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TGCF Ch 9 – How Confident Is Huang Xiaojuan?

As Xia Mian was figuring out how to deal with the evil couple, little did she know they were also plotting against her.

After finally soothing Xuanxuan to sleep, Huang Xiaojuan cautiously addressed her husband, “Qiming…”

Zhang Qiming gave her a stern look, then suddenly punched her chest hard. This blow, unlike the previous act for outsiders, caused Huang Xiaojuan real pain. Her face contorted, yet she curled up without any resistance, desperately grasping Zhang Qiming’s hand, “I’m sorry, Qiming, I really didn’t know how that girl could know so much. Not only did she expose our past, but she also mentioned the compensation money. I just wanted to shift all the blame to Xia Chun, and with the police taking me away, I panicked. I didn’t do it on purpose…”

Zhang Qiming didn’t care and continued to punch her coldly. Huang Xiaojuan was too scared to budge. Enduring the pain, she merely cried softly and begged for mercy, “Qiming, brother Qiming… I was wrong, I won’t dare again…”

It was only after her tearful repentance that Zhang Qiming sighed deeply and embraced her, “I know you didn’t mean it, but what you did was incredibly foolish, don’t you realize?”

“Seeing that girl going mad, you didn’t try to soothe the situation and kept provoking her, letting her rant about all those nonsensical stuff in public. Even if the police don’t arrest us, in the eyes of some people, we are already murderers. How are we supposed to live in this compound now?”

Huang Xiaojuan nodded hastily, “I know, Qiming. I won’t let this affect you. You can just blame it all on me. It’s because I love you too much, I couldn’t stand that woman’s child, and I mistreated him when you weren’t looking. You didn’t know anything. Even if Xia Mian tries to report again…”

“It doesn’t have to come to that,” Zhang Qiming interrupted her, caressing her hair and pulling her close, “Who doesn’t discipline their children? Xia Mian is just bluffing. Don’t worry, I’ll help you. How could I bear to see you wronged? If I could get you released today, I can make her afraid of making any ruckus tomorrow.”

Huang Xiaojuan smiled through her tears, “Qiming, you’re so good.”

After a moment of intimacy, Huang Xiaojuan, clutching her painful stomach, couldn’t help but ask, “How can we make sure she doesn’t dare to make trouble? I saw her determination, it seemed like she wouldn’t let it go easily.”

Zhang Qiming narrowed his eyes, “Just a sixteen-year-old girl, look at her hair and dress, you can tell she’s up to no good. You mean she’s also good at fighting? Can we believe such a thug? Everyone sided with her today just because they pity Xiao Feng. As for the rumors she’s spreading…”

At this point, Huang Xiaojuan felt guilty. In the beginning, their affair had been well hidden from the Xia family, but it was her own family who later…

Indeed, their affair was more or less similar to what everyone had guessed. She thought Zhang Qiming was a manager at Huagang, and he thought she was the only child of a dual-income family.

It wasn’t until she accidentally got pregnant that her family went to confront Zhang Qiming, revealing the truth. Realizing he wanted to abandon her, she sent pictures to Xia Chun. She didn’t expect Xia Chun would actually die, which terrified her. She no longer dared to cause any ruckus, but with Xuanxuan on the way, her family caused a scene, which coincidentally was witnessed by Xia Chun’s second uncle, who then learned about their affairs. Fortunately, the person was greedy for money and could be bribed to silence, but who could guarantee his mouth would remain shut forever?

Zhang Qiming glanced at her and said calmly, “If we can’t hide it, we divert attention. She mentioned more than one issue today; if we prove one false, everything else she said would be lies too.”

“Who knows the situation with your family? Isn’t there Xiaoxia to testify? The compensation is just hearsay; which driver could afford forty to fifty thousand?”

Huang Xiaojuan didn’t dare to meet Zhang Qiming’s gaze, too afraid to tell him that Xia Mian, when locked out, had already revealed everything about her family. She was really afraid that Zhang Qiming would get angry again. Staying silent, she comforted herself, thinking that Xia Mian’s words would end up as baseless slander anyway, since there was no way that damn girl could prove it.

“Remember to give Xiaoxia a heads-up,” Zhang Qiming instructed, “Just make sure you two are on the same page, in case the neighbors ask, so you don’t slip up.”

Speaking of Huang Xiaoxia, Zhang Qiming suddenly became enthusiastic, “How are Xiaoxia and Dr. Ning getting along?”

Huang Xiaojuan said proudly, “I’ve heard they’re doing quite well. It wasn’t in vain that you went through the trouble to get her into the People’s Hospital.”

Zhang Qiming was genuinely pleased, “As her brother-in-law, as long as she’s ambitious, I will definitely help her. Since she and Dr. Ning are now close, you can tell her to walk around the compound with Dr. Ning soon. With his reputation in the compound, that surely will quiet down the gossipers.”

“Yes, Dr. Ning is very picky when making friends. It’s been two months since he came here, and he still hasn’t found a good relationship with anyone. He tends to ignore everyone.” Huang Xiaojuan’s eyes lit up, “They all say that Dr. Ning’s family is very wealthy, is it true?”

Zhang Qiming glanced at her, saying mysteriously, “Have you seen the watch he wears?”


“Gao Yongfeng said it’s a Swiss luxury watch, a Rolex, worth over two hundred thousand!”

Huang Xiaojuan gasped, “Two hundred thousand!” Even their house cost just over thirty thousand five years ago. She’d never seen so much money before, but there it was, just hanging on someone’s wrist…

Zhang Qiming couldn’t hide his excitement, “But let’s not spread this around. Most people wouldn’t recognize it anyway.”

Huang Xiaojuan nodded quickly, “I’m not foolish. I’ll just tell Xiaoxia.” If everyone knew, they’d all be fawning over Dr. Ning, leaving no chance for her sister.

“Don’t worry about that Xia Mian girl,” Zhang Qiming returned to the matter at hand, “Just a little troublemaker who can’t behave herself. As long as we turn public perception and make the neighbors dislike her, no one will believe what she says.”

“You mean…” Huang Xiaojuan caught on, thrilled, “Sure enough, you really have a way!” Then, with a hopeful look, she added, “About Xiao Feng’s situation…” She still didn’t want to carry the reputation of a cruel stepmother.

Zhang Qiming frowned, “Just sincerely admit your mistakes and promise to change for the better. If that girl remains relentless, let her make a fuss. Over time, we’ll see if people grow tired of her or continue to sympathize!”

“But we still have to prevent her from causing trouble at home,” Huang Xiaojuan, touching her bruises, grimaced, “You didn’t see it. That girl really doesn’t hesitate to start a fight at the slightest provocation.”

Zhang Qiming didn’t take it seriously, “Just an ignorant girl, that’s why she dares to be so rash. I’m going away on a business trip soon, and you should take Xuanxuan back to your parent’s house. Secure the keys and money well. Then she’ll realize who she needs to depend on to stay in the city.”

“Once she’s learned her lesson, she’ll know to behave.”

With Zhang Qiming’s assurance, Huang Xiaojuan felt not only relieved but also a thrill of excitement, “We’ll teach her a lesson tomorrow!”

When Xia Mian woke up, the sun was already bright, and she saw Xiao Feng’s innocent eyes staring back at her. Seeing her awake, he greeted her with a radiant smile, “Auntie.”

Xia Mian leaned over to kiss his forehead, “Good morning, Xiao Feng.” She remembered reading somewhere that close physical contact with children could enhance their sense of security.

Xiao Feng seemed genuinely happy. Xia Mian lifted the oversized T-shirt he used as pajamas to check his injuries and saw that most of the bruises were fading. She gently pressed on them, asking, “Does it hurt?”

Xiao Feng shook his head, “No.”

It didn’t hurt, however, another issue presented itself:



The sounds came out from Xiaofeng and Xia Mian’s stomachs one after another. Xiao Feng hurriedly covered his belly with his small hands, but upon hearing Xia Mian’s stomach growl, he anxiously said, “Auntie, drink water.”

Xia Mian’s expression darkened. This child was hungry, but what good would drinking water do?

Now she thought about it, Xiao Feng had only eaten half a bowl of egg custard and a bit of chicken leg around five the previous evening. She had planned to give him a snack around nine or ten, but she hadn’t eaten much herself and ended up sleeping until now.

The aroma of food filled the morning air. Xia Mian glanced at the alarm clock with bunny ears on the bedside table: 7:30 AM. Zhang Qiming was heading out for work at 8:30 AM, so it was definitely breakfast time.

“Let’s go, Auntie will make you something delicious! We won’t just drink water, we’ll eat.”

Xia Mian took out one of the clothes Aunt Liu had given them yesterday — a soft yellow Donald Duck shirt with matching shorts — and quickly dressed Xiao Feng. With clean, proper child’s clothes, the boy looked even more adorable and tender. Xia Mian couldn’t help but plant a firm kiss on his face, making him giggle.

When they exited the room, the family of three was already seated at the dining table, having porridge, steamed buns, a stir-fry, and a dish of pickles. Huang Xiaojuan was peeling the last boiled egg for Xuanxuan’s bowl.

Zhang Qiming had finished eating, hastily scooping the last few bites into his mouth. As he stood up, he ‘sternly’ talked to Huang Xiaojuan, “Xia Mian and Xiao Feng are awake. Go make their breakfast. If you dare to mistreat my child again, we are really getting a divorce!”

While getting dressed and putting on shoes, he was all smiles to Xia Mian, “I’m off to work. I’ll inquire about the school and tutoring for you. The factory manager’s son is a university student; I’ll see if I can get him to tutor you.”

He then reached out affectionately towards Xiao Feng’s head, but Xia Mian swiftly dodged.

Undeterred, Zhang Qiming lovingly said, “Stay good at home. Daddy will bring you something delicious when I come back.”

Xia Mian sneered inwardly. Zhang Qiming’s act was quite convincing — unfortunately to him, his co-actor was far from being professional.

If he were truly angry, could Huang Xiaojuan eat so calmly? Sure enough, after he left, Huang Xiaojuan showed no intention of preparing breakfast for them.

Clearly, she was confident and unafraid.



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The Queen of Contempt Xia Mian: Well, well, let’s see how long until these little rats scurry away in fright!

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