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THDP Ch 99 Part 6 – The Little White Tiger’s Whereabouts (VI)

Since then, the two began to travel together.

Looking back now, Meng Qi wanted to laugh a little. Yun Qingyan never even told his name to her, nor did he say that he would accept her as a disciple. In the beginning, he didn’t teach Meng Qi anything. Yun Qingyan didn’t even interfere with Meng Qi’s life. Despite saying that he was letting Meng Qi follow him, it was more like him following Meng Qi.

Meng Qi wanted to hone her medical skill, and not just limited to practicing medical spells and such. Whenever they passed city gates, Meng Qi almost always went in, looking for a patient to treat. Occasionally, they would also pick some injured cultivators on the road. As long as the patients had a breath left, Meng Qi always tried her best to save their lives. At first, Yun Qingyan merely watched curiously on the side and occasionally moved his hands to protect her. Meng Qi herself was also at a loss at first, wondering what this man was thinking about.

Then slowly, Yun Qingyan began to teach Meng Qi arrays. Despising the flame that Meng Qi used to refine medicines as too weak, he modified the Lihuo fire array for her use. Also, he engraved a special array on the bottom of Meng Qi’s cauldron to fasten the speed of refining and make the resulting medicines purer. After a while, he thought that Meng Qi’s cultivation progress was too slow, so he taught her the Star Array. Feeling that medical cultivators’ self-protection ability was too weak, he taught her the method to refine the silver medical knife, and later, even taught her Four Poles Great Array…

Meng Qi and Yun Qingyan were not quite friends, but they were not a master and a disciple either. Yet, the two spent their time together for several years.

Propping her cheeks, Meng Qi’s eyes slowly followed the light of the luminous pearl in front of her. Recalling her past life with Yun Qingyan only filled her heart with warmth. It seemed nothing had changed from her previous life. As usual, Yun Qingyan didn’t like to explain and acted somewhat unexpectedly and freely. Changed to someone else, they might think he was a bit eccentric, but not Meng Qi. She was more than willing to give him her full trust!

Meng Qi narrowed her eyes slightly and looked around again. In fact, if not for her worry about her friends, she wouldn’t mind staying longer, even though this place was Starfallen Sea! To be able to stay with Yun Qingyan, let alone Starfallen Sea, even if she was asked to go to the great celestial devil land, she would probably think of it as a paradise.

Finished reminiscing, Meng Qi did a light stretch and was about to lie down to rest when she suddenly reacted — she hadn’t released Xiao Qi yet. No wonder she had this nagging feeling just now. Meng Qi quickly took out the best house from the storage space…and suddenly jumped up in fright. The beast house was empty! The little white tiger, who had always been lying lazily on the bamboo bed inside the beast house, was nowhere to be seen.

“Xiao Qi!” Meng Qi panicked. Fully knowing that it was impossible for the little guy to be able to run out of the beast house into her storage space, Meng Qi still checked every corner of her storage space in panic.

Not here!

Meng Qi raised the beast house over her head, but the house had a simple structure, and its inside was visible at a glance. No matter how clever Xiao Qi was, he couldn’t hide somewhere in the beast house without Meng Qi seeing him.

Meng Qi panicked even more. Could it be something happened to Xiao Qi when she was falling here…no! When she first arrived in Starfallen Sea, the first thing she did was to check her storage space, and Xiao Qi was definitely there at the time!

Meng Qi quickly jumped out of bed and ran out of the door without even stopping to put on her shoes. “Sovereign Qingyan!” At this time, Meng Qi no longer cared whether she was disturbing Yun Qingyan or not. All she could think was Xiao Qi, whose whereabouts were unknown in such a dangerous Starfallen Sea, which made her extremely panicked.

Xiao Qi was still so young, and he was also injured!

If he encountered a dangerous creature like the nirvana fiery eagle, then he…

Meng Qi shook her head vigorously, forcing herself to stop imagining the worst situation. She quickly rushed to Yun Qingyan’s room. Stopping in front of the door, she knocked: “Sovereign Qingyan, are you asleep?”

Meng Qi took a deep breath and quickly said, “I want to ask you something!” She paused for a moment, “I have a…spirit beast, which was still in my storage space when I fell into Starfallen Sea. But now, I cannot find him inside his beast house… Sovereign Qingyan?”

Meng Qi knocked on the door again. No reply came from the room, and there was no sound of movements either. Meng Qi immediately became even more worried: “Sovereign Qingyan, are you alright?”

Rationally speaking, Meng Qi knew that it was impossible for someone as strong as Yun Qingyan to have a mishap inside his own room. However, now that there was no movement at all despite Yun Qingyan clearly saying that Meng Qi could come to him if she needed something, Meng Qi couldn’t help but become worried. She knocked on the door again: “Sovereign Qingyan, are you inside?”

After waiting for a while, the room was still totally silent, and Meng Qi was even more anxious. In the end, she gritted her teeth, flipped her wrist, and took out her silver medical knife. Holding the knife horizontally in her right hand, Meng Qi held her breath and slowly pushed the door open.

The door was not locked and opened silently with the push. Meng Qi cautiously stepped forward and walked into the room, which looked similar to her own.

“Sovereign Qingyan?” Meng Qi called with a low voice. There was no one in the room. She looked around and found a heavy gauze hanging down in the innermost area, covering a large bed frame.

A dark shadow seemed to be moving inside the gauze.

Meng Qi took a deep breath, tightened her grip on the knife, and slowly walked towards the bed.

One step, two steps, three steps…

The room was still very quiet, and only Meng Qi’s soft footsteps could be heard. Holding the knife tightly, she stopped in front of the bed and said: “Forgive my rudeness, Sovereign Qingyan.”

Then Meng Qi reached out her other hand to lift the heavy gauze—


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Translator’s note:

Starting countdown of Meng Qi’s impending ‘doom’….

Reread chapter 6 if you don’t understand what I mean 🤣🤣🤣

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  1. Oooo hooo? Would she be able to tell that her little tiger and the ML have the same injures? Come on MQ!!!
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  2. I wonder what Meng Qi’s reaction will be when she first realizes that Yun Qingyan and the little white tiger are the same, and then realizes afterwards that she copped a feel on him in his animal form, lol. I’m looking forward to it!

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