Translating Web Novel

Translating Web Novel

The Healer Demands Payment

THDP Ch 73 Part 4 – Medical Holy Land (IV)

Sikong Xing looked at Su Junmo’s erratic face and muttered again: “Are you really talking about the Demon Monarch’s clan library? The library on the celestial tree that is managed by the white tiger elder? But I heard that other than celestial demons, others cannot enter that place?” Sikong Xing’s eyes were as bright as Meng Qi’s eyes just now. “The library is said to have an extremely rich book collection from all over the three realms. I always want to go there and have a look.”

Su Junmo “…”

Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch 75 Part 2 – New Year (II)

Thanks to Zhai Yanlin’s unexpected action, Cheng Yujin was now in a big dilemma. Old Madam Cheng was very satisfied with Cai Duke Manor. Cheng Min married the second young master of Cang Duke Manor, yet she was still considered to be marrying high. Although Cheng Min was not the duke manor’s head madam, her marriage was enough to make Old Madam Cheng proud. Now, her granddaughter had the opportunity to be the head madam of the more powerful and prestigious Cai Duke Manor. How could she be unwilling?

As for Zhai Yanlin had been married once and Cheng Yujin could only become the second wife, the Old Madam didn’t care at all. Anyway, the previous Duchess Cai was dead, what could a dead person do? Even if Zhai Yanlin already had a son and heir, Old Madam Cheng didn’t take it seriously.

My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 11 Part 2 – Chi Weicheng (II)

Fu Yunruo blinked in surprise: “Then the gap between your college degree and your job is a bit too wide!”

A botanical science major actually went to the entertainment industry to become an agent, and even a successful one.

“It cannot be helped. Although this is my major, I really don’t have the talent needed to work in this field, so I changed my career.” Chi Weicheng said with a helpless tone. Life was indeed very unpredictable. At that time, he chose botanical science as his major was indeed because of his interest in this field. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the talent.

The Healer Demands Payment

THDP Ch 73 Part 3 – Medical Holy Land (III)

“If this array is used to refine magic tools, a portable grotto-heaven can be refined to be carried around.” Meng Qi turned her gaze again and muttered to herself. “I wonder what array is being used here.”

A large number of cultivators had gathered in the holy land. At this moment, three old men in white robes walked in slowly. Originally, many people were gathering around in small groups and were talking in low voices, but the moment the three old men appeared, they immediately closed their mouths and stood up.

Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch 75 Part 1 – New Year (I)

This New Year, Cheng Yujin spent the time peacefully and indifferently. She watched the whole Yichun Marquis Manor lit up firecrackers, filling the manor with deafening crackling sounds. Cheng Enbao, wrapped tightly by Qingfu Junzhu, stood in the yard, yelling the servant boys to lit the fireworks.

Colorful fireworks rose into the sky, reflecting their brilliance in the yard from time to time. Everyone gathered under the roofed corridor, pointing to the fireworks outside and exclaiming in delight. New Year was a rare chance for everyone to relax. All the servant girls in the manor were receiving a day off. At this moment, they were crowding on the corridors, chattering. Even Old Madam Cheng, who was always aloof in normal days, was also coming out to watch the fireworks, supported by her personal servants. Old Madam Cheng watched her grandsons running around in the yard, full of energy. She smiled in satisfaction.

My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 11 Part 1 – Chi Weicheng (I)

Fu Yunruo never expected that her well-behaved and sensible son suddenly became so ‘rude.’ If she didn’t guess wrong, her Baobao was hostile towards Brother Chi. But why? In her opinion, Brother Chi was pretty good…

Fu Yunruo smiled awkwardly: “Wenwen is usually very well-behaved…maybe because he didn’t sleep last night, so he becomes a bit irritable today.”

“This child is very cute.” Chi Weicheng actually didn’t like children. He thought them to be naughty and mischievous. But seeing the little boy flaring his teeth and claw somehow amused him.

Daughter of the Dao and Devil Venerables

DDDV Ch 10 – The Correct Way to Raise a Daughter

The weather was comfortable and cozy. Under the clear blue sky, the breeze was blowing slowly, rippling the lake in the process.

Next to the lake, a man was lying on a wooden recliner. He was wearing a red robe, with inner linings as white as snow. The overly bright red didn’t suppress his handsome appearance, but enhanced it instead. His silk-like glossy black hair hung around casually and rose gently with the blowing breeze.