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ATCF Ch 37 Part 1 – Old Master Feng’s Crit Hit (I)

During Jiang Li’s first attempt at learning how to ride a bicycle, she stumbled along the way, but still felt a bit excited.

Feng Qi was concerned about the heavy traffic and the inconvenience it could cause for her practice, so he decided to take her down a small road. However, as he thought about recent social news, he reminded her, “If you’re alone, don’t take this route. It’s too remote and unsafe.”

Jiang Li nodded, and then said, “Actually, I’m quite interested in joining a martial arts class. I want to learn some basic self-defense skills. They might come in handy in critical situations.”

Ever since she was tripped by Shen Mian, she had been contemplating this idea. However, due to her busy schedule preparing for the entrance exam, she hadn’t had the opportunity to pursue it.

Feng Qi smiled and said, “No need to join a class. Your second brother can teach you.”

“Second Brother?” Jiang Li was surprised. If Third Uncle had suggested asking her third brother, she would have found it more understandable, seeing his personality.

But Second Brother looked gentle and refined, not at all looking like someone adept in martial arts.

Feng Qi nodded. “Your second brother used to participate in national Sanda competitions and even won the championship.”

Although he knew some self-defense techniques, his style was too aggressive and required a high level of strength, which clearly wasn’t suitable for Xiao Lizi. It would be better for her to learn Sanda from Feng Song. Once she had a good foundation, he could personally teach her a few practical techniques for self-protection.

Hearing that Feng Song had won the national Sanda championship in the past, Jiang Li showed an envious expression. “I didn’t expect my second brother to excel in both academics and martial arts.”

Feng Qi chuckled, “Your third brother isn’t that bad either. You may not guess it, but he’s good at programming and has also won some competitions before.”

Jiang Li: …

After a few seconds, she finally said: “I suddenly feel that I am the ordinary Jiang Xiao Li.”

Everyone in the family was amazing. Only she was the ordinary Jiang Xiao Li.

Feng Qi comforted her, “You’re still young now, but in the future, you will definitely be better than them.”

Jiang Li immediately smiled and said, “I’m learning from you, Third Uncle. Even if I’m not extraordinary now, I’ll become very skilled, eventually.”

Feng Qi: …

His old man always said that Xiao Lizi was not good with words, but she seemed quite eloquent now!

The two leisurely rode their bicycles back, and it was already 7 o’clock in the evening when they were finally home. As soon as Old Master Feng saw Jiang Li, he immediately instructed the servants to prepare dinner. When she messaged in the morning that she wouldn’t be coming back for lunch, he specially ordered a more abundant dinner.

During the meal, Old Master Feng learned that Jiang Li had spent the day at the research institute, so he couldn’t help but look at Feng Qi disapprovingly. “You took her to the research institute? I’m afraid you spent the whole day doing your own experiments without caring for her, right?”

Feng Qi: …

Looking back, it seemed like that was indeed the case.

Seeing him not refute, Old Master Feng’s disapproval intensified.

Jiang Li quickly interjected, “Third Uncle had someone take care of me.”

Old Master Feng sneered, “I know this brat the best. There’s no need to defend him.”

Jiang Li and Feng Qi exchanged a glance and tacitly remained silent, lest the old man fumed even more.

In the following days, Jiang Li would accompany Feng Qi to the research institute, leaving early and returning late. As her physical activity increased, the route that used to take her over an hour to complete was now well within an hour. Although it was still far from the half-hour mark Feng Qi mentioned, Jiang Li was quite satisfied with her progress.

With her frequent visits to the research institute, everyone there became familiar with Jiang Li. Most of the time, she quietly stayed by Fang Tong’s side and interacted politely with others, making them quite fond of her. Especially the several senior professors at the institute, whenever they saw Jiang Li, their eyes would light up with affection, as if she were their own granddaughter.

As they got to know her better, nobody avoided Jiang Li during their casual conversations, and when they had lunch together, she was always included.

One day, while having a meal, a senior professor couldn’t help but marvel, “I used to think that Xiao Feng was a bit reserved, but when he’s with his niece, he’s surprisingly easy-going.”

“That’s true. But Xiao Jiang Li is so charming; of course, her uncle would naturally spoil her.”

“Professor Feng isn’t just spoiling her. When Jiang Li first came here, I asked him if the girl was his sister. Guess what he said?”

“What did he say?”

“His niece, blood-related one!”

Hearing this, everyone burst into laughter.

“We’re not blind; even if he didn’t say they were blood-related, we can tell just by looking at them!”

“Exactly! Jiang Li and Xiao Feng are like two peas in a pod. I wouldn’t believe it if someone said they weren’t related.”

Listening to everyone’s chatter, Jiang Li quietly took the largest crab on the table. Her principle in life was: even when eavesdropping on others, she must never forget to eat her meal.

After the meal, an elderly professor wearing reading glasses looked puzzled and said, “Wasn’t the crab today a bit lacking in quantity?”

Jiang Li silently cleared the dinner plates, pretending not to hear.

Initially, Jiang Li knew nothing when she came to the research institute. However, after browsing through her high school biology book and following Fang Tong’s advice to read some basic medical books, she was no longer completely in the dark.

Fang Tong looked at Jiang Li with admiration. “I think you are just perfect for this major. Your memory is truly enviable.”

Jiang Li thought for a moment and shook her head. “I still can’t remember many things well. It’s not as impressive as you say.”

Fang Tong looked at Jiang Li with a gaze akin to looking at a mutant. “No, you really are very impressive. Although you don’t have a photographic memory, you are not far from it.”

Jiang Li shook her head again. “There’s still a lot of content I need to learn.”

On this point, Fang Tong agreed. She patted Jiang Li’s shoulder and said, “Keep it up! With your uncle behind, you can definitely advance faster than others and lead the way.”

Jiang Li immediately nodded. “I think so too.”


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