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THDP Ch 97 Part 1 – Stardust (I)

Meng Qi glanced at Ji Wujiong: “Is there any difference between Star Arrays?”

“Of course.” Ji Wujiong said naturally, “Do you know the origin of Star Arrays?”

“I don’t know.” Meng Qi answered casually. She focused on the Star Lake in front of her. The stars in the water seemed dimmer than before. A thought flashed in her mind—

If Ju Wujiong can heal his injuries here, does it mean that Xiao Qi can too?!

Besides his visible injuries, the most severe damage in Xiao Qi’s body was actually his internal injuries. Before, Meng Qi was helpless because she had no idea where to obtain the Starlight. But now…

“Meng Qi? Meng Qi!” Ji Wujiong called loudly.

“Huh?” Meng Qi returned to her senses, “Sorry, what were you talking about? I was a bit absent-minded.”

“I can see that. What I am saying is…” Ji Wujiong flicked his fingers, and a tree branch suddenly appeared in his hand.

Meng Qi’s eyes followed the hand holding the branch before going upward. The black-robed young man seemed to be more energetic than the last time she saw him. Even the sickly paleness on his face no longer looked as apparent as before, and a trace of color returned to his pale lips.

Was this Star Lake so helpful? Meng Qi’s heart suddenly moved.

“Hey!” Ji Wujiong lifted the branch and shook it in front of Meng Qi’s eyes, “I’m talking to you. Look at the ground.”

“Oh.” Meng Qi moved her gaze to the ground. Her eyebrows twitched: “This is…”

Ji Wujiong had drawn a small part of an array on the ground.

“A very small part of a Star Array.” Ji Wujiong said: “Do you know this one?”

“Um…” Meng Qi shook her head, “Does Star Array have many variations?”

Ji Wujiong: “…”

Ji Wujiong now really wanted to find out the guy who taught arrays to Meng Qi and shake his head hard to see how much water flooded his brain. Such a good seedling with excellent talent. Why did he teach her so haphazardly?!

“You…” Ji Wujiong couldn’t even get angry again. He stared into Meng Qi’s clear eyes and said helplessly. “Don’t you know the origin of Star Arrays?”

“Passed down from ancient times?” Meng Qi asked tentatively.

“Passed down your ghost!” Ji Wujiong said irritably. He wiped off the previous array with his foot and quickly drew another: “What about this one?”

“Don’t know.” Meng Qi shook her head.

“This one?” Ji Wujiong quickly drew another array.

Meng Qi shook her head again.

Ji Wujiong drew again.

Meng Qi still shook her head.

Ji Wujiong gritted his teeth and drew a dozen arrays in one swoop, but Meng Qi recognized none of them. She even sighed: “I never knew there are so many kinds of Star Arrays.”

Ji Wujiong snorted and threw down the branch, then folded his arms around his chest. It was clear now. The Star Arrays were the foundation of Demon Realm’s celestial demons. The reason celestial demon clans were stronger than ordinary demon cultivators were because they possessed their clan’s Star Array at birth. Unlike cultivators of Three Thousand Worlds, celestial demons didn’t need to work hard to absorb spiritual aura, because the Star Array in their body automatically absorbed the aura from the stars.

Because of the importance of the Star Arrays, it was absolutely forbidden for any celestial demon to leak out their clan’s Star Array to outsiders. Of course, it couldn’t stop interested people from investigating. Since ancient times, many Star Arrays of various celestial demon clans had been leaked out. However, the Star Arrays obtained by outsiders usually came from lower-rank celestial demon clans. As for the royal clans, unless they taught it of their volition, no outsiders could get hold of their Star Arrays.

Ji Wujiong was quite knowledgeable in the field of array, so he naturally knew about all of this. He took a deep breath and turned to look at Meng Qi in silence. It seems that the person behind this girl had a higher identity than he initially presumed.

“Meng Qi.” Ji Wujiong said solemnly, “If the person who taught you arrays come to you again…”

Meng Qi looked back at him with her bright eyes, “If he comes to me?”

“……” Ji Wujiong stopped halfway and didn’t bother to say anything again. Why didn’t he have this luck?! Why didn’t he meet Meng Qi first?!

“Enough. Let’s get back to this Star Lake.” Ji Wujiong said. “You said there is a Star Array here? You are right…” He suddenly paused. “But I need to correct you. Not all Star Arrays can be called Great Array, except for a few special ones.”

“Oh.” Meng Qi nodded.

“As for this Star Array, this lake water is quite special, so there must be something else at the bottom of the lake. It may be…” Ji Wujiong squinted his eyes.

“Stardust?” Meng Qi finished the sentence smoothly.

“You also know Stardust?” Ji Wujiong was a little surprised, “You know a lot, Meng Qi.”

“I’ve heard of it.” Meng Qi said calmly, “Stardust can be used to refine Starlight and repair the cracks in the spiritual sea. Therefore, it is not strange that this lake has Stardust in it. However, I don’t know what shape the Stardust has.”

“This thing is unique to the Demon Realm,” Ji Wujiong explained: “When a star falls, some of its fragments occasionally fall into the Demon Realm and are retrieved by celestial demons. Some celestial demon clans have the ability to refine those fragments into Starlight.”

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded thoughtfully.

“In the process of refining, several special ingredients unique to the Demon Realm must also be added.”

“Yeah.” Meng Qi lowered her head to ponder, then asked: “It is the Spirit Devouring Grass, the Everday Fruit, the Five Spirit Flower, and the Supreme Profound Wood?”

Ji Wujiong: “…did anyone teach you the method of refining Starlight?”

“I guess.” Meng Qi said lightly: “Since Starlight can repair the cracks in the spiritual sea, I think these ingredients should be needed.” After a pause, she said again: “All of these are rare legendary treasures. As far as I know, in the entire Three Thousand World, the Five Spirit Flower and the Supreme Profound Wood can only be found in Starfallen Sea.”

“Correct.” Ji Wu Jiong nodded, “Those things are indeed used to refine the Stardust, plus…”

“Hey!” He glanced at Meng Qi, “Keep guessing. What else to add?”

Meng Qi took two steps forward, bent over, and picked up a handful of water in the Star Lake: “The water in this Star Lake is very special.” She opened her hand and let the cold lake water leak from her fingers: “On the top of the mountain of my previous sect, there is a cold pond with a cold spring dew in it. This spring is very beneficial for the recuperation of a cultivator who failed to overcome the tribulation and fall into qi deviation.”

Meng Qi turned her head and looked at Star Lake. Called lake, but this Star Lake was actually not so big. Its width was less than five hundred meters, nowhere as large as Qingfeng Valley’s cold pond.

“There is a lot of cold spring dew in this Star Lake, far better than the cold pond in the Qingfeng Valley.” Meng Qi said again. “This water must also be used by the celestial demon to refine the Stardust.” She turned her head to Ji Wujiong, “Am I correct?”

“You…” Ji Wujiong took a deep look at Meng Qi, “You are very knowledgeable.”


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