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ATCF Ch 38 Part 1 – High School Entrance Examination Results (I)

With Old Master Feng going into a full humble brag mode, the rest of his guests were left rather bewildered. However, when they considered the fact that his granddaughter had been missing for many years and had just returned home recently, they ended up tolerating his antics.

But the lone dissenter, Old Master Ma, was still taking things seriously: “She can remember things after reading it once? She must be a prodigy, isn’t she?”

Old Master Feng waved his hand and pretended to be humble, “No, no, no. She just has an excellent memory, but she usually isn’t very diligent. Lately, she’s either busy following her youngest uncle to the research institute or learning martial arts with her elder brother. Honestly, I haven’t seen her studying at all.”

“Children are naturally playful; it’s not unusual. Anyway, your Xiao Jiang Li has just finished her entrance exam. It’s time to relax,” consoled one of the old men.

Old Master Feng fixed a bait on the fish rod and started angling, “That’s true. It’s just that I was listening to Old Ma going on about his grandson’s achievements, and it suddenly struck me that the exam results are due to be out today. Seeing how that child is always playing around these days, I couldn’t help but become concerned!”

Old Master Ma instantly regained his spirits, “What’s the need for worry? I heard the child grew up in the county town. The quality of education there is limited, so you shouldn’t set too high a demand on her.”

Old Master Feng widened his eyes, “I’m not demanding anything. But she is my granddaughter anyway, so I wish her to do well in life. I’m not wrong, am I?”

All the old men nodded in unison, feeling a little sympathetic toward their friend. The main problem here was that the younger generation of the Feng family was full of hidden talents. If Jiang Li’s grades weren’t outstanding, it would indeed make her seem quite ordinary.

Some of them originally were about to suggest Old Master Feng check his granddaughter’s results in advance, but after such a conversation, it no longer seemed appropriate.

Old Master Ma reached out and patted his friend’s shoulder, “It’s no big deal whether Xiao Jiang Li does well in the exams or not. You can just get her a tutor to help. My grandson’s tutor is quite good. I can introduce you.”

Someone immediately exclaimed in surprise: “Old Ma, your grandson needs tutoring?”

Old Master Ma: …

Him and his damn mouth!

In the research institute, Jiang Li was engrossed in reading and taking notes as usual. After finishing her task, Fang Tong seemed to remember something and asked, “Junior Sister, are the results of your exam being released today?”

Jiang Li nodded, “Yes, but we’ll have to wait until ten in the evening to check.”

In a hushed tone, Fang Tong whispered, “If you had Professor Feng check for you, you could probably find out right now.”

Jiang Li shook her head, “No need. I’ll wait until ten and check directly.”

Zhao Qiang pushed his glasses up on his nose, “Junior Sister is very talented. Her scores will surely be good; there’s no need to check.”

Fang Tong nodded in agreement, “That’s right. If Junior Sister becomes the top scorer in Minjiang City, we should definitely celebrate properly.”

Zhao Qiang was surprised, “Isn’t it just normal to become a top scorer?”

Fang Tong looked expressionless as her gaze swept over him, “Were you a top scorer in your high school entrance exam?”

Zhao Qiang nodded quite honestly, even adding, “But I caught a cold during the exam day and didn’t perform as well. I only ranked third in the province.”

Fang Tong: …

The realm of prodigy gods was one she wasn’t fit to enter.

Fang Tong walked away expressionless, leaving Zhao Qiang bewildered. He turned to Jiang Li, asking, “Junior Sister, why does Fang Tong seem upset? Did I say something wrong?”

Jiang Li cleared her throat and said, “I’m not really sure.”

Well, she was starting to think that Senior Brother Zhao Qiang really wasn’t great at conversation.

They said that her third uncle was an expert conversation terminator, but it seemed Senior Brother Zhao Qiang was following in his footsteps!

However, she didn’t dare to explain to Zhao Qiang why Fang Tong was upset. If he were to go and apologize, things would only get more awkward.

Jiang Li was about to go find Feng Qi to go home together when Zhao Qiang produced a piece of chocolate from somewhere and offered it to her, “Junior Sister, have this.”

Jiang Li frowned, “If I gain weight, you’ll be the one to blame, Senior Brother.” Still, she took the piece of chocolate quite readily.

Lately, Zhao Qiang had been giving her foods frequently, and she had become accustomed to it.

“You are still thin. Eat more!” Zhao Qiang said with a smile.

“Well, I like hearing that.” Jiang Li looked at him with an encouraging gaze. As long as he could maintain this level of conversation, no one would ever accuse him of being poor with words.

Zhao Qiang: …

He had only spoken the truth; why was Junior Sister looking at him like that?

At this moment, Feng Qi came out of his office, and Jiang Li immediately ran over, “Uncle! Are we riding bicycles home today?”

Feng Qi shrugged, “It’s up to you.”

“Then let’s ride bicycles.” Jiang Li made her decision promptly. She had only recently learned to ride a bicycle and was still quite enthusiastic about it.

On the way home, Jiang Li looked at Feng Qi and asked, “Third Uncle, would you be disappointed if I didn’t do well in the entrance exams?”

Feng Qi looked at her with a smile, “How bad could it be?”

After some thought, Jiang Li answered truthfully, “It shouldn’t be too bad, but everyone in our family is so exceptional. If I can’t become the top scorer, I’ll stand out very much.”

—And this ‘stand out’ was in a negative meaning.

“Focus on doing what you enjoy; there’s no need to put too much pressure on yourself. Besides, there are things I’m not good at as well,” Feng Qi comforted her.

“What are you not good at?” Jiang Li inquired. She hadn’t known this third uncle of hers for too long, but in her mind, he was incredibly talented and omnipotent.

Feng Qi chuckled, “I’m terrible at hands-on games of all kinds. When it comes to playing those games, I can never focus.”

Jiang Li was surprised, “You play games too, Uncle?”


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