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Daughter of the Dao and Devil Venerables

DDDV Ch 93 Part 1 – The Demon Capital (I)

In the resplendent and opulent hall, a pair of black boots stepped on the throne as their owner, a handsome man in pure black clothes, looked condescendingly at the person below. The spacious hall was full of blood, and a man in a gorgeous golden dragon robe fell onto the floor in humiliation as he sternly yelled at the man above, “Bastard son! Are you going to murder your father and mother?!”

Next to this person was a woman in a luxurious brocade dress lying on her stomach, unmoving, either dead or unconscious.

Daughter of the Dao and Devil Venerables

DDDV Ch 92 Part 2 – The Devil Realm’s Little Princess (II)

Lu Yaoyao was full of doubts, “But Daddy, why did you lie to me that I was a demon? I always thought that our family was all stone demons.”

In the beginning, after realizing that her race had changed, it took Lu Yaoyao a long time to accept her new identity as a demon, but she was suddenly told again that she was actually a devil, not a demon?

Daughter of the Dao and Devil Venerables

DDDV Ch 92 Part 1 – The Devil Realm’s Little Princess (I)

The little red dumpling ran across the corridor like a gust of wind, going through the courtyard and dashing through the archway. Outside, the sky was gray and dim. On both sides of the spacious winding road were two lines of stone pillars, standing at intervals in a parallel and symmetrical manner. On each pillar was a lamp carved into the shape of a beast’s head, illuminated by a luminous pearl in the mouth.

Lu Yaoyao abruptly paused, then looked left and right with a confused face, finally realizing the vastness of this place. Looking into the gray mist blowing by the wind, she suddenly became timid.

Daughter of the Dao and Devil Venerables

DDDV Ch 91 Part 1 – Devils, Not Demons (I)

“Where have you been, Daddy? I can’t find you…I miss you so much…” Lu Yaoyao hugged Lu Qingyu tightly, crying so hard that her tears damped the entire front of his clothes.

“Daddy, ah!” Lu Yaoyao was extremely wronged. She cried so loudly as if to cry out all her grievance and fear. Heaven knew how scared she was when she didn’t see her fathers after she finally returned home!

Daughter of the Dao and Devil Venerables

DDDV Ch 90 Part 2 – Daddy!! (II)

Two powerful spiritual pressures swept over him, yet Shen Changyuan didn’t move an inch. His posture was stable as he cupped his hands and gave the two a greeting, “Younger generation Shen Changyuan greets two seniors.”

That’s right. Shen Changyuan, who remembered every inch of the little cub’s appearance by heart, naturally did not fail to guess the identity of the two, as they both looked very similar to her… or rather, it should be said that the cub was very similar to them, so they must be the Father and Daddy she always spoke about.

Daughter of the Dao and Devil Venerables

DDDV Ch 90 Part 1 – Daddy!! (I)

When Lu Yaoyao was deep in slumber, a gleaming black light suddenly emitted from her bed. As if having consciousness, the black light revolved a few times in mid-air before diving toward the sleeping little girl on the bed.

The black light was just about to enter Lu Yaoyao’s consciousness when a tall figure suddenly appeared. As the black mist surrounding the figure dissipated, he waved his hand, and the black light in the air disappeared instantly.