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THDP Ch 97 Part 2 – Stardust (II)

“You…” Ji Wujiong took a deep look at Meng Qi, “You are very knowledgeable.”

Meng Qi smiled sweetly. She actually guessed this one too. In her previous life, Meng Qi spent a long time with Su Junmo, day and night, in order to save his life. As the number one super chattery fox, there was no gossip Su Jumo didn’t prattle. From the romantic history of the big figures in the Demon Realm, the characteristics of the Demon Realm, its specialties and customs…countless information came out from Su Junmo’s endless chatter. Anyway, since her ears were already suffering, Meng Qi simply picked up and sorted any useful information.

She originally didn’t know about Starlight, as Su Junmo had never mentioned it. But after reading Lin Yan’s book, she learned about Starlight and its effect. Then when Ji Wujiong said that celestial demons were the ones who refine Starlight from Stardust, she remembered Su Junmo’s prattle about a big lake in the Demon Realm composed entirely from cold spring dew.

When Meng Qi heard about this lake for the first time, she felt both awe and wonder. That was cold spring dew. A small porcelain bottle of it was already very precious. The cold spring dew in the pond on the top of Qingfeng Valley had been accumulated for hundreds of years and only had a few small porcelain bottles in total. But Su Junmo actually said there was a lake full of cold spring dew in the Demon Realm. Just imagining it made Meng Qi feel dizzy.

“There is a lot of cold spring dew in this Star Lake. My guess is a piece of Stardust fell into this lake by chance many years ago, and then…” Meng Qi looked around Star Lake, “An ancestor came and left a Star Array here.” Although she didn’t recognize the arrays drawn by Ji Wujiong, the effect should be similar since they were all variations of Star Arrays. So when Meng Qi looked at auras gleamed in Star Lake, she guessed about the existence of a Star Array here.

“That’s right.” Ji Wujiong took a deep breath and said solemnly: “That person used Star Lake as an array to absorb the stars’ spiritual power, plus the help of the cold spring dew, to refine the Stardust. It’s a pity that this place still lacks those four kinds of spiritual plants. So, although the aura absorbed by the array in this lake can help increase the speed of cultivation, it is still far from enough to repair a damaged spiritual sea.”

Meng Qi’s heart jumped wildly.

Ji Wujiong squinted his eyes: “Meng Qi, don’t you want to see a Stardust?”

Meng Qi gulped. Her heart jumped wildly. She had never seen the appearance of this legendary Stardust. If she got this thing, she only needed to find the four Spirit Devouring Grass, Everday Fruit, Five Spirit Flower, and Supreme Profound Wood. Then, coupled with the cold spring dew and the Star Array, which she had learned…she would have all she needed to refine Starlight!

“How is it?” Ji Wujiong chuckled softly: “After we find out the Stardust, we will fulfill the requirements to refine it into Starlight.”

“No!” Meng Qi gulped again. Her mouth was dry, and her voice was hoarse, but her tone was firm: “This lake belongs to Xingluo Pavilion. Pavilion Master Pei invited you to heal your wounds here, which is already an utmost kindness. We cannot do such a thing.”

“Haven’t you seen how these people waste such an extremely precious treasure?” Ji Wujiong sneered, “The legendary Stardust is actually only used to help disciples’ cultivation. Not only that, the speed of the cultivation it improves is actually very limited, only a bit better than nothing. On top of that, only three people can come in a year, each for just one day…tsk, tsk!” He shook his head with disdain and said lazily: “Perhaps it means that someone who can break through from Nascent Soul to Spirit Severing in 20 years, with the help of the Star Lake, will be able to breakthrough in 19 years and 350 days!”

Meng Qi: “…”

How poisonous was Ji Wujiong’s tongue?!

“The Stardust here should be not small, but I cannot see it from here. Let’s find it, refine it into Starlight, and give part of it back to Xingluo Pavilion.” Ji Wujiong said again: “According to their usage, it will be more beneficial this way, right?”

Meng Qi’s heart moved again. She was stunned for a moment, but finally shook her head: “This matter needs permission from Xingluo Pavilion.”

“Stardust fell, and it just happened to fall into this lake, which contains cold spring dew.” Ji Wujiong said. “Xingluo Pavilion merely gets this treasure by chance. They are definitely not the one who left the Star Array here, so how can they claim the ownership? Meng Qi, if you can really refine the Starlight, countless people can be saved. When did you become so stubborn?” Ji Wujiong raised his eyebrows and sneered: “In this world, only those with the ability have the right to obtain treasures! The fools who can only waste them don’t deserve anything!”

Finished speaking, Ji Wujiong flicked his finger. A pitch-black narrow saber appeared in his hand. “I am going to take it. If you don’t want to join, it will belong to me!”

“Wait!” Meng Qi stopped.

“What?” Ji Wujiong tilted his head and grinned. His face was originally very handsome. From his current position, his intact face was facing Meng Qi. There was a mixed color of proudness and evilness in those smiling eyes of his. His expression reminded Meng Qi of the time they were still in the Grand Tournament’s barrier. He was fully determined to take the Stardust together with her, with the same confidence he showed when they were going to exterminate the entire Tengshe Sect.

Ji Wujiong suddenly felt a coldness on his neck. Startled, he lowered his eyes and looked at the silver medical knife on his neck: “…Meng Qi?”

Ji Wujiong raised his eyebrows, as if he didn’t care about the sharp knife on his vital point: “What do you mean?”

“Pavilion Master Pei is upright and treats people with the utmost sincerity. He allows you to come here to recuperate and even tell you the secrets of his sect…” Meng Qi took a deep breath. “It must be because he respects your skill. After all, your mastery of arrays is unparalleled in Three Thousand Worlds.”

“So what?” Ji Wujiong’s lips curled up, but his eyes flashed coldly.

Meng Qi stared into his eyes and continued calmly: “Pavilion Master Pei respects cultivators who firmly adhere to their own path of cultivation. This is his kindness and respect. You trapped him in the Apricot Forest, yet he is still willing to let you use this lake in secret. Since he repays grievances with virtue, you should not covet his sect’s treasure.” She paused for a moment: “This Stardust belongs to Xingluo Pavilion. Unless you get Pavilion Master Pei’s permission, you are not allowed to take it for yourself.”

“Meng Qi…” Ji Wujiong squinted his eyes, “Do you think a flimsy knife can stop me?”

“Maybe not.” Meng Qi said in a cold tone, “But I always try my best.”

Seeing this familiar tone, Ji Wujiong’s heart suddenly jumped: “Is that Pei Mufeng your…” Before finishing his sentence, Ji Wujiong shook his head, denying his own conjecture. If Pei Mufeng was that mysterious guy Meng Qi wanted to worship as her Master, he couldn’t possibly be trapped by those two weak arrays outside the Apricot Forest.

Ji Wujiong didn’t take Meng Qi’s knife on his neck as a threat at all. He snorted and squinted his eyes again: “You and that Pei Mufeng has only known each other for a few days, right? Why are you so hellbent on protecting him?” The black-robed young man raised his eyebrows. “But I have to admit that he is indeed a talent. Although he is involved with Feng Alliance gang, he doesn’t seem to be in the same group as them. What? Do you want him to be your dao companion?” He pondered for a moment, then nodded suddenly: “Alright!”

Meng Qi: “???”

“I’ll help you catch him, let him be your dao companion, then both you and he can worship me as a Master, how?”


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Friendly reminder. A certain white tiger can hear every word of their conversation lol.

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  1. Lolololol just cause she’s nice to someone she wants to be their Dao companion?? Doesn’t that mean she’ll be so companions with everyone she saves? What cultivation is that?
    Many thanks

    1. I think that would the the Dao path of the Mary Sue. That’s far from the path she’s cultivating on. 🤣 If he had offered to capture that Pei guy for the OG FL, I am sure it would have fit her Dao heart perfectly. Lol

  2. He’s like that little devil in red perched on your left shoulder lol he’s got some great ideas though, if only there wasn’t a certain master listening in to the conversation

  3. I actually like that author didn’t suddenly turn JWJ into a decent guy now just because he had more screentime. He’s still a frustrating selfish bastard.

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