Aerial Rain
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Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Extra 2 Part 4 – Previous Life (IV)

“Your Majesty is an illustrious monarch whose name will reverberate throughout the ages, but you are destined for a lonely life. Cultivation is inherently against the natural order mandated by heaven, so this humble self just wants to make some good karma to assist one’s cultivation.” “What do you want?”

GNU Extra 2 Part 1 – Previous Life (I)

Yuanxi’s fifth year. The eunuchs who served in Qianqing Palace arrived outside the Emperor’s chamber just before dawn, holding the court attire in their hands and waiting for His Majesty’s summon. Five years had passed since His Majesty’s enthronement, and he remained as benevolent, enlightened, diligent, and upright, truly the picture of a perfect monarch. …

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GNU Ch 144 Part 4 – Finale (IV)

“I… I was concerned about Father Emperor and lost my mind in panic.” Li Chengjun argued. “You are still refusing to admit your crime?” Li Chengjing waved his hand and said loudly, “Bring up the immortality pills that Taoist Chongxu and Shou Wang presented to His Majesty.”

GNU Ch 144 Part 3 – Finale (III)

Li Chengjun’s arguments sounded reasonable, so the Senior Grand Secretary looked at Li Chengjing and asked again, “Your Highness, how do you explain this?” Li Chengjing only said, “I have no explanation. When I arrived, His Majesty was already gone.”

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