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THDP Ch 98 Part 4 – Unexpected Reunion (IV)

“The place where we are now is in the utmost center of Starfallen Sea. Very few cultivators can reach here.” Yun Qingyan said.

“The utmost center of Starfallen Sea?” Meng Qi murmured in disbelief, “Then if I want to leave, do I have to walk from the center to the edge?”

“Your reasoning is not wrong,” Yun Qingyan replied. There was faint fatigue on his face. Yun Qingyan then took a deep breath. The vitality of five primal aura was like sweet nectar, moisturizing his body from the inside. The night breeze was slightly cool, and there was a refreshing feeling that he seemed to have long forgotten.

“It’s getting late. Let’s find a place to rest.” Yun Qingyan said. He was also surprised that Meng Qi ended here by chance, bringing him with her. He could come to this place easily if he wasn’t injured, but unfortunately, his injuries were serious. On top of that, there was unrest in the Demon Realm, and so many enemies were eager to take advantage of his absence.

Some people were already laying various traps on the edge of the Starfallen Sea in the Demon Realm, just waiting for Yun Qingyan to throw himself into the net. With Yun Qingyan’s current condition, it was difficult to break through the encirclement and enter the Starfallen Sea from the edge. Unexpectedly, Meng Qi directly brought him here, saving him once again.

Yun Qingyan’s eyes flickered.

Well, in the future, even if he found that clan guy who passed on the Four Poles Great Array and other secret arrays to Meng Qi…

If the two really love each other, then he could…

Yun Qingyan frowned when he thought of this.

No, everything could wait until he really found that guy.

Maybe everything was just that guy’s wishful thinking, and Meng Qi had no feelings for him.

“Let’s go.” Yun Qingyan said. He turned around and walked along the shore.

“Yes.” Meng Qi followed behind. But her voice seemed to lack spirit and sounded a little at loss.

Yun Qingyan turned his head and glanced lightly: “What’s the matter?”

“Will I be able to return to Three Thousand Worlds?” Meng Qi asked.

Every step was extremely dangerous in the Starfallen Sea. In Meng Qi’s previous life, she cautiously wandered only on the outermost edge, yet she still almost got injured by a mutant beast. Pei Mufeng also told her that the deeper it was into the Starfallen Sea, the more fierce and powerful the mutant beasts were. At that time, Pei Mufeng was already a Spirit Severing cultivator, and his sword spirit had also reached the peak of the sixth realm, only one step before the seventh realm. Looking in the entire Three Thousand Worlds, Pei Mufeng was definitely one of the top strongest among their generation. Yet, such a powerful sword cultivator was seriously injured and almost perished in Starfallen Sea, and Meng Qi could imagine how miserable her end would be if she dared to do the same.

“Do you want to return?” Yun Qingyan asked.

“Yes!” Meng Qi nodded. She went to Xingluo Pavilion with her friends, but she ended up falling into Starfallen Sea by a sheer coincidence. She couldn’t imagine how worried her friends were when they found out she was missing.


Meng Qi had another reason to worry. Just before she fell here, she released the firework to call for help, and her friends would definitely come once they saw it. If Ji Wujiong didn’t fall here with her, the two sides might cross paths, and the consequences would be terrible.

Meng Qi previously thought that Ji Wujiong was just eccentric in nature and would not innocent people indiscriminately. But her heart, which was attacked lightly by Ji Wujiong, was still aching even now. She had also seen Ji Wujiong in his peak state, and the appearance of a Spirit Severing cultivator who mastered myriad powerful arrays was very stunning and earth-shattering.

What Meng Qi feared the most was that her friends mistakenly thought that she was missing after being injured by Ji Wujiong and directly confronted him, arousing Ji Wujiong’s hostility.

Now that Ji Wujiong had obtained the Stardust, he finally had the meant to refine the Starlight, heal his spiritual sea, and return to his peak state. At that time, if he had the mind to revenge…

Meng Qi frowned slightly.

She must go back!

“My friends are still waiting for me in Xingluo Pavilion. If they found out that I am missing, they will definitely look for me frantically.” Meng Qi explained, deliberately taking off the part about Ji Wujiong. “I have to return as soon as possible and inform them that I am fine.” At the very least, she must inform Sikong Xing and the others that she was fine.

“Sovereign Qingyan, how did you arrive here?” She looked at Yun Qingyan curiously, “Is there any other way to leave this Starfallen Sea?”

“No.” Yun Qingyan said concisely and succinctly.

“I see…” Meng Qi was disappointed. She turned her head and hesitatingly looked in the direction she came. This was the center of Starfallen Sea, and she was only a Golden Core cultivator, a medical cultivator on top of that. Would she really be able to return? After all, if it weren’t for Yun Qingyan, she most likely would have died under the talons of nirvana fiery eagle. Yun Qingyan was very strong. But looking at his attitude, it seemed that he had no plan to leave this place now, so she couldn’t bring herself to ask him to send her back…

Meng Qi hesitated.

Starfallen Sea…

It’s Starfallen Sea!

Why did she know so little about the Starfallen Sea?!

What should she do now…

Eh, wait!

Meng Qi’s eyes suddenly lit up. She knew almost nothing about Starfallen Sea, but she could ask the owner of Heaven And Earth Bookhall. She might find some records about the Starfallen Sea there!

“Sovereign Qingyan, let’s find a place to rest first,” Meng Qi said. Even if she wanted to return to her friends, she must not act carelessly. It was night now, and dangers lurked everywhere. Just like now, such a danger was so close to her, yet she didn’t even notice it. It should be better to wait until the daytime.

Yun Qingyan nodded slightly. At first, he wanted to tell Meng Qi that he could send her back after he had a few days of recuperation. But Yun Qingyan quickly changed his mind. With Meng Qi’s current situation, staying here with him would be the safest.

“Let’s go.” Yun Qingyan made up his mind and walked with Meng Qi.


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  1. Many thanks
    Every single time he starts thinking about the ‘other guy who taught her demon clan secrets’ I laugh so loud. Bro. The guy is you. From another life

  2. Oh yes, the right action.
    Hide her away to keep her to yourself. It is the only way to be sure that that other guy never shows up again *heavily suppressed giggle*

  3. Meng Qi previously thought that Ji Wujiong was just eccentric in nature and would not innocent people indiscriminately.
    (I don’t know how to make it more clear so I just did it in an easy to understand way)
    It just ends at would not, there’s needs to be hurt.

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