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THDP Ch 98 Part 2 – Unexpected Reunion (II)

“I know about fiery eagles.” Meng Qi said, “They exist in Eastern Realm. Their feathers are as hard as iron, so some sects collect the feathers to make soft armor or refine magic weapons. The blood of fiery eagles can also be used to treat cold poison. If a small amount of the blood is added to spring warmth, the pill will have a better effect.” Meng Qi raised her head and looked at Yun Qingyan: “But the wings of the fiery eagles are very huge, and they can fly to the sky. This nirvana fiery eagle has such small wings. How can it fly?”

Yun Qingyan’s lips curled up. He looked at Meng Qi’s bright eyes and coughed slightly: “Nirvana fiery eagles are the variant of fiery eagles. Starfallen Sea was not like this before. In the past, it has no distinction with Three Thousands Worlds.”

“I see.” Meng Qi nodded. She looked down at the huge corpse on the ground. The nirvana fiery eagle’s wings were not only tiny, but also totally bald. The two wings looked like they had been scalded by hot water, which looked a bit comical.

However, a mutant beast that could survive in the Starfallen Sea must have its own special traits.

Yun Qingyan raised his hand, and a sapphire dagger appeared in his palm.

“Is that a dragonfinch dagger?” Meng Qi stared at the sapphire dagger in Yun Qingyan’s hand. Her eyes lit up. Dragonfinch dagger was one of the most known magic weapons among medical cultivators. It was a dagger made from the bones of dragonfinch unique to the Demon Realm. The most prominent effect of this dagger was that it would never damage the medical properties of the things it touched, whether used to collect blood or to cut ingredients. Dragonfinch dagger was not very rare, but it was not something ordinary cultivators could buy with just money. Meng Qi had been trying to find one for a long time, but she never encountered a shop that sold one.

“Yes.” Yun Qingyan leaned over and began to cut the throat of the nirvana fierce eagle corpse.

“I’ll do it!” Meng Qi hurriedly came forward. “Sovereign Qingyan, please let me do this kind of menial task.” She didn’t have a dragonfinch dagger, so she directly took out her silver medical knife and a light blue transparent porcelain bottle before rushing to cut through the nirvana fierce eagle’s throat.

Yun Qingyan: “…”

Meng Qi was obviously very familiar with this kind of task. After slashing open the neck, she quickly used the porcelain bottle to catch the blood flowing from the cut. This small porcelain bottle was also a kind of artifact. Not only could it prevent the medicinal properties from getting bad, but it could also hold about as much liquid as a barrel.

The body of the nirvana fiery eagle was huge, and the blood kept gurgling out. Meng Qi used three porcelain bottles before the blood finally stopped. She carefully put the lid on the bottles before presenting them to Yun Qingyan with both hands.

Meng Qi raised her head. Her eyes were shining: “Sovereign Qingyan, here is the blood of nirvana fiery eagle.”

Compared to the average height of female cultivators, Meng Qi was not short, but because of her slender stature, she looked smaller than she was. In addition, she still looked like a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl. When she looked up at a man who was about a head taller than her with her pure, clear eyes, her appearance of holding the porcelain bottles in her two hands seemed to have…a slight sense of offering.

The stars shone bright, but the eyes of the girl in front of Yun Qingyan were even brighter than the starlights. Her lips curled up into a sweet, sincere smile, and she was looking at him with a gaze that seemed to hold the stars themselves.

The fingers of Yun Qingyan’s hand hanging on his side twitched slightly. “…No need.” He muttered: “That’s the thing you collected.”

“Oh.” Meng Qi was a little disappointed. She originally thought that Yun Qingyan needed the blood of this nirvana fiery eagle and was eager to help.

Yun Qingyan saw the girl’s head slightly drooped, and disappointment seemed to be overflowing from her whole body. He couldn’t help coughing lightly: “Keep it for now. I will use it later.”

“Okay!” Meng Qi carefully put the porcelain bottles into her storage space.

“Let’s continue the previous topic. You said that fiery eagles are living in Three Thousand Worlds. That is correct.” Yun Qingyan said. “Long time ago, Starfallen Sea was just a channel used by people of three realms to travel between.”

Yun Qingyan turned slightly, averting his gaze from Meng Qi’s bright eyes. Just by looking at those eyes, anyone could see that she treated him very differently than she treated others.


Yun Qingyan’s gaze sank.

She also had a person she cared very much about. In order to protect that person, she even confronted Ji Wujiong stubbornly, disregarding even her own life.

“Yes.” Meng Qi nodded, looking very well-behaved.

“Later, many conflicts between the three realms broke out in Starfallen Sea’s vicinity, killing countless. Countless great talents are buried here.” Yun Qingyan paused and then said in a deep tone: “Called Starfallen, yet no real stars have fallen here. Those who have fallen are the astounding geniuses on their brightest moment.”

“I see…” Meng Qi turned her head and stared thoughtfully at the silent lake under the night sky. “So it isn’t called Starfallen Sea because of this lake?”

“That’s right.” Yun Qingyan glanced at the nirvana fiery eagle corpse again. “The killing in Starfallen Sea was too heavy. After the ancient cultivators fell, their spiritual aura returned to earth. Similarly, the murderous and evil aura from their demise was also swallowed by the place where they perished. Over time, no outside creatures can enter, and Starfallen Sea became a forbidden area.”

“Some of the mutant beasts that originally habituated Starfallen Sea died out completely. Some that are strong enough to survive mutated further and became stronger and fiercer.” Yun Qingyan continued: “This nirvana fiery eagle is one of them.”

“Its blood, in addition to detoxifying cold poison, is also mixed with a trace of killing aura, which is very beneficial when used to refine fire-type magic weapon.”

“I see…” Meng Qi fell into a thought, then suddenly asked, “Sovereign Qingyan, if you can’t use up these three bottles of blood, can you leave some for me?” She added: “A little bit is fine.”

Yun Qingyan: “…”

He actually didn’t need a drop and was planning to give it all to Meng Qi from the beginning.


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