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ATCF Ch 52 Part 3 – Don’t Dare to Dream So Big (III)

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Seeing Teacher Wu’s disgruntled expression, Teacher Sun deliberately fanned the flame, “What? You’re not planning to back out of the bet, are you?”

Teacher Wu shrugged, “I wouldn’t dream of backing out. But don’t get too excited, Teacher Sun. Genetics don’t always guarantee success. Better think about what you’ll do if you lose.”

Teacher Sun chuckled, “If I lose, I’ll have Jiang Li treat our office to breakfast for a month. It’s her fault for not making the grade!”

“…” Teacher Wu was speechless. Is this bet even fair?

He looked at Teacher Sun in exasperation, “Will Jiang Li agree to that?”

Teacher Sun laughed, “I’ll bet with her, and she’ll most likely agree. If she doesn’t, I’ll bet with Feng Qi and let him cover the breakfast expenses. But let me repeat: I’ve never lost a bet in my life.”

Teacher Wu: “…” As expected of the cunning Old Sun, never willing to take any losses!

Teacher Huang, standing aside, adjusted his glasses and rubbed his thinning hair, deciding not to get involved in their skirmish.

Jiang Li was unaware that she had become the subject of a bet among the math teachers. Convinced she hadn’t passed the test, she was diligently studying, ready to come back stronger next time. When the list of admitted students for the competition class was posted, Jiang Li had no interest in checking, but Zhang Qingqing, who had fled the exam and submitted a blank paper, was the first to check and then returned to report the good news.

Jiang Li raised an eyebrow in confusion, “Are you sure you didn’t misread it?”

“Of course! My vision is pretty good. So you better buck up and study hard to make it into the provincial team!” Zhang Qingqing was even more excited than Jiang Li.

Tang Rou was also thrilled, “I’ve always said that Jiang Li has the aura of a top student. How could she not pass? I was right after all.”

Pang Ju looked at Jiang Li with her usual soft voice, “Congratulations, I believe both you and Wang Simin can make it to the provincial team. Go for it!”

Wang Simin, feeling a sense of relief, gave Jiang Li a teasing look, “Do you feel like you wasted over ten hours for nothing?”

Jiang Li thought for a moment and then slowly shook her head, “Not really, I was still working hard.” She showed her the guidebook and the densely written calculation steps on her scratch paper.

Qin Zheng, hearing their conversation, also joined in, smiling at Jiang Li, “I guess I shouldn’t have comforted you then.”

Jiang Li smiled back, “It’s still appreciated. When you make it to the provincial team, maybe you can use the same words to comfort me.”

Qin Zheng raised an eyebrow, “You think I can make it to the provincial team?”

Jiang Li pondered for a moment and nodded, “As long as nothing unexpected happens, you definitely can.”

In the novel, Qin Zheng participated in the National High School Mathematics League in his first year and won a first-class award. His score was quite high, securing him a spot in the provincial team, although he was later eliminated from the national team. The female lead, like a little sun, comforted him for quite some time. In his second year, he re-entered the competition and triumphantly won the IMO gold medal.

The day he returned from the competition, the female lead went to the airport to pick him up as a student representative. As soon as they met, he hung the gold medal around her neck. Their photo flooded the school forum that day, with comments saying it was a dose of ‘show-off love’ from a pair of school prodigies.

Qin Zheng, noticing something odd in Jiang Li’s gaze, joked, “Why do I feel like you’re a fortune teller?”

Jiang Li: “…” No, she just knew some plots in advance, and nothing like fortune telling.

Meanwhile, far away across the ocean, Feng Yang had heard his fiancée mentioning several times that Tong Yi had been acting out of character lately. Listening to Tong Nian’s speculation that the boy was possibly in love, Feng Yang was skeptical. “With your nephew’s stinky temperament, can he get himself a girlfriend?”

Tong Nian explained, “It could be unrequited love. The girl seems to have failed an exam, and he’s been thinking all day about how to comfort her.”

Feng Yang smirked, “I know about this. We were running when you called, and you even stepped on a pebble!”

Tong Nian’s cheeks reddened as she smacked Feng Yang’s hand, “Stop being so frivolous. We’re discussing Xiao Yi’s matters here.”

Feng Yang shrugged, “I don’t know about Tong Yi, but I heard Xiao Jiang Li is also planning to participate in competitions. I’ll call to ask about her situation.”

Ten minutes later, Feng Yang ended the call and immediately dialed Tong Yi. As soon as the call connected, he immediately gloated, “Here’s some good news: Xiao Jiang Li passed her school’s competition class exam. Apparently, she hadn’t been much involved in competitions before, and she passed just like that. Don’t you find that infuriating?”

“She passed the exam?” Tong Yi’s voice sounded incredulous.

Feng Yang continued, “Yes! Much more impressive than some people’s crush, right?”

Tong Yi, not quite understanding whom he was mocking, was nonetheless happy, “Then I should congratulate her. I’m hanging up!”

As the dial tone echoed in his ear, Feng Yang turned to Tong Nian and commented, “Our nephew really lacks grace.”

Tong Nian retorted, “He’s stressed out, and you’re teasing him. How can you expect him to be gracious?”

Feng Yang shrugged, deciding not to argue further, knowing he would be the one who suffers later.

In her room at the girl’s dorm, Jiang Li had just finished a question when she received a call from Tong Yi. As soon as she picked up, she was greeted by his accusatory tone, “Jiang Xiao Li, you’re not being fair. You told me you didn’t pass the exam, and now I find out you were lying?”

Taken aback, Jiang Li paused, then responded, “Honestly, I was surprised too. I forgot to tell you.”

“But you told your eldest brother,” Tong Yi complained.

Being in a good mood, Jiang Li patiently explained, “He called to ask me about it first, so of course, I told him.”

“Fine, I’ll forgive you this time,” Tong Yi decided to be magnanimous. “But you better work hard. Make it to the provincial team, then the national team, and win a gold medal.”

Jiang Li helplessly replied, “I wouldn’t even dream that big.” After all, even the male lead hadn’t achieved that. It must be quite difficult.

Tong Yi laughed, “What’s there to fear? Dream big. I’ll tell you a joke. My roommate is planning to participate in next year’s IMO and says if he wins a gold medal, he’ll give it to his girlfriend.”

“A gold medal for his girlfriend?” Jiang Li echoed, somewhat amused.

“Right,” Tong Yi chuckled. “Isn’t that lame? A medal isn’t worth much money.”

“…” Jiang Li fell silent for a moment. It almost felt like Tong Yi was making a dig at Qin Zheng. But since the scene where the male lead gifts the female lead a gold medal hadn’t happened yet, he couldn’t be referring to anyone.

“Then what do you think would be a better gift?” Jiang Li asked curiously.

After a moment’s thought, Tong Yi honestly replied, “I think giving the prize money would show more sincerity than a medal, don’t you think?”

Jiang Li: …

If Tong Yi were the male lead in a novel, he’d definitely be a mudslide1Mudslide (泥石流) is an Internet slang that refers to someone who stands out in a field for his or her great sense of humor.2 in the world of male leads!


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