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Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch 132 Part 1 – Giving Birth (I)

Before Cheng Yujin fell into a slumber, she felt everything was like a sweet dream. She fell asleep quickly, dreaming of an Eastern Palace without Li Chengjing — dark, gloomy, and lonely.

Frightened by the dream, Cheng Yujin was suddenly startled awake. When she first opened her eyes, she temporarily couldn’t distinguish between reality and dream. Suddenly, someone handed her a cup of water. Cheng Yujin turned aside and saw Li Chengjing smiling at her: “Awake? Are you still confused with the dream?”

Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch 131 Part 3 – Protecting His Wife (III)

When the atmosphere gradually calmed down, the Emperor finally spoke: “Okay, Crown Prince has been on the road for several days, so he must be tired. Crown Prince should return to the Eastern Palace to take a rest for now. Later in the day, Zhen will summon the cabinet elders for an audience in Qianqing Palace, and Crown Prince will attend for a formal report and resume his duty. The Jiangnan disaster is not a small matter, so it shouldn’t be delayed.”

Li Chengjing cupped his hands in response. Now that the Emperor had a justifiable reason for leaving, he went off contentedly. With the Emperor at the head, others also followed suit, as they couldn’t wait to leave this dangerous place. As the crowd dispersed, Li Chengjing gripped Cheng Yujin’s hand reassuringly, but Cheng Yujin shook her head in response, indicating that she was fine.

Li Chengjing reluctantly put down his worry and began to escort Cheng Yujin on their return way, but after just two steps, he suddenly stopped and turned to look at the Abess of Faling Temple, giving the latter a cold gaze. “Abess, please wait. Gu still has something to tell you.”

The Abess didn’t expect to be suddenly stopped by the Crown Prince. Sweat drenched her back, but she still managed to say “Amitabha Buddha” and put on a benevolent face as she responded: “This poor nun obeys the Crown Prince. Can this poor nun ask what’s the matter?”

Although Li Chengjing stopped the Abess on their way out of Cining Palace, they had yet to leave the inner hall. The imperial clansmen who left after the Emperor was still within earshot, and the couch where Empress Dowager Yang was recuperating was separated only by a curtain. Li Chengjing’s words were clearly aimed at their ears.

“Abess said just now that Gu’s child is too strong in the metal element, causing an imbalance in the five elements’ circulation. It is said that metal overcomes wood, and the Eastern Palace belongs to the wood element. Now that Gu, as the master of the Eastern Palace, has returned, the wood element in the palace will no longer be stagnant, right?”

The Abess hesitated, unable to think of an answer. “This… this poor nun dare not make a rash statement for now.”

“Abess does not dare?” Li Chengjing smiled, but his voice contained a chill that penetrated into bones, “Or does Abess mean that Gu does not have strong enough wood to resist my own child’s metal, making Gu unworthy of being the Crown Prince?”

How dare the Abess respond to such a statement? She trembled all over and immediately fell to her knees in fright, “This poor nun dares not. This poor nun has no such meaning, not in the slightest.”

“Very good.” Li Chengjing said slowly. “Gu sees that Abess’ understanding of yin-yang and the five elements is not very thorough. From now on, Abess should concentrate on cultivating in Faling Temple, and you’d better never leave the Temple’s precinct again until your effort shows positive results. If Gu ever found out that you ignored Gu’s warning and entered the palace to spread nonsense again, there would be a price to pay.”

The Abess was drenched in a cold sweat and was completely frightened by Li Chengjing’s naked threat. She knew that from now on, she must shut herself inside the Temple and not meet others for quite a while. Otherwise, not only would her life be in danger, but even the Faling Temple would not meet a good end.

There was no movement behind the curtain. The imperial clansmen looked at each other gloomily, but in the end, they resumed their steps and quietly left Cining Palace.

After returning to Ciqing Palace, Cheng Yujin couldn’t bear it any longer and almost burst into tears on the spot: “Your Highness…”

Facing Cheng Yujin’s tears, Li Chengjing’s ruthless facade melted in an instant. He cupped Cheng Yujin’s face and found with distress that she had lost weight during these two months. Li Chengjing sighed and said, “This is my fault. I promised to take care of you, but you were wronged again and again.”

Cheng Yujin shook her head: “No. As long as Your Highness is here, I never feel wronged.”

Li Chengjing observed Cheng Yujin’s figure more closely and found that, except for her belly, she was even thinner than when he left. Distress and pity filled his heart. He wiped away the tears in Cheng Yujin’s eyes and sighed deeply, “Don’t cry. I feel more distressed seeing you cry.”

In fact, Cheng Yujin also didn’t know what was wrong with her. She definitely was never a crybaby, nor was she ever so reliant on somebody. Why she suddenly couldn’t bear the grievances once she saw Li Chengjing? Hearing Li Chengjing’s words, Cheng Yujin was even more embarrassed. She avoided Li Chengjing’s hand, wiped her tears, and said strongly, “I’m not actually crying. It’s just that my mood fluctuated greatly during pregnancy, so I couldn’t control myself.”

“Okay, okay. You are not crying.” Of course Li Chengjing would not argue with Cheng Yujin. He took Cheng Yujin’s hand and gently supported her waist, “You shouldn’t be standing too long. Let’s get inside and talk later.”

After the two returned to the inner hall and took seats, Cheng Yujin asked, “Your Highness, how was your journey?”

Li Chengjing didn’t explain much and just said, “It ended safely, so you can rest assured. You must be tired now. Go to sleep first. I have to deliver my report to the Emperor and the cabinet, but I will be back when you wake up.”

Indeed, Cheng Yujin was easy to get tired recently, probably because the pregnancy sapped her energy. After all the troubles today, she was even more tired than usual. Li Chengjing personally helped Cheng Yujin to bed. Waiting for Cheng Yujin to fall asleep, Li Chengjing sat at the bedside and gave her a reassuring smile, “Sleep well. I’m here for you.”

As Cheng Yujin closed her eyes, she felt like everything was just a dream. She even felt that as soon as she opened her eyes, she would find that the Eastern Palace was still empty — there was no Li Chengjing who suddenly appeared to protect her, nor did he lose his temper in the Cining Palace because of her. Shrouded by such uneasiness, Cheng Yujin fell into a slumber.


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Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch 131 Part 2 – Protecting His Wife (II)

Li Chengjing glanced coldly before turning his gaze at the old Abess, who was trying to erase her sense of presence. “This Abess, who did you claim to be ominous just now and need to move outside the palace? Say it again in front of Gu.”

How dare she? The Abess folded her hands together and said “Amitabha,” but her eyes were still fixed on the ground, not daring to utter a single word. Li Chengjing took a step forward and slowly swept his eyes across the imperial clan members standing inside the inner hall, “Do you believe her words?”

Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch 130 Part 1 – Li Chengjing’s Return (I)

With the Emperor’s personal words, Cheng Yujin stayed behind the closed door at the Ciqing Palace and never went out. When Lian Qiao came in to deliver refreshments for Cheng Yujin, she couldn’t help sighing upon seeing her mistress sitting in front of the window, busy with a brush again.

Lian Qiao put the plate of pastries on the table and said softly, “Crown Princess, you’ve been doing that all day. Please take a break.”

Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch 129 Part 3 – Ruthless (III)

After the Empress Dowager, the Empress, Dou Xiyin, and their people left, the Qianqing Palace returned to its tranquility. Supported by a palace maid, Cheng Yujin returned to the inner hall and drank a bowl of medicine to strengthen the fetus. Hearing the greeting “Long Live Your Majesty,” Cheng Yujin put down the bowl and stood up to bow to the Emperor, “Greetings to Your Majesty.”

Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch 129 Part 2 – Ruthless (II)

“Oh, so Shou Wangfei doesn’t know anything? However, you clearly went to Kunning Palace after I left Cining Palace. You actually claimed that you haven’t seen me, and you also don’t know what happened in the main hall?”

Dou Xiyin was stunned, completely speechless. In fact, Cheng Yujin didn’t have clear evidence. She couldn’t reveal that she was truly pregnant with twins, so it was impossible to reveal the matter of Imperial Physician Liu spying on Imperial Physician Zhao and him going to Shou Wang Manor to report his finding. All Cheng Yujin could use to attack Dou Xiyin was the latter’s suspicious itinerary after entering the palace today.

Greetings, Ninth Uncle

GNU Ch 129 Part 1 – Ruthless (I)

Dou Xiyin didn’t expect this, and thus was stunned.

She originally planned to borrow Empress Dowager Yang’s hands to get rid of the child in Cheng Yujin’s womb today. After all, heirs were the most important for the imperial family, and it was particularly crucial from whom the Emperor’s eldest grandson was born. If Cheng Yujin’s child was really a boy, he would undoubtedly become a heavy boost for the Eastern Palace. Unless Li Chengjing lost his mind and rebelled, his position as the crown prince would practically be unshakable.