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MSRV Extra 1 Part 2 – Happy Days (II)

On the wedding day, Fu Yunruo and Si Yue invited only close friends and relatives, excluding media reporters. If the media had captured the event, it would’ve shocked not just China but the world. Royalty, political leaders, business magnates, top talents from various fields… all world-class figures were present. Apart from the couple’s relatives and personal friends, those of insufficient status didn’t even qualify for an invitation.

It was the true wedding of the century. Despite intending to keep the whole event low-key, there was nothing low-key with the high anticipation. At that moment, fans and onlookers alike eagerly awaited, knowing they couldn’t see the live ceremony but hopeful for the promised video.

Throughout the day, fans camped on social media platforms, carefully selecting topics that all ranked in the top five. They huddled under official accounts, showering blessings after blessings while waiting.

At the same time, they also celebrated offline, purchasing giant billboards in major cities to express their well-wishes for Fu Yunruo and Si Yue. Even those indifferent to the entertainment industry couldn’t miss the news.

Countless single dogs sighed collectively: when would it be their turn to have such a love?

Finally, the much-awaited wedding video arrived. The first video was a behind-the-scenes look at Fu Yunruo getting ready in her exquisite and elegant wedding dress, surrounded by friends and family. Viewers saw her in the bridal gown, uniquely stunning, with unparalleled attire and jewelry, evoking their tears and awe. The fans wanted to scream to the whole world: their Yunyun is the most beautiful bride!

The second video finally showcased the wedding. Fu Yunruo, escorted by an elderly gentleman, walked down the aisle before being handed over to the groom, Si Yue.

Amid thunderous applause, Fu Yunruo joined Si Yue onstage.

The officiant recited the vows. “Miss Fu Yunruo, do you take Mr. Si Yue to be your lawfully wedded husband? In sickness and in health, in poverty and in wealth, until death do you part?”

“I do,” Fu Yunruo solemnly replied.

Turning to Si Yue, the officiant asked, “Mr. Si Yue, do you take Miss Fu Yunruo to be your lawfully wedded wife? In sickness and in health, in poverty and in wealth, until death do you part?”

Si Yue gazed at Fu Yunruo, earnestly saying, “I do. I take Fu Yunruo as my wife, in all conditions… I will love, honor, and be faithful to you, together forever, never parting, until eternity.”

Si Yue not only repeated the vows but added his own pledge.

Fu Yunruo met Si Yue’s gaze, her eyes brimming with affection, knowing very well he would fulfill his promises. “So do I.” She smiled, radiating happiness.

As the couple exchanged loving glances, Wenwen, dressed in a small suit, brought the rings onstage.

After the bride and groom exchanged rings, the officiant said, “The groom may now kiss the bride.”

Si Yue and Fu Yunruo glanced at each other, then both knelt down and extended their arms toward Wenwen, who wasn’t far away, saying, “Wenwen, come here.”

Wenwen blinked and then walked forward. Fu Yunruo and Si Yue each scooped up Wenwen with one arm and planted a kiss on each of his tender cheeks.

Wenwen’s little face turned bright red, and amid the kindly laughter of the guests, he ran off the stage quickly and buried himself in the arms of Xie Zhiyun.

Si Yue helped Fu Yunruo stand up, they shared a smile, and then he leaned in for a kiss…

Watching this most crucial moment, the fans were moved to tears. Although the video didn’t show any guests’ faces apart from Fu Yunruo’s family of three, they witnessed the most important vows and felt fulfilled. They were deeply touched!

Consequently, the fans’ enthusiasm crashed the servers again. The trending topic stayed up for another week before finally calming down, and the newlyweds also settled down for a more low-profile life.

The fans returned to a more relaxed state. They felt like a group of retired friends, occasionally reminiscing about past memories in their fan groups.

After the wedding, Fu Yunruo and Si Yue went on their honeymoon, and Wenwen started attending school at the Si family home.

Right, school. After half a year of freewheeling, Wenwen was finally thrown into school by the merciless Si Yue, becoming a diligent elementary school student.

At the same time, he also officially entered the Si family’s genealogy and had a new name, Si Chen.

Now that his parents were married, Fu Yunruo thought it natural for Wenwen to return to the Si’s family tree. She wasn’t obsessed with her son’s surname; there wasn’t much in the Fu family to hold on to, anyway. Bearing the Si surname would allow Wenwen to integrate better into the Si family, so she saw no need to fuss over it. The name Fu Wen would remain as his stage name, another identity used for his actor jobs.

As a result, Wenwen’s carefree days were over. He not only had to attend school punctually but also engage in various elite courses designed to train him as the future heir. The days of following his parents around were gone forever!!!

Wenwen: T_T

After several explosive news events, the fans felt they’d seen it all and nothing could surprise them anymore. Yet, six months later, a sudden revelation shocked them again.

Yunyun’s number one fan, the mysterious person who firmly occupied the number one spot on the top reward list, was actually Si Yue!

The fans: “…”

So this was actually an inspiring story about a true fan pursuing his goddess?

The fans reacted, especially Fu Yunruo’s boyfriend fans, girlfriend fans, husband fans, and wife fans, who were more excited than others. They felt like they were, by extension, in a relationship with Yunyun!

The reason for the big reveal was due to a wealthy fan who entered Fu Yunruo’s livestream. Despite her being married with a child, he declared he didn’t mind and wanted to pursue Fu Yunruo. He even used his connections to enable high-level gifting in the live stream, aiming to topple the top reward list.

But how could the long-reigning top donor, better known as Long Digit Username, tolerate this threat? Over the years, his total gifts reached an astronomical amount. Everyone speculated that this mysterious fan must be a scion of a wealthy family. Besides sending virtual gifts to Yunyun, he also provided countless benefits to the fans through raffles and giveaways. Despite this, he maintained a low profile and hence held significant respect within the fan community.

Now, with this newcomer making waves and trying hard to make himself a third party, the fans didn’t even acknowledge him as one of their own. They even discussed strategies to suppress this unwelcome pest.

The fans proudly took out the example of the true fan, the Long Digit Username who had supported their goddess for years without using his power to coerce or entice her. He quietly and respectfully supported their Yunyun from behind the scenes, never crossing the line—a true role model of a fan! Compared to him, this newcomer was overly presumptuous and shameless.

Si Yue, the true fan who silently supported Yunyun without crossing the line: “…”

So, either intentionally or unintentionally, Si Yue let his secret identity slip in front of this fan who claimed to love Fu Yunruo the most.

Now, it was clear to everyone that Yunyun’s number one, who had been following her since the beginning of her career, was none other than the multiple-award-winning actor Si Yue… also her husband.

Oh well, they got it… no!!!

Ahhh!!! What kind of romance novel plot’s happening here?!

The fans couldn’t stay calm. Every time they thought they had had enough of the couple’s dog food, more was shoved down their throats! What an abuse! They wanted to protest!

So, the hottest topic now shifted from a fan confessing to a married streamer to the cunning maneuvers of a certain scheming dog man.

And Fu Yunruo, just learning about Si Yue’s online identity: “……”

“Have you been scheming it from the beginning?” She looked at the man sitting calmly beside her with suspicion. She suspected that Si Yue knew from the moment she revealed her identity, but he kept it so well hidden.

Si Yue smiled innocently, “What scheming? It’s clearly fate.”

Fu Yunruo’s face conveyed her disbelief. “Out with it. What else have you been hiding from me?”

Si Yue raised his hand as if taking an oath. “Nothing, absolutely nothing! If I’ve hidden anything from you, let Wenwen never slim down.”

Wenwen, who had been happily chubby and adorable, was suddenly brought into the conversation and looked up confused. After realizing he was being used in the vow, he huffed heavily. Who said he is fat?! Once he grew taller, he would naturally slim down! This oath does not count!

So, he briskly retaliated, “Mom, Dad is still hiding things from you. If I’m lying, Dad will become portly in middle age!”

Si Yue: “……”

“Pfft!!” Fu Yunruo snorted with laughter.

Cruel or not, this brat was still his son. In order not to get fat in middle age, Si Yue had no choice but to confess honestly, “I was the one who bankrupted the Chang family.”

Fu Yunruo crossed her arms, “What else?”

“It wasn’t a coincidence that the house next to yours was available; I deliberately bought the one next door.”

“Anything else?”

“Actually, that villa you bought is also mine. I used other people to pass the message to you… I carefully selected that neighborhood.”


“…That big investor in the village, that was me.”


As he listed one by one, Si Yue really had kept quite a bit from Fu Yunruo, whose gaze had become very dangerous.

After Si Yue finished confessing, he quickly raised his hands in a fawning gesture, “That’s all, really, I didn’t mean to keep it from you, I’m sorry…”

During Si Yue’s confession, Wenwen had jumped off his stool and run off, then came back huffing and puffing, holding a durian larger than his head, his eyes shining brightly. He excitedly placed the durian on the ground in front of Si Yue and said, “Mom, I brought the durian for you!”

Fu Yunruo patted her son’s head lovingly, then looked at Si Yue, “See, your son is so considerate. You should reflect on your wrongdoings.”

Si Yue: “…” What a good son indeed.

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