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DDDV Glossary

This is the specific glossary for Daughter of the Dao and Devil Venerables (DDDV) novel. This page is in progress. Leave a comment if you want something to be added!

(warning: minor spoiler!)


Human (人 rén): One of three races in DDDP settings. They reside in the Human Realm, also known as Cultivation Realm.

Demon (妖 yāo): A race that resides in the Demon Realm. They are either born from demon parents, or transformed from plants, animals, or inanimate objects that awakened spiritual wisdom. The Demon Realm is divided into five territories, each under the rule of a Demon King.

Devil (): A race that resides in the Devil Realm. The Realm is under the absolute rule of Devil Venerable.

Yuanqi Continent: The mainland where the novel is set.


Cultivation: A process of absorbing the aura of heaven and earth into one’s body in order to achieve immortality.

Aura or Qi: The energy that exists in all things. Cultivation is the process of absorbing and storing aura from the surroundings for own use. Devil cultivators need devil aura to cultivate, while human and demon cultivators use spiritual aura.

Array: A formation drawn on things to achieve a particular effect, similar to a magic circle in Western fantasy. Aura is needed to activate an array.

Dao Companion/Dao Couple: A pair of cultivators who form a spousal bond. Similar to the mortal married couple.

Dual Cultivation:  Also known as double cultivation. A cultivation method using intimate action between a couple to benefit each other’s cultivation. In Xianxia genre, Hehuan Sect (Hehuan literally means ‘shared joy’) is a sect that focuses on dual cultivation, and thus their members are usually infamous for their promiscuity.

Grotto-space: The advanced version of storage space. Once someone’s cultivation reaches a certain level, they will gain a grotto-space, which can be used to store various things and even rising spiritual plants.

Heart Demon: Has nothing to do with the word ‘demon’ as a race. Heart demons are a cultivator’s negative emotions and other mental barriers that hinder their training/cultivation. At one point in their cultivation, cultivators will eventually have to face and overcome their heart demons. Making an oath by one’s heart demon and failing to fulfill it will result in failure when facing a heart demon, which makes this oath extremely heavy. Failure to overcome heart demons will result in qi deviation.

Inedia: Also known as bigu, this is the level at which a cultivator no longer needs to consume food.

Spiritual Sense: Also known as spiritual consciousness, this is the ‘sixth sense’ cultivator uses to scan their surrounding with their spirit.

Spirit Stones: Crystals with spiritual energy within. Used as a currency in this world.

Storage space: A compact space that can be used to keep various things.



炼气期: Qi Condensation
筑基期: Foundation Establishment
辟谷: Inedia
金丹: Golden Core
元婴: Nascent Soul
出窍: Soul Projection
化神: Soul Transformation
合体: Body Fusion
渡劫: Crossing Tribulation
大乘: Great Ascension

启智期: Awakening
炼体期: Body Refining
化形: Transformation
妖丹: Demon Core
妖元: Demon Soul
妖灵: Soul Projection
妖化: Soul Transformation
妖合: Body Fusion
渡劫: Crossing Tribulation
大乘: Great Ascension

修魔期 : Aura Condensation
锻体期: Body Tempering
辟谷: Inedia
魔丹: Devil Core
魔元: Devil Soul
魔灵: Soul Projection
魔化: Soul Transformation
魔合: Body Fusion
渡劫: Crossing Tribulation
大乘: Great Ascension

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