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THDP Ch 98 Part 5 – Unexpected Reunion (V)

“Let’s go.” Yun Qingyan made up his mind and walked forward with Meng Qi.

Yun Qingyan seemed to be very familiar with this place. After walking a short time, the two suddenly saw a small boat tied at the shore of the Starfallen Sea. Yun Qingyan seemed to know that there was a boat here and stepped onto the boat without hesitation. He then turned around and motioned at Meng Qi: “Get on.”

“Ah…yes.” Meng Qi quickly followed suit.

The wooden boat was quite small. After two people got on, there was barely a space for a third person to stand. There was also no oar on the boat, but when Yun Qingyan flicked his sleeve, the boat shot towards the center of the sea like an off-string arrow.

Meng Qi was stunned. She subconsciously tilted her head to look around. Under the boat was the Starfallen Sea, formed by bottomless five primal spiritual aura, like a bottomless abyss that swallowed countless stars. This sensation was different from boating on water, and more like flying in the night sky.

Just one look around made Meng Qi feel dizzy, and her body shook slightly. Yun Qingyan quickly reached out and held her arm: “Be careful.”

“…Yes.” A bit embarrassed, Meng Qi hurriedly steadied herself. She then asked: “Sovereign Qingyan, where are we going?”

“Great wilderness island.” Yun Qingyan answered. Through the robe’s sleeve, Yun Qingyan’s fingers firmly held Meng Qi’s elbow. He seemed to forget that he was still holding Meng Qi’s arm, or maybe he was worried that she might lose his balance again, but he didn’t withdraw his hand.

The boat flew forward until it swayed slightly and finally stopped.

“Ah!” Meng Qi raised her eyes and couldn’t help but exclaim lightly. There was obviously nothing on the Starfallen Sea when she stood by the shore, but now, she suddenly saw an island.

Yun Qingyan stepped off the boat and landed on the island. After Meng Qi followed suit, he finally let go of the hand supporting her arm.

Seeing that Yun Qingyan could even find such a small boat and small island on the vast sea…Meng Qi was totally stunned! She began to look around. Although her visibility was limited in darkness, she could see that this island was not dangerous, totally different from any rumor about the Starfallen Sea.

Meng Qi and Yun Qingyan walked for about half an incense stick of time. They passed a garden and then arrived in front of a manor. With a flick of Yun Qingyan’s sleeve, the manor opened its gate. Rows of luminous pearls gradually lit up, illuminating the entire manor.

“Welcome.” Yun Qingyan turned sideways and gestured at Meng Qi to come in.

Meng Qi: “!!!” She had a lot of questions, but didn’t know where to start. Yun Qingyan was very familiar with this place; was this actually his home? So Master really descended from a hidden clan unknown to the world! No one would imagine a hidden clan was living seclusively in the center of the dangerous Starfallen Sea.

Meng Qi walked with a trance. From the moment she fell here and Yun Qingyan suddenly descended like a god, everything seemed so unreal, far more unreal than the ‘Yun Qingyan’ shown by the Grand Tournament’s illusion array. When Meng Qi lifted her foot, she subconsciously looked down at the ground below, as if she would fall into an endless void once she stepped on it. Then she would wake up and find that everything was nothing but a grandiose dream!

The manor was grand, with elegant corridors and numerous courtyards. Under the light of luminous pearls, this place looked very magnificent. After Meng Qi walked into the manor, Yun Qingyan followed in and led her along the long corridors toward the backside of the manor. He took Meng Qi to a room and pushed open the door, “You can rest here.”

Standing at the door, Meng Qi looked in. The room is very elegantly furnished, with a large carved bed in the innermost area. In the center of the room was a table with a brush holder and a few brushes randomly placed on it. There was a white jade vase in the corner of the table, with a few buds of peach blossoms in it. Everything looked as if the room was frequently inhabited, with the owner left and returned in half a day.

“I’m next door.” Yun Qingyan raised his jaw slightly and pointed to another door not far away.

“…yes,” Meng Qi nodded.

“Take a good rest.” Yun Qingyan took a deep look at her, “If you have something to do, wait until tomorrow.”

“Okay…” Meng Qi replied in a daze. Meng Qi watched Yun Qingyan leave, watched him open the door of the opposite room, and then watched him close the door.

Still feeling unreal, Meng Qi stood at the door for a while, then slowly closed the door and walked into the room. Meng Qi sat down on the soft mattress. It took a while before she reacted, remembering what she had to do, and quickly took out Beyond The Heaven jade slip from her storage space item.

Xue Jinwen reminded her not to trust the Heaven And Earth Bookhall too much. But the owner was a very knowledgeable man, and his bookhall was full of bamboo slips and jade slips of the books Meng Qi had never heard of. Meng Qi didn’t believe that such a person would deceive her, a minor cultivator in the Foundation Establishment stage, as he had nothing to gain.

Meng Qi held Beyond The Heaven jade slip in her hand. Before she poured her spiritual aura, she had a nagging feeling, as if she had forgotten something. However, Meng Qi quickly retracted her mind and soon entered Beyond The Heaven. Light flashed, and when she opened her eyes again, she already stood outside the grand city gate.

Meng Qi was about to go directly to Heaven And Earth Bookhall when her nameplate suddenly shook crazily. Meng Qi quickly took out the nameplate. An acquaintance she had exchanged contact information with within Beyond The Heaven had sent her a message. As far as Meng Qi remembered, she only exchanged nameplate contact with Xue Jinwen. Sure enough, when Meng Qi held the nameplate and poured her spiritual sense, she saw the barrage of messages Xue Jinwen sent her.

“Meng Qi, quickly reply if you see this message.”

“Meng Qi, where are you?”

“We have searched all over Xingluo Valley, but we didn’t find you. If you go to Beyond The Heaven, please contact me as soon as possible.”

“Meng Qi, are you okay?”

Meng Qi quickly held her nameplate. It wasn’t her first time using this function, so she quickly wrote a message using her spiritual sense and sent it to Xue Jinwen. Similar methods of communication also existed in Three Thousands Worlds, allowing cultivators to contact each other almost in real-time.

In just a moment, Meng Qi’s nameplate shook again. Xue Jinwen’s reply came quickly: “Meng Qiqi…you are fine! Thank Heaven! We all almost worry to death!”

Another message came almost simultaneously: “Meng Qiqi, come to Beyond The Heaven Restaurant. Let’s meet there.”


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