Translating Web Novel

Translating Web Novel

Daughter of the Dao and Devil Venerables

DDDV Ch 64 Part 2 – “I’m fine. Don’t worry.” (I)

Lu Yaoyao finally picked up the fruit and put it in her small pouch. Her eyes then wandered a few times, seemingly in hesitation. When she picked up the fruit, her plan was to grow it here. Now that her plan was failed, she couldn’t care less. Lu Yaoyao glanced at the dark cave on the right. Her black eyes then turned at the black qilin again.

Seeing the cub had properly stored the soul fruit away, the black qilin no longer paid attention to her and walked back to his cave.

Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch 123 Part 1 – Morning Sickness (I)

Because Cheng Yujin was pregnant with twins, Li Chengjing didn’t publicize the long-awaited news. On top of that, he issued a strict confidentiality order to the whole Eastern Palace, forbidding anyone from spreading the news.

Cheng Yujin received the confirmation of her pregnancy at the end of the fourth month. In a blink of an eye, it was the time for the Second Prince and Dou Xiyin’s wedding.

The Healer Demands Payment

THDP Ch 102 Part 1 – War Maiden (I)

At the foot of the rockery hill on the peninsula of the southernmost part of the Great Wilderness Island, the waves also happened to be the fiercest. The five primal spiritual aura in the Starfallen Sea was constantly rising and slamming towards the rockery. Unlike normal water, the waves caused no splash, but the momentum and noises they made were scary enough.

The wind was also strong here, blowing Meng Qi’s blue robe aggressively.