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THDP Ch 98 Part 6 – Unexpected Reunion (VI)

In just a moment, Meng Qi’s nameplate shook again. Xue Jinwen’s reply came quickly: “Meng Qiqi…you are fine! Thank Heaven! We all almost worry to death!”

Another message came almost simultaneously: “Meng Qiqi, come to Beyond The Heaven Restaurant. Let’s meet there.”

“Okay.” Meng Qi quickly sent a reply. She was originally coming for Heaven And Earth Bookhall, but she changed her direction and directly used the teleportation array to go to the floating island where Beyond The Heaven Restaurant was located.

As soon as Meng Qi stepped out of the teleportation array, she heard a loud cheer. Before she could react, Sikong Xing’s red figure already pounced on her: “Meng Qiqi!” The red fox girl hugged Meng Qi tightly: “Why do you always disappear suddenly? You scared us to death!”

“Xingxing.” Feeling warmth in her heart, Meng Qi patted Sikong Xing’s shoulder lightly, “I am okay, you see?”

“Where have you gone?” Sikong Xing quickly released Meng Qi and looked at her up and down. “You don’t know, but we searched the entire Xingluo Valley after you disappeared. Pavilion Master Pei has already departed for Starfallen Sea, so the elders of Xingluo Pavilion came forward. They ordered the disciples to help us search for you. Together, we searched a hundred miles around Xingluo Valley, including the entire Xingluo City. We searched everywhere, but you were nowhere to be found!”

“We are all scared to death!”

“I’m sorry.” Meng Qi was incredibly touched, “Where are the others?”

“Sister Xue went to inform Su Junmo and the others. They are still looking for you around Xingluo Valley.” As Sikong Xing spoke, she pulled Meng Qi to Beyond The Heaven Restaurant. “Let’s wait for them inside.”

“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded. She subconsciously looked up at the highest floating island, and her heart skipped a beat. Meng Qi quickly retracted her gaze and walked with Sikong Xing towards Beyond The Heaven Restaurant.

“Fellow Daoists, welcome.” A greeter quickly welcomed them. “May I know if you have a reservation?”

“Give us a private room.” Sikong Xing said, “We have four more people. They will arrive in a moment.”

“Fellow Daoists, we are terribly sorry.” The greeter smiled, “The last private room has just been booked away. Only the tables in the lobby are available.”

“Huh?” Right after the greeter’s voice fell, a young man’s voice suddenly came from behind Meng Qi and Sikong Xing, “Are you…Fellow Daoist Meng Qi?”

Startled, Meng Qi turned around and saw an unfamiliar handsome young man in a blue robe.

“Really is Fellow Daoist Meng.” The young man cupped his hands at Meng Qi, “I have taken the liberty to interrupt. Please do not take offense.”

“Fellow Daoist, may I ask who you are?” Meng Qi cupped her hand in reciprocal. “It seems that I don’t know you.” She then looked at Sikong Xing, who had already become alert, and smiled soothingly at the girl. Here was Beyond The Heaven Restaurant, and Meng Qi was confident of their safety measures.

“We are indeed not acquaintances, but I have seen Fellow Daoist Meng’s heroic figure with my own eyes.” The man smiled softly and cupped his hands again. “During the Grand Tournament tests, it is not a coincidence that Fellow Daoist Meng earned the recognition of Senior Yan. I also admire you very much.”

“Fellow Daoist is too polite.” Meng Qi cupped her hands again.

“Do Fellow Daoists need a private room?” The young man looked at Meng Qi, “I happened to book the last room. Since Fellow Daoist Meng needs one, please use it first.”

Meng Qi was very embarrassed: “No need, we can sit in the lobby.”

“It’s okay.” The young man waved his hands a few times. “That day, we all regretted that we couldn’t fight side by side with Fellow Daoist Meng, so what is a mere private room?! Even if Fellow Daoist Meng doesn’t use it, I won’t use it too. So please don’t refuse.”

Sikong Xing pulled Meng Qi’s sleeve and blinked at her.

“Then I thank Fellow Daoist for your generosity.” Meng Qi cupped her hands again.

“You are welcome.” The young man said no more and returned to his friend. Talking with a low voice, the two turned and walked to the lobby. His friend turned his head and glanced at Meng Qi, but soon turned his head back.

“Hehehe.” Sikong Xing took Meng Qi’s shoulders, and the two followed the greeter towards the private rooms on the restaurant’s upper floor. “Surprised?”

“A bit.” Meng Qi responded. She had never encountered such a situation before.

“After you went missing, those medical cultivators also helped us look for you. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to search the entire Xingluo City so quickly.”

“I see.” Meng Qi stopped on the stairs and looked down again at the cultivator just now. The other party happened to be looking at her too. He and his friend held a wine cup and raised it in a toast at her.

“Actually, I’m not surprised.” Sikong Xing pulled Meng Qi up and said, “In Apricot Forest that day, the majority of medical cultivators there sincerely wished to help you. They are very good people.”

“I know.” Meng Qi smiled sweetly. “So many are good people.”

“Ah, right.” She suddenly remembered, “Have you seen Ji Wujiong afterward?”

“Ji Wujiong?” Sikong Xing was stunned and shook her head, “No. After he rushed out of Apricot Forest that day, I never saw him again. What’s the matter?”

Meng Qi was about to reply when the door of their private room was suddenly pushed open.

Chu Tianfeng rushed in first, almost jumping in front of Meng Qi. He grabbed her shoulders and looked at her up and down for a long time before finally sighing in relief: “Meng Qiqi!”

“Next time! Next time, no matter what you say…” Chu Tianfeng almost went crazy, “I will follow you everywhere!”

Su Junmo who just came in: “…”

Young man! This is Beyond The Heaven! You dare to say something like that. Do you want to be banned for life, huh?!

At the same time, on the highest floating island of Beyond The Heaven, a white-robed man slowly opened his eyes. His gaze was indifferent and cold, and his slender fingers tapped lightly on the table beside him.


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7 thoughts on “THDP Ch 98 Part 6 – Unexpected Reunion (VI)”

  1. Lol he basically entered the tiger’s den and announced he was gonna take the tiger’s wife

  2. CTF complained before how hard it is to get a token to enter this place, now suddenly the entire group not only entered but were able to get a private room in the restaurant… I think we’ve reached the point in most cultivation romance novels where the worldbuilding falls apart.

    1. You do know that all of her friends have strong backgrounds, right? For them, it shouldn’t be too hard if they put their backgrounds to work. Half of them were known to have gone there before, anyways.
      Moreover, the only reason they couldn’t get the room was because it was full.
      The worldbuilding still makes sense for now, lol.

    2. You do know that all of her friends have strong backgrounds, right? For them, it shouldn’t be too hard if they put their backgrounds to work. Half of them were known to have gone there before, anyways.
      Moreover, the only reason they couldn’t get the room was because it was full.
      The worldbuilding still makes sense for now, lol.

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