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THDP Glossary

This is the specific glossary for The Healer Demands Payment! (THDP) novel. This page is in progress. Leave a comment if you want something to be added!

(warning: minor spoiler!)


Human (人 rén): One of three races in THDP settings. They reside in the realm called Three Thousand Worlds, which is separated into four major areas: Northern Realm, Southern Realm, Eastern Realm, and Western Realm.

Demon (妖 yāo): A race that resides in Demon Realm. They have animal form and separated into clans (i.e. white fox clan, white tiger clan). High-ranking demon clans, which are the nobility, are called the celestial demon. Demon Realm is ruled by an absolute Demon Monarch.

Devil (): A race that resides in Devil Realm. Not much info is provided so far, except that they made repeated attempts to invade the other two realms.

Three Realms: The three realms of Three Thousand Worlds, Demon Realm, and Devil Realm. There is a boundary that separates each realm. Forced attempts to cross the boundary will result in powerful backlash. Between the three realms, there is a place called ‘Starfallen Sea,’ which is very dangerous.


Cultivation: A process of absorbing the aura of heaven and earth into one’s body in order to achieve immortality.

Aura or Qi: The energy that exists in all things. Cultivation is the process of absorbing and storing aura from the surrounding for own use. Devil cultivators need devil aura to cultivate, while human cultivators use spiritual aura.

Array: A formation drawn on things to achieve a particular effect, similar to a magic circle in western fantasy. Aura is needed to activate an array.

Human Cultivation Level :

凝气/炼气 : Qi Condensation
筑基: Foundation Establishment
金丹: Golden Core
元婴: Nascent Soul
分神: Spirit Severing
洞虚: Void Comprehending
洞真: Comprehending Perfection
渡劫: Crossing Tribulation
大乘期: Great Ascension

Heart demon(心魔 xīnmó): Sometimes translated as ‘internal demon,’ heart demon has nothing to do with the race of demon or devil. It is cultivators’ negative emotions and other mental barriers which hinder their training/cultivation. In some cases, heart demons can even attack the cultivators from the inside, and failure to adequately resist them may result in Qi Deviation[/efn_note]

Spiritual Sense: Also known as spiritual consciousness, this is the ‘sixth sense’ cultivator use to scan their surrounding with their spirit.

Spiritual Sea: An area inside a cultivator’s body that stores the aura absorbed for cultivation. The size of the spiritual sea determines the amount of aura cultivators can store at one time, and thus determine their strength, since more advanced techniques and spells need more aura to activate. The spiritual sea will expand when a cultivator breaks through to a higher realm.

Spirit Stones: Crystals with spiritual energy within. Spirit stones are used as currency amongst cultivators and also used as fuel to activate arrays. Spirit stones are divided into twelfth grade, from first to ninth grade, and then profound, earth and heaven grade. One thousand first-grade spirit stones equal with one second-grade spirit stones, one thousand second-grade spirit stones equal with one third-grade spirit stones, etc.

Storage space: A compact space that can be used to keep various things. Storage space items come in various shapes such as bracelets, pouches, etc.

Wandering cultivator (散修): Also translated as ‘rogue cultivator,’ they are independent cultivators not affiliated with any sect or other organization.


Hour (Shichen): In ancient time, one day is divided into twelve hours, with one hour equal to two modern hours. For simplicity, converts hours in the novels we translate into modern hour (60 minutes)

One incense stick of time: Refers to a short time span, generally 5-15 minutes.


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