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Transmigrating into the Genius Cannon Fodder’s Aunt

Original Title :穿成天才炮灰他小姨妈
Author : 秦皇
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Translation Status: Ongoing



Synopsis :

Xia Mian transformed into a troubled sixteen-year-old girl, but there was an extra little dumpling by her side. The child was obedient, sensible, and had a very high IQ, but unfortunately had a hard life. His mother was angered to death by his father’s mistress, and he himself was tormented by the mistress who became his new stepmother, suffering burns and disfigurement at a young age. Xia Mian also knew that the inhuman biological father and stepmother would exploit him for the sake of his half-brother, suppressing him, and condemning him to a life of darkness. His half-brother, on the other hand, enjoyed the glory that should have belonged to him.

Ouch! Xia Mian, who had a bad temper, declared: From today on, I will protect this baby!
Whatever others have, my baby will have too! Anyone who dares to bully him will be beaten to death!

Baby: I want the stamps my mom left me.
Xia Mian: Get them back!
Baby: I want that bottle.
Xia Mian: Buy it!
Baby: I want to buy that stock.
Xia Mian: ??? Buy!
Baby: I want to live in that house.
Xia Mian: !!! Buy!

Years later, the stamps’ value soared, the bottle became invaluable antique, the stock skyrocketed for ten consecutive limits, and the house was demolished…
Xia Mian: …I became a billionaire by spoiling a child.
Baby: I want that man.
Xia Mian: ???
Baby: He can barely be my uncle.
Xia Mian: Why?
Baby pondered for a long while: He’s super good at making money.

The MC is a girl with maximum combat strength and a volatile temper, the kind who seeks revenge on the spot.

Translator’s note: the summary kinds of misleading; the child is smart, but he is a normal child, not a super genius. The plot points above do happen but are not initiated by the child.


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