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THDP Ch 99 Part 2 – The Little White Tiger’s Whereabouts (II)

“Isn’t that very dangerous?” Sikong Xing asked.

“Yeah.” Meng Qi said: “So I want to stay for the time being.”

“No!” Everyone immediately rejected.

“…It’s really safe here,” Meng Qi tried to convince them.

“Meng Qiqi!” Sikong Xing reached out and pressed Meng Qi’s shoulders. Her eyes were red: “I know you don’t want us to take risks, but we can’t do nothing while knowing you are in such a dangerous place.”

“But…” Meng Qi wanted to say more. She frowned, knowing that she would never be able to convince Sikong Xing and the others unless she told them about Yun Qingyan. In the end, Meng Qi closed her mouth and simply listened to what these guys were planning to do first. It wouldn’t be too late to think of ways to dissuade them.

Xue Jinwen and Su Junmo exchanged a glance before looking at Qin Xiumo on the side. Xue Jinwen suddenly smiled and said to Meng Qi: “Okay, Meng Qiqi, we believe you are safe now. But you have to promise us that you will come to Beyond The Heaven twice a day to assure us that you are safe.”

“Okay!” Meng Qi nodded. This much shouldn’t be a problem.

“Then let’s disperse for now. We need to inform the disciples of Xingluo Pavilion and the medical cultivators about your safety, so they can stop looking for you.” Xue Jinwen said gently. Except for Meng Qi, everyone looked at each other in tacit understanding and said nothing.

Meng Qi felt a little strange. It seemed that they got persuaded a bit too easily? But she still stood up and said: “Okay, then I’ll leave first.”

“Wait!” Su Junmo took out his nameplate, “Let’s exchange the nameplate information first, so we can contact each other.”

“Okay.” Meng Qi quickly took out her nameplate and did the exchange with Su Junmo and the others. With this, she could contact any of them as long as they were in Beyond The Heaven.

“I’m leaving first.” Meng Qi turned and walked towards the door.

“Okay.” Xue Jinwen also stood up, “Let’s go, Meng Qiqi. I’m also returning to my residence on the floating island.” As Xue Jinwen secretly made a gesture behind her back, she took Meng Qi’s shoulder and walked out of the private room.

The door opened and closed. After a while, Su Junmo finally said, “Meng Qiqi…”

“She must be lying to us!” Chu Tianfeng exclaimed, “Starfallen Sea is extremely dangerous. She is afraid that we will take the risk to bring her back, so she lied to us and said that she is safe.”

Qin Xiumo, who had not spoken much, nodded, expressing his agreement with Chu Tianfeng’s statement.

Su Junmo glanced at the two. He had spent some time traveling with Meng Qi, so he had also witnessed her acting skills quite a few times.

Su Junmo went back to his chair in silence and sat down.

After a while, the door opened, and Xue Jinwen walked in again. “Alright,” she said, “to make a long story short, since we now know where Meng Qiqi is, let’s exchange all the information we have about Starfallen Sea.”

Xue Jinwen was the first to speak: “I have read some records in the library pavilion of my former home. According to the rumor, the Starfallen Sea is also divided into four realms: Eastern, Western, Southern, and Northern.” She then spread a white paper she had just asked for from a waiter on the table and drew on it with a brush: “It is also rumored that the center of Starfallen Sea is a gigantic lake.” Xue Jinwen drew a circle in the center representing the lake, then moved the brush along and divided the area around the lake into four parts.

Although Xue Jinwen was not favored, she was still the daughter of the Xue Clan Head, who was also the head of the Feng Alliance. Feng Alliance had been in existence for nearly 10,000 years, and thus Xue Jinwen knew some secrets that even Chu Tianfeng or Qin Xiumo, who also came from large sects, might have never heard of.

“Several ancestors of my family have either personally gone or sent people into Starfallen Sea.” Xue Jinwen said: “They all entered from the west, here…” She drew a curvy line on the west part: “This area is full of thick forest and miasma. Countless poisonous insects and mutant beasts lay dormant there. Because my ancestors were medical cultivators, they were lucky enough to be able to go through the forest. However, it is very difficult to go further. Most of the ancestors stopped at the edge of the forest, and thus most of the content recorded in the clan library was about the forest, the beasts living there, and the miasma.”

Xue Jinwen continued: “According to the record, the west side of Starfallen Sea is still a relatively less dangerous place.”

“So if we want to go in, should we choose to enter from the west?” Sikong Xing asked.

“There were eight ancestors in the family who met their demise in Starfallen Sea.” Xue Jinwen raised her eyes and said quietly.

Sikong Xing: “…”

“Some members of Fentian Palace have also been to Starfallen Sea.” Chu Tianfeng chimed in, “They also entered Starfallen Sea from the west. As far as I know, more than twelve elders in the Spirit Severing stage perished there.” Chu Tianfeng took the brush from Xue Jinwen’s hand. For Meng Qi’s sake, he didn’t hesitate to expose his sect’s secrets: “Besides poisonous insects and miasma, powerful mutant beasts also live in the western forest of Starfallen Sea. According to the record recounted from the surviving elders, the weakest of those beasts have cultivation bases equal to the fifth to the sixth realm of the Spirit Severing stage.”

“Anyun Summit entered Starfallen Sea from the Southern Realm.” Qin Xiumo said. Anyun Summit was his former sect. “There are many swamps in the southern area of Starfallen Sea, which is a bit like the swamps in Southern Realm, only much more dangerous. There are countless poisonous insects there, not to mention dangerous mutant beasts that can live in both the swamp and the land. I’m not sure how many people Anyun Summit has sent, but at least more than twenty people died there.”

“I know a little bit about the east area of Starfallen Sea.” Sikong Xing did not hesitate to tell them everything she knew. “A long time ago, it was a large battlefield between devil cultivators and human cultivators, and the killing intent has not yet disappeared there. So the place is probably equivalent to a large killing array, with one danger for each step you take. Any beasts who can survive in such a place are not only very strong but also intelligent. Some even know how to band together and set an ambush.”

“I also heard this from my father. Once, there was a royal clan member who went deep into the Starfallen Sea, bringing thirteen demons to the peak of the Nascent Soul stage and even one guard at the Spirit Severing stage. In the end, he was the only one who escaped with his life by relying on the royal clan’s life-saving tool.” Sikong Xing took the brush and drew a large cross in the eastern area.

After pondering for a moment, Xue Jinwen said again, “Starfallen Sea connects to the Three Realms. We may be able to think of other ways.”

Finished speaking, both Xue Jinwen and Sikong Xing turned to Su Junmo.


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  1. Lol…. YS isn’t going to contact Su Junmo?? They’re going to impede on the couples alone time.. coughcough
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  2. I love the found family dynamics in this story – although all are equal, I’m a little partial to Qin Xiumo!

  3. i knew not to take this seriously after the forst few times the author retconned facts, but come onnnnnn. wasn’t ctf surprised that mq got access to beyond the heaven? even he didn’t get that jade access thing! but now everyone has access with no explanation???

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