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ATCF Ch 37 Part 3 – Old Master Feng’s Crit Hit (III)

“Alright, you continue reading the book. I have to return to my work, or else your uncle will scold me later.” Since joining Feng Qi’s project team, Fang Tong’s life had become busier, and her dream of leisurely days was a thing of the past.

Jiang Li picked up a book from the table but hesitated for a moment before putting it back. Instead, she took out the notebook Zhao Qiang had given her from the canvas bag.

Had to admit, Zhao Qiang’s notes were incredibly detailed, covering each stage from freshman to senior year, and they were indeed suitable for a novice like her. Jiang Li found herself getting absorbed in reading them.

When Feng Qi finished his work and came over, he saw his little niece reading and taking notes. Unlike usual, there was an old notebook beside her.

Feng Qi walked over and glanced at it, casually asking, “Is this Fang Tong’s handwriting?”

That girl was always so lively; Feng Qi didn’t expect her to be so diligent in taking notes.

Jiang Li immediately shook her head, “No, it’s from Zhao Qiang.”

“Zhao Qiang?” Feng Qi frowned. Why did he have no impression of this person?

Jiang Li hesitated for a moment, but then told Feng Qi what had happened today. As for whether her uncle would give Zhao Qiang an opportunity, that wasn’t something she could control.

After listening, Feng Qi chuckled lightly, “This kid knows how to find a way.”

Hearing this, Jiang Li felt that Zhao Qiang’s wish would probably be in vain.

However, the next moment, she heard her uncle say, “Tell him to bring his resume tomorrow to see me.”

Jiang Li was stunned for a moment but quickly nodded, “It might take some time because I don’t have his contact information.”

Feng Qi looked at her with a smile that seemed to hold some hidden meaning, “From now on, just say what you want directly, no need to beat around the bush.”

Jiang Li immediately denied, “I never.”

Feng Qi didn’t argue with her, “Let’s go, back home.”

Upon arriving at the research institute the next day, Jiang Li immediately asked around for Zhao Qiang’s lab location and conveyed her uncle’s message to him.

Zhao Qiang had already lost hope, so he was taken aback when the situation turned around. He stood in silence for a while before saying, “Thank you, junior sister!”

Jiang Li pointed at herself, “Junior sister? Are you referring to me?”

Zhao Qiang nodded immediately, “Yes, you are Professor Feng’s niece. If I can become his student, I should call you junior sister.”

Jiang Li: …

It had to be said: Zhao Qiang is quite confident. Well, she wished him good luck!

After passing along the message, Jiang Li went on to do her own things. To her surprise, at noon on the same day, Zhao Qiang came to her with a tray, especially bringing her some hairy crabs.

“Junior sister, these hairy crabs are for you,” Zhao Qiang appeared somewhat awkward, but there was happiness on his face.

Jiang Li:…

If she guessed correctly, Zhao Qiang must have noticed her secretly taking the big crab while the professors were distracted with chatting.

Seeing her hesitation, Zhao Qiang hurriedly said, “I just bought them, and they are untouched, clean.”

Jiang Li said, “Thank you,” and honestly accepted the treat from her freshly baked senior brother.

In the following days, Jiang Li noticed that Senior Brother Zhao Qiang was particularly enthusiastic toward her. Under his influence, all the students under her uncle’s supervision started calling her “junior sister.”

One Friday, before they returned home for the day, Senior Brother Zhao Qiang gifted her a box of pears, saying, “These are from our family’s orchard. They may not look as big as the ones sold outside, but they are very sweet, and we never use pesticides on them.”

Jiang Li looked at Zhao Qiang and said, “Senior Brother, I think the rumors about you not being good at socializing are just misunderstandings.”

Zhao Qiang’s smile was bashful, “Well, I am indeed not very good at speaking. Junior sister, please don’t mind.”

In the end, Jiang Li accepted the small box of pears, which surprisingly felt quite heavy. Thankfully, her uncle quickly came over to take them, adding, “This guy knows how to give gifts, sending little pears to our Xiao Lizi.”

Jiang Li: …

She thought about buying a bottle opener (qizi) and giving it to Xiao Qizi as a gift in return.

However, such an action would be too unfilial, so she could only keep it as a passing thought.

Since the high school entrance exam, Old Master Feng has been worried that his granddaughter might not perform well and felt depressed. Therefore, he never mentioned anything about the results.

However, on the day when the results were to be announced, he couldn’t wait until the evening when the education system would publish the scores and had someone check Jiang Li’s exam results in advance.

Upon learning that his granddaughter had become the top scorer in this year’s exam with excellent marks, he finally felt relieved. Thinking that Jiang Li was still at the research institute, he turned to the old housekeeper and said, “Call those old fellows and tell them I want to invite them for fishing. We can have dinner together later.”

The housekeeper saw through his intentions and couldn’t help but ask, “Are you celebrating for Miss Jiang Li, Sir?”

Old Master Feng gave him a disapproving look, “You ask when you already know?”

The housekeeper touched his nose, “But, Sir, I remember you saying that the high school entrance exam results are not important at all.”

Old Master Feng frowned, “Do you believe in such words meant to comfort kids?”


So it turned out that the importance of the high school entrance exam results entirely depended on how Miss Jiang Li performed in it.

Well, he should have guessed it.

After receiving the invitation from Old Master Feng for dinner, the group of old men was completely puzzled. None of their families had children who took the high school entrance exam this year, so naturally they couldn’t guess the true purpose of this invitation.

When they arrived at the Feng family’s residence and sat by the pond, fishing together with Old Master Feng, one of them, surnamed Ma, suddenly sighed, “It’s almost the final exam period, and I’m a bit worried.”

Before anyone could respond, Old Master Ma continued, “My grandson at home, he can easily remember things after just reading them twice, but he’s lazy and refuses to study.”

The other old men were already used to Old Master Ma’s ‘complaints,’ so they didn’t bother to respond.

However, Old Master Feng looked astonished and said, “Your grandson needs to read things twice to remember them?”

Everyone else:…

The sons and grandsons of the Feng family were all high achievers, and just mentioning Feng Qi’s name would silence the group, but Old Master Feng rarely bragged about them.

But today, he was making an exception and seemed eager to give them a taste of reality.

In the next moment, they heard Old Master Feng casually say, “My granddaughter, Jiang Li, remembers things after just reading them once. I thought all children were like that!”

The old men:…


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Author’s Note:

Old Master Feng: Whether grades are important or not depends on how good my cute granddaughter’s grades are!!

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  1. Grandfather Jiang is just so adorable at times! There’s no point in bragging about his sons and grandsons because sweet, little girls are obviously better, lol.

    I also think Zhao Qiang is adorable in awkwardly trying to butter up Jiang Li for a chance to be Feng Qi’s student. I thought at first he liked her because of all his staring at her from afar, his blushing face, and gifting her his study notes based on his observations of her passion for learning, but I’m glad it wasn’t that cliche setup. He’s pretty observant of her food preferences, though, so he might eventually end up liking her. Either way I’m looking forward to how their relationship develops over time.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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