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THDP Ch 99 Part 5 – The Little White Tiger’s Whereabouts (V)

What to do?

It was rare for Su Junmo to be so conflicted. Xue Jinwen said so much, obviously not only to explain to him why she wanted to seek help from Xue Clan. What she actually hinted was…

Su Junmo quickly reacted. Xue Jinwen should have thought that he had a feeling for Meng Qi, so she brought out her brother as a friendly warning. Xue Chengxuan was not only the eldest son and heir of the Xue family, but he was also a fellow medical cultivator. Even just speaking about interest and hobby, he was indeed a good match for Meng Qi.

Su Junmo was a bit dumbfounded. He swore that he really didn’t have such a thought about Meng Qi! Not only him, but even one hundred Xue Chengxuan were not the Lord’s opponent!

“Fellow Daoist Su,” Xue Jinwen opened her mouth again, “Feng Alliance is the number one medical sect in Western Realm. Now that so many people witnessed with their own eyes how Senior Lin Yan acknowledged Meng Qi as her friend, Feng Alliance will not just stand on the side when it comes to her life or death.”

“I see.” Su Junmo made up his mind in an instant. Even for celestial demons like him, Starfallen Sea was a very dangerous and ominous place. Although Meng Qi said she was safe for the time being, how long could she last? The longer she stayed inside Starfallen Sea, the more dangerous it would be.

“So,” Xue Jinwen said, “Fellow Daoist Su, can you accompany me to see my elder brother?”

“Okay.” Once Su Junmo made the decision, he didn’t hesitate anymore. However, he must also find a way to report this matter to the Lord. So far, no messages came on the jade slip they used to communicate, and Su Junmo really did not dare to call the shots without authorization. “Let’s go.” He made up his mind and walked towards the door.

The two left the restaurant one after another and walked towards the teleportation array.

At this time, Meng Qi had already arrived at Heaven And Earth Bookhall.

“Senior.” Meng Qi stood inside the quiet bookhall and looked up at the seemingly endless spiraling stairs above her head. “Are you here?” She retracted her gaze and looked around. The entire hall was quiet, and there was no one else here besides her.

After waiting for a while, Meng Qi walked forward. None of the bookshelves had signage that provided a clue of the contents of jade slips and bamboo slips it held, and there were a huge number of such bookshelf on each floor, amounting to countless jade slips and bamboo slips. Meng Qi had no doubt — if she blindly browsed the books one by one, she probably would not be able to find what she needed even after decades of looking.

“Senior.” Meng Qi called again, but there was still no response. She had no choice but to pick up a jade slip on the bookshelf next to her and pour a bit of aura into it. Meng Qi quickly skimmed over the book and found that it was a biography of a certain Devil City Lord from the past. The said city lord lived thousands of years ago, and it was a name Meng Qi had never heard before.

Alas… Meng Qi sighed and put the jade slip back on the self. Doing it this way was akin to finding a needle in a haystack and definitely not a solution.

…seems that she has to give up today.

Meng Qi hesitated for a moment, then she turned and walked out of the bookhall in disappointment.

As she left Beyond The Heaven, Meng Qi subconsciously raised her head and gave the highest floating island a final look before stepping into the teleportation array.

Starfallen Sea, the great wilderness island.

Meng Qi slowly opened her eyes and glanced down at the jade slip that had been warmed by her skin temperature. Although she failed to find what she needed, seeing her friends in Beyond The Heaven was a pleasant surprise. Meng Qi propped her cheek with one hand, glanced at the furnishings in the room, and began contemplating. She wondered how long Sovereign Qingyan planned to stay here. Also, why was he in Starfallen Sea? He looked very familiar with this island, as if returning to his own home. Was this place the home of the reclusive sect he told her about in her previous life, or…

Meng Qi recalled her first meeting with Yun Qingyan in her previous life. At that time, the man also descended suddenly from the sky. Meng Qi was looking for a medicinal ingredient on a mountain. There were many venomous snakes on that mountain, and the medicinal ingredient she sought after was the treasure they guarded. Although Meng Qi had brought a lot of snakes repellant, when she finally got the medicinal ingredient, she was still surrounded by a large number of snakes.

At that time, Meng Qi was only a fifth realm Foundation Establishment cultivator, even weaker than she is now. After trying her best to repel and kill dozens of the snakes, one of them struck from her blind spot and bit her arm.

Then, like a deity, Yun Qingyan suddenly descended from the sky. With just a flick of his sleeve, the snakes tumbled around, as if being thrown into boiling water, and soon died before Meng Qi’s eyes.

She still remembered the first words he said to her at the time: “You are but a weak Foundation Establishment, what are you doing here? Do you want to die?”

Of course Meng Qi didn’t want to die. The medicine she wanted to make was to save a man in the city on the foot of the mountain, who was afflicted with a strange disease. Yun Qingyan sent her all the way to the city and then seemed to watch with great interest as Meng Qi proceeded to refine the medicine and heal the patient.

Three days later, after the man was finally able to get out of bed, Yun Qingyan said to her: “Follow me. I will teach you how to save your life before saving others.”

Meng Qi left with Yun Qingyan. As if taking everything for granted, she never asked who he was or where did he come from. She also never suspected whether this man, who had saved her life once, harbored a hidden intention. Meng Qi at that time was just a poor wandering cultivator. She was also merely a small Foundation Establishment cultivator, and her medical skill, the only valuable thing she possessed, was not worth mentioning in Yun Qingyan’s eyes.

Since then, the two began to travel together.


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  1. Such a simple first meeting between Meng Qi and Yun Qingyan, yet it seems to be just the perfect encounter between them considering their personalities, lol. I wonder how long it took until Yun Qingyan fell in love with her and failed in his not-so-obvious pursuit of her, lol.

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