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DDDV Ch 158 Part 1 – Everyone Here Are Potential Love Rivals (I)

At the certain courtyard in the East Ninth Peak, several disciples of the Guiyuan Sect in white uniforms were squatting on the ground, surrounding a little white dumpling. Their eyes were bright as they took turns scrutinizing the small dumpling, which almost curled up into a ball.

“Looks alike!”

After one youth spoke, he moved aside for the next person, who reached out to lift the chin of the small dumpling, carefully examining her face.

He also left with the same phrase: “Looks alike!”

Then the next—

“Looks alike!”

The pinched and prodded tender dumpling Lu Yaoyao: “…”

With a guilty conscience and all, she asked, somewhat stiffly, “Have you all seen enough?”

The group shook their heads in unison.

Lu Yaoyao: “…”

These people were Wen Zixing, Chao Muxue, Du Qianshan, and Li Dazhuang, with an addition of Yan Zihui who joined in for the fun.

Dao Venerable Hengwu threw a thunderbolt out of nowhere during the grand ceremony, stunning everyone, and then continued with his retreat without any explanation. No one dared to be presumptuous with His Venerable, so they all focused on the main character of his bombshell announcement: his daughter Lu Yaoyao.

Because there were too many people from various sects curious about her, Lu Yaoyao didn’t want to be gawked at all the time and thought to stay in her pavilion and wait until the matter cooled down before going out again. She knew her father’s status in the Cultivation Realm but didn’t expect that just being his daughter would attract so much curiosity and probing. However, even staying in the South Fifth Peak couldn’t stop the prying gazes, and visitors kept flooding in. Lu Yaoyao had no choice but to run to the East Ninth Peak, a place no one dared to intrude.

Seeking refuge at the East Ninth Peak indeed brought her some peace. When people saw that the barrier of the East Ninth Peak did not repel this child, they were further convinced about her identity as the child of Dao Venerable Hengwu. They couldn’t wait to take a closer look at this little girl, but the barrier kept them out, and only the girl’s few friends could enter.

No matter whom she hid from, there were a few Lu Yaoyao couldn’t avoid. At this moment, she was being flipped over and scrutinized by her friends without even daring to resist because of her guilty conscience, subjecting herself to a tragic fate.

Wen Zixing prodded his smooth chin, “Looking closely, she indeed resembles His Venerable by forty or fifty percent.”

Chao Muxue confirmed, “The side profile is even more similar.”

Lu Yaoyao listened to their comments with an expressionless look. It was obvious, wasn’t it? Sons resemble their mothers, daughters resemble their fathers; of course she would look like her father.

Yan Zihui pondered, “Especially the aura when her face turns cold, like now.”

Wen Zixing slapped his forehead, “How did I not think of that?”

Du Qianshan replied logically, “Because we hadn’t seen His Venerable before.”

Chao Muxue and Yan Zihui, who had seen His Venerable, admitted, “Even we didn’t think of it.”

Li Dazhuang scratched his head and showed a naïve smile.

Wen Zixing straightened his back, striking a pose, and dramatically slapped the ground, “Speak! Confession brings leniency, resistance brings strictness! Tell us honestly, what exactly is your relationship with His Venerable?”

Lu Yaoyao: “…I’ve told you from the beginning, I came to the Guiyuan Sect to find my Father.”

“You never said your father was His Venerable!”

“I was a bit unsure at first…” Blame Father and Daddy for being so secretive! How could she know the truth if they never told her? Until a while ago, she even believed she was a demon! The thought alone was enough to make her want to shed a tear of bitterness.

“…” Wen Zixing and the others fell silent, then exchanged looks, “Let’s move past that. When did you find out His Venerable is your father?”

Lu Yaoyao counted on her fingers, her gaze drifting, “Not that early, actually. It was… it was when I followed my Master to the East Ninth Peak to deliver the pill that I met Father and learned about his identity.”

Her friends: “…”

Wen Zixing raised his hand and rubbed Lu Yaoyao’s chubby cheek frustratingly, “That was quite a while ago!” There were so many opportunities to tell them, but she never did! They were almost scared to death, okay?

As Lu Yaoyao’s close friends, even Wen Zixing and the others weren’t spared from scrutiny and were bombarded by their masters and fellow disciples. But they were just as clueless as everyone else and only found out then, so how could they provide any useful information?

Their best friend had actually hidden such a prestigious identity!

That’s His Venerable!

Looking from another angle, Lu Yaoyao’s identity was more or less equivalent to the only princess in the Cultivation Realm, an identity many would envy.

“You wouldn’t have believed me anyway, even if I suddenly claimed he was my father!” Lu Yaoyao’s rosy lips were squeezed into a duck shape as she struggled to defend herself,

Suddenly declaring His Venerable as her father out of nowhere, who would believe that? Her friends probably would think she was daydreaming. No one believed her when she said she was eighteen, and this was even more outrageous.

The others thought about it and found her argument solid.

Wen Zixing pondered. The original novel never mentioned Dao Venerable Hengwu having a daughter. So, even if Yaoyao revealed her father’s identity early and kept mentioning it day in and day out, he wouldn’t have believed her.

With this thought, Wen Zixing decided to let Lu Yaoyao off the hook for now. “Tell us, what else are you hiding from us?”

Lu Yaoyao rubbed her reddened cheeks and glanced up at the sky, helpless. She had so many secrets; which one did they want to know?

Wen Zixing glanced at Li Dazhuang by accident and suddenly changed his mind, “Never mind, if it’s inconvenient, you don’t have to tell us.”

“There’s nothing inconvenient…” Lu Yaoyao simply repeated what she had told her Master and senior brothers. This matter would eventually come out anyway and was not secret. “What I told you before is true. I really am eighteen years old, and I have the cultivation of the Golden Core stage. I look so young because I reached the Foundation Establishment early…”

Lu Yaoyao sighed. She had told the truth before, but no one believed her, thinking she was bragging. Now, who’s been proven wrong?

Lu Yaoyao looked at Wen Zixing, arrogantly tilting her chubby chin upwards, “Call me big sister.”

“…” Wen Zixing, who was not yet seventeen, cradled his head in disbelief. He’s actually the youngest?!

With the premise that Lu Yaoyao was His Venerable’s child, everyone believed her.

“You’re actually in the Golden Core stage too.” As someone who reached the Golden Core stage at over a hundred years old, Yan Zihui considered himself to have extraordinary talent, standing out among his peers. Yet, he didn’t expect there to be a freak who had the same achievement merely at eighteen.

Everyone sighed in admiration: truly the bloodline of His Venerable!

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