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TGCF Ch 19 Part 3 – To Go to Yan City, First We Must Flatter Dr. Ning. (III)

If Xia Mian could read his mind, she probably would have exclaimed again: Of course it’s shocking! Ning Shaobai is the name of the male lead’s mysterious uncle!

According to the law of cliche, every domineering CEO male lead would have a doctor friend as standard. But this book improvised a bit and made the genius doctor the younger brother of the male lead’s mother instead. The uncle not only had superb medical skills, but was also an important life mentor and strong supporter of the male lead.

There wasn’t much written about the male lead’s uncle in the book, nor any direct descriptions, but from a few scattered tidbits and the impression given by the supporting characters, it was clear that he was an extremely formidable character.

The general consensus about the uncle was that he was incredibly good-looking on par with the male protagonist, possessed exceptional medical abilities, and had an impressive knack for investments.

Another trait was his unfathomable temperament.

For this last point, Xia Mian had reason to believe it was an euphemistic way of saying that people were cautious not to offend him—or more directly, that he was known for having a bad temper.

—That last point sure matched perfectly.

Xia Mian’s gaze fell on the femme man, who continued shouting injustice. The book seemed to hint that Ning Shaobai might be gay. Perhaps because it had a straight romance genre, the book never discussed the mysterious uncle’s love life. All the readers knew was that when the male lead and the female lead finally got married and had children, Ning Shaobai, who was approaching forty at that time, remained single.

But even if the male lead’s uncle was interested in men, the man in front of them was undoubtedly a fraud. With Dr. Ning’s discerning eyes and harsh temperament, this kind of person would probably not even qualify to carry his shoes, let alone be his lover.

However, the onlookers didn’t think so. The concept of a man being interested in another man was completely new to many of them, and this astonishing fact seemed to overwhelm them to the point where their minds couldn’t process it. As their brains struggled to process, the previously enthusiastic crowd instinctively distanced themselves from Ning Shaobai, as though they were afraid of contracting a virus.

Of course, there were also those quick-witted enough to seize what they thought was an opportunity.

“You’re talking nonsense!” A sharp female voice pierced through the noise, catching everyone’s attention as they instinctively glanced at the speaker.

A young nurse with beautiful makeup stood in front of a tall and handsome young man, screaming at the femme man: “Dr. Ning couldn’t possibly like men!”

Many people, unaware of the situation, instinctively thought, yes, how could that handsome, skilled young doctor not like this pretty nurse and instead like that disgusting shemale?

Huang Xiaoxia’s posture gave the impression that she and Dr. Ning were a pair of affectionate couple, but unfortunately for her, Dr. Ning himself wasn’t very appreciative. Already in a bad mood from begin with, he gave her a cold glare, not mincing his words, “Who are you? So annoying.”

It seemed that Ning Shaobai’s reaction was anticipated by Huang Xiaoxia. Far from being embarrassed, she stared at him in shock and asked back, “Could what he said actually be true?”

Her underlying motive was clear: if Ning Shaobai admitted liking her, she could help prove he didn’t like men, otherwise…

“So that’s why you don’t like…” She murmured softly. Feigning surprised, she let her words trail off.

Ning Shaobai laughed angrily. To think this woman would dare to threaten him! “Get lost!” His face darkened, suddenly emitting a chilling presence.

Huang Xiaoxia likely did not expect this reaction. Seeing Ning Shaobai really got angered, her persistent confidence was shattered, causing her to instinctively retreat.

With the eyesore gone, Ning Shaobai’s gaze shifted to the femme guy, “Did the person who sent you not tell you what happens if you dare to slander me?” He sneered.

The guy glanced toward the police entering the room. His expression changed briefly, but he quickly dismissed it with arrogance, “Ning Shaobai, you just want to bully others with your power, right?! What will your family think of you if they know you are a scum who likes men?!”

“You needn’t worry about that,” Ning Shaobai responded coolly, “Just about yourself. Would your family still care for you if they knew not only that you are a scum who likes men, but also a murderer?”

Xia Mian laughed heartily, “It’s my first time hearing someone insult themselves. You said you are a scum and still a dumped one at that. What’s there to brag about?”

The crowd began to realize — if Dr. Ning liking men made him a scum, what about this guy? He wouldn’t have been dumped if he didn’t like men, right?

The femme guy’s face paled instantly. Directly pointing towards the sharp knife that had fallen onto the floor, Ning Shaobai informed the approaching police, “I suspect that someone has instructed him to murder me.”

What a cunning man — Xia Mian sighed to herself. While everyone was still tangled up in whether this was an attack on Ning Shaobai’s reputation, he had already framed the man for attempted murder, fundamentally altering the nature of the situation.

The femme guy’s complexion changed drastically when he heard Ning Shaobai’s accusation, “I didn’t intend to kill anyone; I just wanted to scare him!” He shrieked, and stubbornly added after a pause, “It’s his fault for breaking up with me!”

Ning Shaobai scoffed. With a look of disdain, he scanned the man from head to toe and snorted in disgust, “Breaking up? What makes you think I could be interested in you? Is it your ugly looks? Low background? Or lack of education? Just because you’re a man?”

Xia Mian was surprised by his sharp and merciless eloquence, which brought to mind the TV drama character Su Mingcheng. This inadvertently made her associate the femme man with Su Daqiang, prompting her to burst into laughter.1

The femme guy, already furious, almost exploded with anger. That’s slander! He might lack education, but he certainly wasn’t unattractive!

However, the ruthless ridicule from the pretty girl made him lose face completely, and many people also laughed out loud with her. By this point, the crowd’s overheating brains were finally functioning normally.

Right, with Dr. Ning’s charm, even if he was attracted to men, he certainly would not be interested in this good-for-nothing shemale!

Huang Xiaoxia, who had regained her composure, seized the opportunity to speak up, “Then why does he only seek out Dr. Ning?”

Xia Mian looked at her in surprise. She didn’t know if Huang Xiaoxia was scheming to make everyone dislike Ning Shaobai so she could swoop in, or if she was acting out of spurned love, determined to destroy him if she couldn’t possess him. Nevertheless, Xia Mian found herself speaking up, “Of course, it’s because he’s excellent. Only mediocre attracts no envy. For example, some people always try to cling to others. Why do you think they cling only to Dr. Ning and no one else?”

Some doctors and nurses couldn’t contain their amusement, stifling their laughter behind their hands. A few even threw in sarcastic comments, “Right, Xiaoxia, you’re a nurse in internal medicine; why do you always go to the surgery department to find Dr. Ning?”

It was clear that many of Huang Xiaoxia’s colleagues disliked her shameless behavior.

Huang Xiaoxia’s face turned ugly, while Ning Shaobai rarely gave Xia Mian an appreciative look.

Xia Mian felt a little flattered.

The femme guy naturally did not want to be taken away by the police, “It’s because I’m a man. You told me you can’t get it up for women, and besides me, you can’t find another man…” he yelled loudly.

Ning Shaobai’s disgusted expression was as if he had ingested a fly, and he was just about to speak when a ringtone interrupted, causing everyone to look around in confusion, trying to locate the source of the sound.

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  1. Su Daqiang and Su Mingcheng: father-son characters from a hit TV drama All Is Well.

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