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My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 32 Part 3 – Two People Meet Again (III)

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Wenwen ran in angrily. Seeing the meat in his bowl was all gone, he immediately complained: “You steal my meat!” His idol is actually this kind of person! He steals his meat!

Si Yue quickly concealed his shock. Putting on a solemn face, he said to Wenwen: “Haven’t you eaten enough? We must not waste food, so I helped you finished the rest.”

My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 32 Part 2 – Two People Meet Again (II)

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The first part of today’s sponsored chapters is Ch 32 Part 1.

Both Wenwen’s hands were injured, and he couldn’t hold the spoon, so Si Yue volunteered to feed him. When Wenwen saw this, he became apprehensive.

He didn’t want Si Yue to spoonfeed him! This involved his dignity as a man!

My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 32 Part 1 – Two People Meet Again (I)

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Si Yue took Wenwen to the clinic to treat the wounds on his palms. Although the wounds were just some scratch that would be healed on their own in a few days, Si Yue felt strangely distressed when seeing it.

The Healer Demands Payment

THDP Ch 91 Part 3 – Xue Jinwen’s Choice (III)

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Xue Jinwen was not angry. When she was poisoned and lying motionless on the ground that day, her mind was sober. None of her family came to help her, but Xue Jinwen was not surprised at all. Because once they took the initiative to help, it was tantamount to admitting to the public that she was a member of Xue Clan. Once that happened, the fact that Xue Clan’s child was so foolish as to get herself poisoned would inevitably result in wild gossip.

Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch 97 Part 2 – Wedding Night (II)

Cheng Yujin replied: “Do it later. The eunuchs and female officials from the Palace Service Personnel are still outside. Go distribute the rewards to them.”

Lian Qiao suddenly remembered. She immediately ran into the inner chamber and walked out with a brocade bag prepared beforehand in Yichun Marquis Manor. Having had enough rest, Cheng Yujin stood up and let the palace maids undress her. A Diyi dress was extremely complicated and couldn’t be put on or taken off without several people’s help.

The Healer Demands Payment

THDP Ch 91 Part 1 – Xue Jinwen’s Choice (I)

Everyone in the Apricot Forest silently focused their attention towards Meng Qi’s reflection in the sky. No one was looking up at the people standing high on the twelve peaks. Medical Society Alliance, Feng Alliance, four major clans, Xue Clan, Xue Cheng…In the past, those people were powerful figures whom every medical cultivator looked up to. Yet, at this time, their existence seemed couldn’t be compared to a mere Golden Core cultivator.

On the twelve peaks, the Clan Heads of Feng Alliance’s four major clans exchanged a glance. They all saw a trace of helplessness in each other’s eyes. Here was the Apricot Forest, the medical holy land handed down from the predecessors of tens of thousands of years ago. This place was literally a giant treasure, created at the time when legends were alive, when cultivators were much more powerful than now, and when many inheritances had not been destroyed or disappeared. To make the entire sky above Apricot Forest Holy Land look like this was something that even they, the current leaders of the medical world, couldn’t do.

Several elders of the Medical Society Alliance turned their heads a few times to look at the Feng Alliance’s leaders. Xue Cheng nodded slightly. Folding his hand, he continued to look towards the sky.

The elders of the Medical Society Alliance could only stand in silence. None of them dared to challenge the will of Apricot Forest Holy Land. Because there was an ancient saying that the will of the Apricot Forest also represented the will of the Great Dao of medical cultivation, no one dared to stop what was currently happening.

All the cultivators standing in the Apricot Forest below the peaks were focused their eyes on Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong, who was surrounded by a menacing black sea formed by dangerous devil aura. The pitch-black devil aura rolled up ferociously, setting off another huge wave that smashed against the cliff. The entire cliff tremored slightly under the attack. A thin barrier appeared around the cliff, visible to everyone to see. At the moment, the barrier still could protect Meng Qi and Ji Wujiong. But each time a wave smashed it, some tiny cracks were left behind. Clearly, it wouldn’t take long before the devil aura would smash the barrier into pieces. To make things worse, black clouds were looming in the sky, as if ready to press down at any moment. When that happened, Meng Qi would be…

Regardless of whether they were Meng Qi’s acquaintances or not, many people on Apricot Forest had a look of worry on their faces. After watching quietly for a while, they began to gather in small groups and talked in small voices.

“What is she doing?” Although they heard the conversation between Meng Qi and the mysterious woman just now, many people were still puzzled. They could see that the woman was persuading Meng Qi to leave the seriously injured man behind and return alone. Yet, she chose to stay.

“Is that… Beiming Spell?” The spectators soon recognized what Meng Qi was doing. This place was the venue for Medical Cultivator Conference, and almost all the people present here were medical cultivators. Beiming Spell was one of the most common medical spells, and ten out of ten medical cultivators knew how to use it.

“Beiming spell?” Someone murmured and repeated, “She is replenishing his aura?”

“Why not use Beiming Pill?”

“Perhaps pills cannot be used inside the barrier?”

“Golden Core stage?” Someone soon noticed. “She is in the first realm of the Golden Core stage.”

“I heard that when she entered, she was merely at the Foundation Establishment stage. A Foundation Establishment cultivator who passed the final test, tsk tsk…”

“Indeed. I also remember the woman saying that Meng Qi had passed the final test and advised her to leave alone, saying that the devil aura would soon break through the barrier in one hour. Why didn’t she leave?”

“Wait, who is that black-robed man? Is he the one who injured many of our companions before?”

Obviously, many people still remembered what happened at the opening of the conference. At that time, Ji Wujiong was wearing a wide hat, and his face was covered by a black veil, so no one knew how he looked.

“Is that him? At that time, it seems that Meng Qi and he were the only ones who got sent into the barrier?”

“Why didn’t Meng Qi leave him?”

“From what the woman said, the two seemed to fight side by side to pass the first two tests. They can be considered comrade-in-arms.”

“Hah! His way is crooked, and he also harmed our fellow. Why take the risk to save him?”

“Just now Meng Qi asked, how to decide who should be saved and who should not be saved? Now I also ask you the same question. We are medical cultivators. We chose this path to learn how to be a healer, learn to be benevolent, and learn how to save people’s lives. If, prior to saving someone, we must always find out whether he is a villain or innocent, whether or not he has never committed atrocious crimes, whether or not he has never bullied the weak…can we do our duty as a healer?”


“Before we figure these things out, how many people couldn’t wait any longer and die as a result?”


The voices of people debating reverberated throughout the entire Apricot Forest. Even on the twelve peaks, some sects were also talking in a low voice. However, the peak where Feng Alliance was located was very quiet. Xue Jinwen stood on the edge of Xue clan’s disciples, choosing to be here instead of standing with her two sisters. Some of the people’s talks also reached Xue Jinwen’s ears. There was a strange flash in her eyes as she turned her gaze away from Meng Qi’s thin figure in the sky.

Xue Jinwen suddenly turned around and quietly jumped off the peak. Her brother Xue Chengxuan was also standing below, far from other clan members. Xue Jinwen quickly walked through the crowd and approached the young man who was not only her elder brother, but also the eldest son and future patriarch of their whole clan.


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