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THDP Ch 98 Part 1 – Unexpected Reunion (I)

That mountain was still the same mountain. The ground Meng Qi stepped on was still the same ground she climbed up all the way just now. Even the night sky above and the brightly shining stars were unchanged in the slightest. Everything was clearly the same, but in Meng Qi’s eyes, the world was suddenly changed drastically.

The sleeve on her back had withdrawn, and Meng Qi finally stood firmly on the ground. She blinked hard, looking at the white-robed man standing before her eyes. Under the brilliant starlights, Yun Qingyan’s face seemed to be basked with a cold gleam. He had long eyebrows, sharp like a sword. His deep eyes were brighter than the stars. The hem of his robes was blown by the night wind. He was very handsome and ephemeral, as if walking out straight of a painting.

“So-sovereign Qingyan?” Meng Qi stammered. The strength on her waist just now was real, and the person before her eyes was also very real.

Yun Qingyan turned his eyes at her, then the gaze quickly fell on the mutant beast that collapsed on the hillside.

Meng Qi followed his gaze and saw a huge black shadow behind her. The night wind brought along a strong smell of blood, so thick that it made her nauseous. This should be the mutant beast that attacked her just now! Meng Qi scolded herself for being careless. Such a huge beast was following right behind, yet she didn’t even notice it. Thankfully, Senior Yun saved her.

Meng Qi couldn’t help but quietly look at Yun Qingyan again. The man’s profile was unparalleled handsome as usual, but his expression looked a little cold.

“Do you know it?” Yun Qingyan turned to Meng Qi again.

“Please let me see.” Meng Qi walked to the huge shadow. Getting closer, the bloody smell suddenly became more intense. In addition, there was another smell more unbearable than the blood. Meng Qi didn’t know how to describe this smell. It was an understatement to say it smelt bad. This kind of feeling was like a place with filth that had been accumulated for years, even decades. The obvious smell of decay radiated from the huge black shadow and mixed with the smell of blood, making it even more unpleasant and unbearable.

Meng Qi took a few steps closer. The black shadow was a bit larger than two horses and looked a bit like a vulture, with a pair of wings on its back. Compared with its body, its wings were much smaller, making it look ridiculous. Meng Qi couldn’t imagine how such wings could be used to fly.

“I don’t know.” She looked carefully for a moment and shook her head.

“Then you know what place is this?” Yun Qingyan’s tone was flat, expressing no joy nor anger.

Meng Qi turned her head and looked around. It was night now. Except for the sea-like huge lake, she could only see the black shadow of rolling mountains in the distance. Besides the wood near the place she came from, there were several similar woods around the hill.

“Are we still in the Eastern Realm?” Meng Qi asked.

Yun Qingyan shook his head: “This is Starfallen Sea.” He said it lightly, as if saying that tonight’s stars are pretty and the weather is good.

“Star-starfallen Sea?!” Meng Qi was stunned for a moment, “But…but I…” She never doubted Yun Qingyan, and even now, she didn’t have the slightest mind to disbelief the man. Yun Qingyan said they were in the Starfallen Sea, so they must be in the Starfallen Sea!

Startled, Meng Qi turned her head and looked at the lake in the distance, huge enough to resemble a sea.

So that was…Starfallen Sea?!

Meng Qi still felt unreal. She was suddenly in Starfallen Sea?!

But it didn’t seem to be difficult to guess. The stars in the sky were reflected on the huge lake. Looking from an elevated position, it really looked as if the stars themselves were falling into it.

Meng Qi looked around again. She had been to Starfallen Sea once in her previous life. Actually, it couldn’t even be counted. At that time, looking for a rare medicinal ingredient, she tried her best and ran to the edge of the Starfallen Sea. She didn’t dare to enter deeper, and cautiously wandered only on the outmost peripheral.

It was there that Meng Qi picked up the injured Pei Mufeng. From him, she learned about the situation in Starfallen Sea. Even the genius sword cultivator from Xingluo Pavilion didn’t dare to enter the true center part of Starfallen Sea. Pei Mufeng ventured far deeper than Meng Qi ever dared to, but he was still very far away from the center.

Meng Qi remembered asking the young swordsman whether there was really a sea in Starfallen Sea that could swallow the stars, hence its name.

What did Pei Mufeng say at the time?

It seemed that he said that he never saw the sea.

The Starfallen Sea was far from being as romantic as its name sounded. Inside, the miasma was rampant, and mortal dangers were everywhere, with all kinds of powerful beasts roaming around. In many places, even taking a single step was extremely dangerous.

Meng Qi looked at the dead mutant beast with lingering fear. If it hadn’t been for the sudden appearance of Sovereign Qingyan just now, she would have become this guy’s snack now. Sure enough, the Starfallen Sea was extremely dangerous!

Meng Qi exhaled slowly and then asked: “Sovereign Qingyan, you… why are you here?”

Yun Qingyan: “…”

Where else could he be?

Yun Qingyan didn’t answer this question, but walked to Meng Qi’s side. “This is a nirvana fiery eagle.” He pointed to the mutant beast that looked like a vulture and said.

“Nirvana fiery eagle?” Meng Qi had never heard this name. She had read many books and was familiar with all kinds of creatures known in Three Thousand Worlds. But Starfallen Sea had been off-limit for most cultivators for thousands of years. Although there were always people who dared to take the risk to enter the Starfallen Sea, few possessed the knowledge of the situation inside. Of course there were some records, but those were all in the hands of large sects and rarely were shown to outsiders.

“I know about fiery eagles.” Meng Qi said, “They exist in Eastern Realm.”


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