Translating Web Novel

Translating Web Novel

The Healer Demands Payment

THDP Ch 81 Part 2 – Fengyu Town (II)

Ji Wujiong and Meng Qi followed the mayor, who brought them to the town center. The streets were flat and tidy, with the surface paved with beautiful slabs of bluestone. There were various shops on both sides of the streets. Those shops, and even the buildings in the town, looked very similar to those of Three Thousand Worlds. The hustle and bustle of the crowd, the voices of people bargaining, and the tasty smell of food mixed into one liveliness.

Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch 83 Part 1 – To Make Clear (I)

When Cheng Yujin opened her eyes again, she was lying inside a canopied bed. She looked around. The curtains hanging around the bed were closed down. The drapery above her head was outlined with exquisite embroidery of butterflies and peonies, and the brocade sheet under her body was very soft and warm. Cheng Yujin moved her arm slightly. When the servant girl outside the curtain heard the movement, she gently opened the bed curtain and walked in: “Miss, are you awake?”

Daughter of the Dao and Devil Venerables

DDDV Ch 25 Part 1 – Lu Yaoyao (I)

Lu Yaoyao was sitting on the couch, facing her two tall and handsome fathers. They were looking intently at her, one with deep eyes as cold as the frost and the other with a half-smile. However, both faces were full of expectation.

Lu Yaoyao folded herself into a small ball and held her short feet with her chubby hands, showing only her pink and tender face. She then looked cutely at her two fathers with a pair of moist eyes.

Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch 82 Part 3 – Breaking Point (III)

Cheng Yujin gradually felt that the world was drifting away. The bright lights and bustling noises on the other side seemed to be a distant phantom. She didn’t know whether it was an illusion shown by her brain that was gradually losing its consciousness due to the low temperature or not, but she actually saw Cheng Yuanjing.

Cheng Yujin felt absurd. It was more reasonable for her to see an illusion of an immortal descending to save her. Why did she see Cheng Yuanjing? However, in the next second, her arm was held by a strong grip, which then firmly grasped her whole body before finally pulling her out of the cold abyss.

My Son is a Reborn Villain

MSRV Ch 18 Part 5 – Moving In (V)

Chi Wen was asleep, but his sleep was very restless. He dreamt of being roasted in an oven. When he struggled hard to finally wake up, what he saw was a plain white room. There was a burst of discomfort in his body. His head was dizzy, and his body was aching with exhaustion. Chi Wen suddenly noticed the woman was silently crying by his bed.

“Ah!” He called. His voice was not soft and cute as usual, but a little hoarse.

Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch 82 Part 2 – Breaking Point (II)

Cheng Yujin’s heart skipped as she realized the mistake she had just committed. Just now, she rushed forward in a moment of urgency. However, rescuing a person who fell into the water in winter was completely different from summer. It was best for the rescuer not to come directly, but to find a long bamboo pole to pull the victim back to the shore carefully. Otherwise, with more people stepped on the ice, it would only increase the danger.