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THDP Ch 96 Part 3 – Star Lake (III)

“Don’t call me Senior!” Yun Qingyan gritted his teeth in annoyance.

“Oops—” Meng Qi reacted instantly and quickly covered her mouth. In fact, she didn’t say anything aloud, just speaking in her heart. It turned out that every time Senior Yun appeared…

“Stop it!” Yun Qingyan interrupted her thoughts again.

“Uuh…” Meng Qi smacked her own forehead, “I know my wrong! Sovereign Qingyan, I won’t use the wrong address again!”

Yun Qingyan: “…”

“Many thanks to Sovereign Qingyan.” Meng Qi then asked curiously: “How do you know what I’m thinking?”

“I can hear it when we are communicating.” Yun Qingyan didn’t explain more. Actually, doing this took a great toll on his body. But it happened that he was residing inside the beast house in Meng Qi’s storage space, so he could only use it as a medium.

Meng Qi nodded obediently and didn’t ask much.

“This Star Lake…” Yun Qingyan groaned for a moment before slowly instructing, “Go to its shore.”

“…okay.” Meng Qi hesitated, but she still walked to the lakeshore in accordance with Yun Qingyan’s words. She stared into the lake. The water was so clear that even the patterns of the rocks at the bottom of the lake were clearly visible. Like shimmering gold, the starlights shone in the lake water, but the lights themselves were very gentle, more like a concentrated and pure aura, and weren’t at all dazzling to the eyes.

“What can you see?” Yun Qingyan asked.

“This lake water seems to be able to absorb the aura from the stars.” Meng Qi said.

“The bottom of the lake.” Yun Qingyan said again, “And also around the lake itself. Look carefully.”

“Yes.” Meng Qi’s eyes circled the Star Lake. With Yun Qingyan’s reminder, she was observing very carefully this time, not even letting go of any grass or tree by the lake. She also observed the stones staked by the lake. Large and small, they were scattered, seemingly randomly.

“Ah!” Meng Qi turned her gaze back to the bottom of the lake and suddenly exclaimed in a low voice, “This is…”

Before Meng Qi finished her words, the lake’s surface suddenly opened with a loud noise. A black figure jumped out of the lake, swept across the air like a flowing cloud, and finally landed in front of Meng Qi.

“…Ji Wujiong?!” Meng Qi stared at the man incredulously.

Ji Wujiong shook away the water on his body. After the last bit of starlight was absorbed into his body, he used a spell to dry his clothes.

“Meng Qi.” The black-robed young man raised his eyes and said, “Long time no see!”

“Why are you here?” Meng Qi couldn’t believe her eyes, “Pavilion Master Pei…”

“He invited me here.” Ji Wujiong curled his lips, “After I went out of the barrier that day, those old men from the Medical Society Alliance indeed had gathered together to set an ambush. Heh, and their methods were cruel enough…” He curled his lips disdainfully: “That was obviously not a demeanor any benevolent medical cultivator should have. Like I said before, when necessary, those old men didn’t hesitate to kill you together with me. After the dust settled, countless excuses can be made. For example, mistakenly kill, me taking you hostage…any kinds of responsibility can be pushed on me.”

Meng Qi: “…”

“What then?” She asked. She was already used to Ji Wujiong’s sarcastic style. “Why are you in Xingluo Valley?

“The one who made the first move is Pei Mufeng from Xingluo Valley, who was trapped by me before.” Ji Wujiong said. “But I gave him several beauties that day. He should have been moved! Although he moved quickly, and his sword was fierce and fast, I could tell at a glance that this kid didn’t mean to hurt me. I cut a gap, and he let me rush out of the Apricot Forest.”

Ji Wujiong added: “Quite sensible.”

Meng Qi was speechless.

“It was him who secretly told me during the fight about this Star Lake, which I can use to recuperate after I escape.” Ji Wujiong said again. He turned around and looked at the Star Lake: “Look, that kid has good eyes. He knows that this lake is beneficial for my injury.”

Meng Qi’s heart suddenly jumped. She subconsciously asked: “Your spiritual sea was torn apart by the boundary between the three realms?”

“Huh?” Ji Wujiong turned to look at Meng Qi, “Good guess!”

Meng Qi didn’t respond. Her mind quickly turned, and countless thoughts flashed through. Having read the book Senior Lin Yan left her, Meng Qi suddenly remembered the situation of Ji Wujiong’s tattered spiritual sea. She had a guess of the reason behind his injury, which seemed to be caused by an even stronger cultivator. After recalling the terrifying sea of devil aura they met in the Grand Tournament’s barrier, Meng Qi began to suspect that Ji Wujiong had been harmed by a very powerful devil cultivator.

She had read through the record of Lin Yan’s medical experience. Although the three realms had coexisted since ancient times, the boundaries between them were formed naturally by void fissures. More than tens of thousands of years ago, the boundary between the three realms was not as clear-cut as they were today. Fissures appeared in the boundary from time to time, but their positions often changed, and cultivators could accidentally get injured by them. The injuries were not visible from the outside because they directly damaged the spiritual seas. At the worst, the spiritual sea might even fall apart and burst completely, with no hope for restoration.

But if the spiritual sea was not completely destroyed by the boundary, a special treasure called Startail could repair the cracks in the spiritual sea. This so-called Startail was a kind of mysterious legendary treasure unique to the Demon Realm. Meng Qi had never seen any records that show the existence of this treasure in Three Thousand Worlds. According to Senior Lin Yan’s description, Startail was created from the stardust falling from the stars, obtained by celestial demons who were good at communicating with the power of the star. The stardust was then slowly refined, finally forming a Startail.

A Startail contained the purest power of stardust. Then, this Star Lake…

Meng Qi’s eyes flickered, and she suddenly became a little excited.

“Hey!” Ji Wujiong shook his hand in front of Meng Qi’s face, “Why are you dazing about?”

“This Star Lake…” Meng Qi turned at Ji Wujiong and slowly asked, word by word: “Are you using it to repair your spiritual sea?”

“Yes!” Ji Wujiong nodded without hesitation.

Meng Qi exhaled lightly, and her eyes quickly swept across the entire lake. “There is a Great Array in this lake!” she exclaimed.

Ji Wujiong: “…”

He already knew it. Not only did he know, but he even saw what kind of array it was.

But it didn’t make sense. After all, it was…

“It is a Star Array!” Meng Qi said again.

Ji Wujiong: “!!!”

He suddenly became nervous: “Do you know this is a Star Array?”

“Yes!” Meng Qi tilted her head slightly, “But it’s a bit different from the one I know.”

Ji Wujiong suddenly wanted to curse aloud.

He almost couldn’t maintain his composure, alright!

It was the Star Array. Star Array!

Even if Meng Qi really became his disciple, he would never teach her the Star Array. That was an array only to be passed inside one’s family!

Yet, that person…actually taught Meng Qi the Star Array!

However, Meng Qi kept saying that she just wanted to worship that person as her Master, and her tone was also very respectful…

Ji Wujiong suddenly wanted to laugh out loud!

To put it bluntly, it was: ‘I want you to be my wife, but you just want to worship me as a master’ — although Ji Wujiong didn’t know who that hapless guy was, as long as he thought that this person, whose skill in array didn’t lose to him, actually suffered such a loss in Meng Qi’s hand…

How refreshing!

Very refreshing!

He liked it!

Ji Wujiong tried his best to suppress his laughter, then turned to look at Meng Qi. The blue-robed young girl stood by the Star Lake, looking very serious and focused.

“Me-Meng Qi.” Ji Wujiong called: “So…what kind of Star Array did you learn?”


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  1. Heck no. What are you trying to do huh? MQ don’t tell him. :V it’s a secret!!!! It was your engagement giftttt. The marriage proposal moneyyyyyy

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  2. I kind a want to laugh along with JW bahahahha.
    ML need to say it loudly and precisely his feeling to MQ or else this dense girl will need thousand years to figure it out herself.

  3. ‘I want you to be my wife, but you just want to worship me as a master’ KYAAAAA!!!!! Poor Yun Qingyan you have to be straight up with her! So cute!!!

  4. :0c Oh, author continued the pattern of MQ’s entourage pairing up (except for YJM who got replaced by Xingxing into a yuri ship…). PMF and JWJ is a bit weird as a combo… but I guess it makes sense when I think about how JWJ is essentially just a male MQ but with swords instead of medicine.

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