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DDDV Ch 157 Part 1 – This Is My Daughter, Lu Yaoyao (I)

Beneath a cloudless sky, the early sunlight cast a soft glow as a gentle wind fluttered the robes of the assembled cultivators. Even with the vast crowd, the square remained remarkably still, save for the small figure of a certain white dumpling making her way through the packed masses.

More and more cultivators noticed the movement. They instinctively moved a bit to create a path, their gaze following the little girl as she advanced.

Lu Yaoyao found the way ahead becoming increasingly wide. She looked up to see a path opening before her, with countless eyes watching her in surprise and curiosity. Still, Lu Yaoyao walked forward with confidence, telling herself repeatedly: this is nothing, don’t panic!

When she finally reached the steps, she walked up without hesitation. At the top stood her Father, looking at her. His usually cold eyes softened at her sight.

Lu Yaoyao smiled sweetly, then proceeded forward with determination. All the attention and curious gazes didn’t faze her in the slightest; her only thought was to reach her Father and proudly stand by his side. Her cheeks flushed with excitement. At first, she thought Father wouldn’t publicly acknowledge their relationship and simply let nature take its course. She was a little disappointed back then, especially because it meant she couldn’t properly send off Grandmaster as his granddisciple.

Unexpectedly, Father called her up.

Lu Yaoyao felt fearless. She was even relieved that she no longer had to conceal the truth from her master, senior brothers, and friends. She knew Father called her up today because he had decided to reveal her identity.

Although Father never explicitly said so, Lu Yaoyao vaguely sensed his reluctance to let too many people know of her existence, perhaps out of various concerns. Initially, she felt aggrieved, but after thinking about it, she could understand his worries. The Cultivation Realm was unlike the Devil Realm and Father’s character was also very different from that of Daddy, so their way of handling things was not the same.

Father constantly worried she was spoiled by Daddy, thinking she needed more hardship for growth, fearing she’d become too soft. He believed in letting her face challenges, yet he was the one most concerned about her facing dangers. He knew the moment the Three Realms learned of Dao Venerable Hengwu having a child, she would become the target of endless scrutiny. Any slip could lead to her harm. Not everyone would like to see her grow safely—once her existence was known, she would become a clear target. So, Father thought, at least if she could defend herself, he could be more at ease even when she was venturing out on her own.

Daddy, on the other hand, was bold and imperious. He was the absolute being in the Devil Realm, and his subjects all feared him. Anyone daring to target his daughter would face consequences worse than death. Moreover, he had given her an army that obeyed her commands unconditionally, making it unlikely for devils to threaten her…

After understanding this, Lu Yaoyao no longer felt wronged. Both Father and Daddy loved her so much, and that was all that mattered. Although she was unsure why Father changed his mind suddenly, she was the daughter of Dao Venerable Hengwu, and she had nothing to fear.

Meanwhile, the cultivators in the square looked up in bewilderment, especially those who recognized Lu Yaoyao. Wasn’t that Martial Uncle Mo’s newest disciple? Why did His Venerable call her up? Was there some hidden story here?

As for outsiders, they also looked up at the little dumpling, feeling curious inside. What was so special with this girl that His Venerable personally summoned her? Could it be that he wanted to take her as his personal disciple? But that seemed unlikely; judging from the uniform on her body and her position in the line just now, she was already a personal disciple of an elder.

Seeing His Venerable calling a little girl no older than five years old, Sang Yunsi, who was feeling heartbroken, felt a sudden uplift in her spirits. Her eyes lit up again. Fortunately, it was just a young disciple, not a Dao companion!

Those close to Lu Yaoyao were utterly puzzled. They had no idea she had a connection to His Venerable. Furthermore, their relationship seemed quite close.

The most baffled among them was Wen Zixing. Already overwhelmed by the grand memorial that had never occurred anywhere in the plot, this additional shock pushed him to the brink of emotional collapse. Did Yaoyao know His Venerable? But how? The plot never mentioned her!

Others couldn’t figure out the relationship between Yao Jiuxiao and Lu Yaoyao, but Lu Chongyun was different. He was the quickest to react. To his knowledge, he was the only one aware of his senior brother having a daughter and quickly connected the dots.

So this little girl is Senior Brother’s daughter, his martial niece?

But… isn’t she supposed to be eighteen? So small?

Lu Chongyun’s confusion cleared as he carefully observed the pair. No wonder he felt an immediate affection for the girl! She seemed to be carved from the same mold as Senior Brother. No doubt about it, she is indeed Senior Brother’s daughter!

In the next moment, everyone’s confusion was answered.

With determination in her steps, Lu Yaoyao steadily walked to Yao Jiuxiao’s side and stood next to him. Placing her small hand in his large palm, she loudly called, “Father!”


The crowd felt as if their ears were ringing, shocked by the revelation. They had considered various possibilities but never imagined that this was His Venerable’s daughter. When did His Venerable have a child? It seemed unbelievable. They would find it easier to believe that Sect Leader Lu had secretly married a Dao companion and had a child, but no one would think it was His Venerable!

No, wait, maybe the girl was adopted. Haha…ha…

However, looking up at the pair standing side by side on the platform, the truth struck the crowd so hard it was hurt—the striking resemblance between the two was too apparent; no one would believe if they said they were not biologically related!

So, how did His Venerable bypass having a Dao companion and directly have a child? And more urgently, who was the mother of his child???

Yao Jiuxiao, unfazed by the shock this scene delivered, held Lu Yaoyao’s hand in response to her call. As if to further stir the crowd, he calmly stated, “This is my daughter, Lu Yaoyao.”

From heaven to hell, that was the feeling. Sang Yunsi, whose hope had just been rekindled, felt it extinguished in an instant. Her breathing became erratic, her eyes reddened as she stared fixedly at the little girl on the platform, unable to believe what she was seeing.

How could it be possible? How could His Venerable have a daughter? Impossible!

Unable to bear the frantic whirlwind of emotions, Sang Yunsi’s eyes rolled, and she fainted on the spot.

“Junior Sister Yunsi!”

“Junior Sister Yunsi!”

The fellow disciples who stood closest to Sang Yunsi quickly caught her body before she could fall to the ground. They looked at her with concern, knowing the news was a great shock to her, yet they didn’t even know how to console her.

The Biyun Sect leader frowned deeply. Looking at his unconscious disciple, he came to the realization that he might have been wrong in encouraging her, causing her to delve deeper into her obsession. “Take her away to rest.” He finally said. It would be best if Yunsi could break through this obsession; otherwise, she would be ruined.

Xiao Shushuang watched Sang Yunsi, now unconscious and being carried away, with a look of sympathy. With His Venerable already having a child, Sang Yunsi’s chances were even slimmer. Out of pity for her unfortunate state, Xiao Shuang decided to refrain from making any sarcastic remarks.

Lu Yaoyao stood tall and proud, holding her posture straight. She had noticed the commotion in the square and glanced curiously. It seemed that someone couldn’t handle the shock and ended up fainting, although she couldn’t make out the details from her position. Before she could take a closer look, Yao Jiuxiao led her forward, turning away from the scene.

As they watched His Venerable from up close, the peak masters, usually composed and calm, lost a bit of their poise, shocked into a rigid state of mind by the revelation. Overwhelmed, their expressions turned numb. They had speculated that His Venerable and the sect leader might have a plan when they announced to hold a grand memorial ceremony for the elder, but since the two hadn’t said a word, none of them dared to act rashly. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be a shocking revelation!

Your Venerable, have you considered their fragile little hearts when you drop the explosive news without a warning?

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