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THDP Ch 99 Part 3 – The Little White Tiger’s Whereabouts (III)

Finished speaking, both Xue Jinwen and Sikong Xing turned to Su Junmo. This man was very knowledgeable in the Demon Realm, and he was also appointed as an envoy by the Demon Monarch. He wandered all year round in Three Thousand Worlds and formed friendships with various large sects, so he must be familiar with the Starfallen Sea.

“Why are you looking at me?” Su Junmo turned defensive, “I haven’t been there either. Sikong Xing, you also know it yourself. One of the most vicious curses in the Demon Realm is to wish a celestial demon to be killed in Starfallen Sea!” As Su Junmo said this, he couldn’t help but recall the current situation in Demon Realm. A rumor had been spreading far and wide since some time ago, saying that the Demon Monarch had died in the Starfallen Sea with no corpse left and soul dissipated. How infuriating!

Xue Jinwen and the others looked at each other again. There were too many rumors about Starfallen Sea in Three Thousand Worlds, but many were unfounded. The people gathering here were considered the best among their generation, yet they were still at a loss when it came to the Starfallen Sea. With their current ability, they didn’t even have a way to trace Meng Qi’s exact whereabouts, and in any case, they were still far too weak to venture into the Starfallen Sea. Even if they banded together and insisted on going, there was a high probability that they would end up being wiped out before they could even reach Meng Qi.

Su Junmo glanced at the rest of the team and finally said: “What we have to do now is to collect as much information about Starfallen Sea as possible. In short, the more is better, no matter what method is used, and also in the shortest time possible.”

Xue Jinwen’s eyes lightly swept across Su Junmo’s face. She thought for a while and said: “Meng Qiqi left a vital clue just now: the center of Starfallen Sea. What we know is mostly about the edge. So, our next inquiry must focus on the center.”

“Righ,” Su Junmo nodded slightly. “Let’s meet here again after twelve hours. This also coincides with the time Meng Qiqi promises us to return to Beyond The Heaven to report her safety.”

Everyone nodded in silence.

Starfallen Sea — that was one of the most dangerous places in the entire three realms. Meng Qiqi had just formed her Golden Core, and she actually fell there…

“Has Meng Qiqi left Beyond The Heaven?” Sikong Xing suddenly asked, “I hope she is safe…” She folded her hands together and closed her eyes: “Red fox ancestors, demon ancestors, I beg you all. Please bless Meng Qi. She is really, really, really a good girl…”

“She said she wants to go to Heaven And Earth Bookhall first.” After giving Su Junmo another glance, Xue Jinwen said.

“Heaven And Earth Bookhall?” Chu Tianfeng was stunned, “What kind of place is that?”

“Apparently…” Xue Jinwen pursed her lips: “…it is a unique place in Beyond The Heaven where you can borrow books with spirit points.”

“What the—?! Spirit points? To borrow books? What kind of scam shop is that!”

“It seems true.” Xue Jinwen said to Chu Tianfeng, glanced at Su Junmo, and said again: “Ten spirit points can borrow one book.”

“Ten?!” Even Chu Tianfeng, who was born an heir of a large sect, was still shocked by this figure, “I heard that spirit points are very hard to earn. The elder in my sect once mentioned that we need to use spirit points to open a shop here.” What Chu Tianfeng didn’t say was that opening a shop only needed a few dozen spirit points per month.

“Well…” Xue Jinwen glanced at him and said softly: “I was also very worried when I heard about this bookhall from Meng Qi. She then took out her nameplate and told me that she still had…” Xue Jinwen paused, “…more than 23,000 spirit points.”

Chu Tianfeng: “…”

Qin Xiumo: “…”

Even Su Junmo: “…”

“More than 23,000…” Chu Tianfeng couldn’t recover from the impact after a long time, “Does she perhaps own the most spirit points in the entire Beyond The Heaven? And she is just a Golden Core cultivator. If this matter spreads, those old leaders of large sects will probably die of jealousy, alright?!”

“You might as well count the spiritual points that those sects have together, not personal ones. Meng Qi can definitely rank in the top ten.” Su Junmo rolled his eyes again, “As far as I know, it only takes eight hundred spirit points to buy the chance to enter the grotto-heavens here.”

Chu Tianfeng said nothing. He looked at the silent Qin Xiumo. The two exchanged glances and quickly skipped the topic: “Alright then. Are we going to collect information about Starfallen Sea now?”

“Yeah.” Su Junmo also didn’t want to talk more about this. “Everyone, let’s split up. Remember to gather here again in twelve hours, no matter where you are.”

Chu Tianfeng and Qin Xiumo left soon. Even Sikong Xing also left, saying that she would try to contact her wealthy father and see whether he knew something about the Starfallen Sea.

After everyone left, Xue Jinwen walked to Su Junmo.

“Is there something?” Su Junmo asked her.

“Did you tell Meng Qiqi about Heaven And Earth Bookhall?” Xue Jinwen asked softly.

“…Yes.” Su Junmo nodded.

Xue Jinwen raised her hand and tucked back a few strands of loose hair on her temple. “I have been working in Beyond The Heaven for several years but never heard about this bookhall. When Meng Qi mentioned it at first and said that she had spent spirit points to borrow books there, I thought she had met a liar.”

“What do you want to say?” Su Junmo stared at Xue Jinwen for a while and asked slowly.

“I’m just a little worried about her.” Xue Jinwen said, “If I knew you were the one who introduced the bookhall to her, I wouldn’t be so worried.”

“Well, we should go too.” Xue Jinwen said again. “I hope Meng Qi can return safely.”

“Where are you going?” Instead of moving, Su Junmo asked again.

“Xue Clan.” Xue Jinwen replied, “I’m going to find my elder brother.”

“But haven’t you left Xue Clan?” Su Junmo frowned, “You can wait for us in Ruyi Inn.”

“Su Junmo, you should have known something about the Apricot Forest and the Grand Tournament barrier.” Xue Jinwen said straightforwardly, “I used to be very curious about why you are willing to associate with Feng Alliance and Xue Clan. After all, as a Demon Realm’s envoy and the future head of the white fox clan, any major sects in Three Thousand Worlds cannot wait to befriend you.”


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