympathy and encouragement. But in this life, if she was correct, the first time she saw Pei Mufeng was at Beyond The Heaven. At that time, the young man also left the Heaven Auction House in advance and invited her for a drink, which she refused.

Their second meeting was precisely here at Xingluo City.

The disciple didn’t seem surprised. He cupped his hand to Meng Qi again: “Fellow Daoist Meng, Pavilion Master wants to see you alone. Can you?”

“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded and stood up.

Before others could respond, Su Junmo had jumped up. He was on pins and needles now. That Ji Wujiong hadn’t been resolved yet, so why did another Pei Mufeng come out?!

What about the Lord?!

“I’ll accompany you.” Su Junmo said without delay.

“No need.” Meng Qi smiled, “I can trust Pavilion Master Pei.”

It isn’t a matter of trust or not, okay?! Su Junmo almost screamed out in frustration.


“Please lead the way.” Meng Qi gave Su Junmo a reassuring smile before turning to the Xingluo Pavilion’s disciple.

The disciple left some instruction to the other disciples in the side hall, then took Meng Qi outside. “Over here, please.” He waved his hand towards the road on the right of the main building and asked Meng Qi to proceed alone. He explained: “I can’t enter without permission. I will be here waiting until you return.”

“Thank you.” Meng Qi cupped her hands. She then walked up the path leading to the Star Lake1. Pei Mufeng had told her about it before. The Star Lake was one of the treasured sites of Xingluo Pavilion, a bit similar to the cold pond in Qingfeng Valley. The effect of Star Lake was that it could absorb the power of the stars. Human cultivators of Three Thousand Worlds couldn’t directly absorb the aura from the stars. However, the water of Star Lake had a mysterious effect. It could turn the starlight into a normal aura that anyone could use.

This Star Lake’s preciousness was on par with Xingluo Pavilion’s grotto-heavens. The aura from the starlight was more refined, far better than the normal spiritual aura that existed in Three Thousand Worlds. Cultivating here could obtain twice the result with half the effort. However, Star Lake’s effect of transforming starlight aura was very slow. It could only be used for three days of cultivation a year. Therefore, this place had always been used to reward disciples who made an outstanding contribution, and not even the Pavilion Master could use it as he liked.

The Star Lake was not far from the main building. Meng Qi walked for a while, turned a corner, and immediately saw a small, emerald-colored lake from a distance. Surrounded by high mountains, bright sunlight couldn’t reach this place. But the lake surface was dotted with small lights, as if stars were twinkling in it.

Pei Mufeng, the young Pavilion Master of Xingluo Pavilion, stood by the lake. His back was facing Meng Qi, and his tall figure resembled an unsheathed sword itself: upright and sharp.

Meng Qi knew, once Pei Mufeng’s sword was out of its sheath, it was magnificent beyond words.

Meng Qi walked to the young man.


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  1. Quick reminder, ‘Xingluo’ literally means ‘Starfall.’

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  1. I like that she can admire him physically as well as his inner spirit but I don’t feel like they have a romantic side. Like one good student admiring another top student. I do worry about this crew of handsome people – I don’t want to see them tarnished.

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