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THDP Ch 97 Part 4 – Stardust (IV)

Meng Qi suddenly lowered his eyes and looked at Ji Wujiong, who stood opposite. The man happened to smile at her, but the black saber in his hand slid into the fine sand. Ji Wujiong’s saber was originally sharp enough to cut iron like mud. Now, in the hand of a Spirit Severing power, it struck at the bottom of the lake and instantly cut the layer open like a piece of soft tofu.

The fine white sand was blown away by the force from the saber, revealing a piece of what seemed to be a black stone hidden underneath. But that thing wasn’t a stone nor an iron, and its surface was dotted with little golden lights.

Ji Wujiong raised his lips and looked triumphantly at Meng Qi. In response, Meng Qi’s hand quickly moved forward and stabbed towards Ji Wujiong. She knew that she wasn’t his opponent, but as long as she could stop him, even only for a moment, she could buy some time until her friends came with Xingluo Pavilion’s people.

It was totally silent under the water. Even when the knife pierced through the lake, there seemed to be no sound at all.

Ji Wujiong held his saber with his right hand and deflected Meng Qi’s knife with his left hand. It was a deja vu. Previously, this man also rendered Qin Xiumo powerless by just a flick of his finger.

A strange force came biting back from the knife. Meng Qi felt numb for a moment. In the next instance, a heart-piercing pain came across her arm and ran towards her heart.

“Um…” Meng Qi snorted and bent over in pain. The knife almost slipped down from her grip.

Meng Qi gritted her teeth and barely remained standing. She clenched her knife, leaned over, and quickly began drawing an array on the ground. Turning over her left hand, she held a few profound-grade spirit stones in her palm.

The corners of Ji Wujiong’s lips curled up again. He lightly flicked the black saber in his hand and slowly picked up the odd-looking black object from the bottom of the lake. The object wasn’t big, only one and a half bigger than Ji Wujiong’s fist. The sky was already dark at this point, and even Meng Qi could see starlights were falling into the lake and completely enclosing the Stardust. Little golden lights dotted on its surface, making the object look very mysterious.


Meng Qi cursed silently, and she hastened her movement. No matter what, she couldn’t just watch Ji Wujiong taking away Pei Mufeng’s thing!

Before Meng Qi finished her array, Ji Wujiong’s face suddenly changed drastically. No sound could be made underwater, so he clenched his black saber and hurried towards Meng Qi.

Before Meng Qi had time to react, she felt a huge suction suddenly emerge from her feet. In an instant, the whole space was spinning, and her body was sucked into a pitch-black void. The suction was so powerful and terrifying that Meng Qi didn’t dare to fight it. She also had no time to react in another way, so she could only follow the direction of the force.

She could feel herself falling down. After seemingly endless darkness, she finally saw a gleam of light ahead. “Ugh——” The suction was rapid and didn’t slow down. Meng Qi was suddenly thrown out and fell heavily on the ground. She was a little dizzy by the whole experience. After a while, she gradually recovered. Luckily enough, she was thrown on a piece of soft grass, so she was not injured.

Meng Qi slowly stood up and looked around. She was no longer in the crystal clear water of the Star Lake, nor could she see any water body resembling a lake. The night had shrouded the world, and countless stars shone brightly in the sky like brilliant diamonds. Meng Qi had never seen such brilliant stars, as if the sky itself was much closer to the ground.

There was a forest not far away. The black forest was not too visible in the dark night, and the shadows of trees lined up continuously with no end at sight. To Meng Qi’s left was a hill and to her right was a grassland which seemed to spread into the distant horizon, also with no end at sight.

Where was here?

It was quiet around. Perhaps because it was night, there was no sound of birds or insects. Occasionally, the wind blew by, and the leaves rustled.

Where was Ji Wujiong?

Meng Qi looked around a few more times, but saw no sign of another person. Instead of panicking, her mind turned fast——

Just when Ji Wujiong picked up Stardust, the Star Lake suddenly changed. She was sucked into the bottom of the lake and was thrown to this unfamiliar place.

What about Ji Wujiong?

He was stronger than her, so maybe he had escaped?

Where was here? Was she still in Xingluo Valley?

Meng Qi looked around and decided to climb the hill to better look at her surroundings. After choosing her destination, she quickly walked towards the hill. The hill was not far away, and it wasn’t that steep either. In just a short time, Meng Qi stood on the top of the hill. From her position, she could see farther. There was a huge lake before her eyes. Because the stars were so bright, Meng Qi could see the golden lights reflected on the water surface, as if the stars themselves were shining in the lake, mesmerizingly beautiful. However, the lake was too vast, and Meng Qi couldn’t see its edge even from this angle, just like a sea.

Where was here?

Meng Qi was not familiar with the topography around Xingluo City, so she was totally at a loss. Nothing resembled a city in all directions. Was she got sent to a place even farther away than Xingluo City?

Meng Qi looked up at the sky, trying to figure out the direction from the stars so she could make plans.

“Meng Qi, Yinyue Sword Technique’s third move!” Yun Qingyan’s voice suddenly rang, “Quick!”

Meng Qi didn’t understand what happened, but she reacted instinctively to Yun Qingyan’s words. Before her brain could react, her body had already sprung into action.

The third move of the Yinyue Sword Technique was to leap mid-air to attack the enemy. Meng Qi’s slender figure, shrouded in a black diving suit, jumped up swiftly. At the same moment, she felt a strong wind swept across just below her feet. If she had jumped a bit late, she would have been hurt by the strong wind.

Meng Qi quickly exhaled. Yun Qingyan always showed up when she was in danger or in a great predicament. Just like in her previous life, he was the person who treated her the best and cared about her more than anyone else.

Before Meng Qi’s feet landed, another strong wind came from behind.

“Evil creature!” In the dark night, a man’s clear voice suddenly sounded.

This time, the voice was not sounding in Meng Qi’s mind, but was directed towards the black shadow behind her.

Meng Qi’s eyes suddenly widened—

A man in a white robe seemed to have fallen from the sky. He stood mid-air, gently raised his hand, and then pressed it down. The sleeves of his robe were swayed by the night wind and swept across Meng Qi’s face.

A long and sharp scream suddenly sounded. Immediately afterward, a strong fishy smell hit Meng Qi’s face, making her nauseous.

With a loud ‘bang’, something huge seemed to fall to the ground.

All of these happened in the blink of an eye, and Meng Qi hadn’t even landed from her jump.

The white-robed man turned around and looked at her. He flicked his sleeves again and gently held Meng Qi’s waist to help her land on the ground.


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