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DDDV Ch 159 Part 1 – A Harmonious Family of Three (I)

It seemed everyone in the crowd was thinking the same. Suddenly, the ambiance within the hall took on the thick air of conflict, eyes all around becoming cautious and vigilant as each person scrutinized their ‘love rivals.’

This one’s nose is a bit flat, Miss Yaoyao would definitely not fancy him.

That one’s mouth is so big, yikes! So ugly.

This one’s eyes are just a slit, looks lecherous, definitely won’t catch Miss Yaoyao’s eye.

This one’s cultivation is so low, just a pretty face and nothing more!

People secretly evaluated each other, believing their potential competitors were easy to defeat and that they had a favorable chance. With this confidence, they unconsciously straightened their backs even more.

“Some time ago, the Devil Realm also spread news about the Devil Venerable having a little princess.” Someone suddenly mentioned this, and the entire hall fell silent in an instant.

Everyone remembered, yes, they had discussed the little princess of the devil race before, and felt a bit down when recalling that their own Dao Venerable didn’t have children! Who could have predicted that just a few months later, His Venerable would also be revealed to have a child?

“We, too, have a little princess in the Cultivation Realm!” The daughter of His Venerable, isn’t she also a princess? Their Cultivation Realm also has a little princess!

Realizing the Dao Venerable didn’t lose in this aspect either, everyone felt honored and immensely proud.

The devil race’s princess was said to be at the Devil Core stage, but their princess was at the Golden Core stage!

Comparing the two, the crowding cultivators found their princess to be far superior, and this made them even happier, spurring more intense discussions.

Before long, the title of “The Human Race’s Little Princess” spread, and everyone quickly acknowledged His Venerable’s daughter as their little princess.

While the outside was bustling with noise, the Guiyuan Sect was no less lively. Guests, who had initially planned to depart shortly after the ceremony’s conclusion, stayed longer than anticipated. The path to the East Ninth Peak saw disciples from various sects walking back and forth, all wanting to see if His Venerable’s child was indeed as exceptional as rumored.

Lu Chongyun saw this situation and was so furious he almost blew his beard. Those shameless people scared his martial niece, forcing her to hide in the East Ninth Peak! Lu Chongyun, eager to bond with his martial niece but now couldn’t even enter the East Ninth Peak, issuing an expulsion order for the crowd in his frustration. However, to his dismay, everyone just pretended to be stupid and shamelessly stayed put, unmoved.

The shock of that day was too great, and they hadn’t gotten a clear look at the little princess. Sect Leader Lu briefly showed her around afterward, but only rushed past to greet various sect leaders and distinguished elders.

Who wouldn’t want to get on the good side of the little princess? The sect who got the favor of the little princess surely would receive special treatment from His Venerable!

His Venerable typically remained out of public view. Known for his distant and cold demeanor, he was seen as unapproachable, with many hesitant to even utter a word in his presence. However, the sudden emergence of a soft and cuddly little princess changed the dynamics, so naturally, everyone was keen to win her affection. Any hesitation at this point would mean falling behind others and forgoing a great opportunity!

In an exquisite courtyard of the Guiyuan Sect’s guest residence, a young disciple in Biyun Sect’s uniform stood at the doorway, his eyes nervously darting towards a particular room. The Biyun Sect Leader was inside, seated on a chair crafted from precious spiritual wood and wearing a grim expression as he frowned at the person lying motionless on the bed, looking devoid of life. “Yunsi, Master knows you are suffering, but don’t forget you are the chief disciple of the Biyun Sect. Can’t you overcome this hurdle?”

Now things had come to this, Sect Leader Sang somewhat regretted supporting Sang Yunsi’s pursuit all these years. Had he intervened in time, his promising disciple wouldn’t have fallen so deep. Yunsi was his first personal disciple. Prideful of her beauty and talent, she had always been arrogant and spoiled within Biyun Sect. She was so much adored and highly esteemed by many, to the extent that a slight setback could easily devastate her.

Sect Leader Sang couldn’t bear to give up on Sang Yunsi just like that. Biyun Sect had invested so much effort and resources in her; it would be a greater loss for the sect if she were to be wasted. Biyun Sect was only an ordinary sect in the Cultivation Realm, and Sang Yunsi had the highest talent among this generation of disciples. Furthermore, although she hailed from a distant branch and was separated by many generations, she was still a member of the Sang family. When he learned of such a talented child in his family, he saw her as a treasure and took the child under his wings, hoping she would carry over and uphold Biyun Sect’s legacy.

Regardless of his motives, Sect Leader Sang did not wish to see Sang Yunsi ruined. He even harbored some resentment towards His Venerable. Since he already had a Dao companion and even sired a child, why not reveal it earlier? This way, Sang Yunsi’s devoted affection wouldn’t have been misplaced.

After the revelation during the memorial ceremony, Sang Yunsi, overwhelmed by shock, had lain motionless on the bed for three days. When she first woke up, believing it all to be a nightmare, she urgently clutched at her fellow disciple’s sleeve, asking with a flicker of hope, “Senior brother, His Venerable doesn’t actually have a daughter, does he? This was all just a nightmare, wasn’t it?”

Sang Yunsi’s senior brother couldn’t bear looking at her completely distraught state, losing her composure and looking almost crazy. At the same time, he found her stunning beauty even more captivating in her disarray and vulnerability.

“Junior Sister Yunsi, forget about His Venerable…” Despite the cruel reality, the senior brother still informed her of the truth. Now that the news was spreading wildly throughout the Three Realms, why continue deluding oneself? Junior Sister Yunsi was so wonderful, how could His Venerable not notice her? His heart nearly broke seeing her like this.

The light in Sang Yunsi’s eyes dimmed instantly, and her body collapsed onto the bed without strength.

“Junior sister Yunsi, you—” The senior brother, unable to bear it, sighed, “Get ahold of yourself!”

Sang Yunsi gazed vacantly at the canopy over her bed, and after a prolonged silence, she finally murmured in a raspy voice, “Senior brother, I want to be alone.”

“You rest well.” Although the senior brother wasn’t feeling at ease, he thought Sang Yunsi needed some quiet time alone, so he silently left.

Sang Yunsi fixated on the canopy, her eyes bloodshot, her hands clutching the blanket corners so tightly her veins bulged,

“I want to see Yunsi!” Outside the gate of the compound, Mo Shuang’er was blocked by Biyun Sect disciples, stomping her feet in anger, “Do you know who I am? I’m Yunsi’s best friend!”

The two disciples in charge of guarding the gate exchanged looks; they certainly recognized Mo Shuang’er, who was always by Sang Yunsi’s side. But it was the Sect Leader’s order that Sang Yunsi not allowed to see outsiders.

Mo Shuang’er grew even more infuriated. She couldn’t stand by the Biyun Sect during the course of the ceremony and had to stay with her own sect. Initially, she was happy to see His Venerable appear, thinking Yunsi would be thrilled. But then, hearing His Venerable announce he had a daughter, she immediately felt an awful premonition.

She anxiously waited for the ceremony to end, only to find out Yunsi had fainted from the shock! Mo Shuang’er wanted to visit Sang Yunsi but was stopped, which infuriated her.

Hearing the shouting outside, the senior brother, having just exited Sang Yunsi’s room, deepened his frown. He approached Mo Shuang’er, saying, “Fellow Daoist Mo.”

“Greetings, Senior Brother.”

“Greetings, Senior Brother.”

The two disciples cupped their hands and greeted the approaching figure.

Mo Shuang’er stopped shouting upon seeing the senior brother. “Senior Brother Zhang, I want to see Yunsi.” She then gave a sidelong glance to the two junior disciples who had been blocking her way, thinking if they weren’t Yunsi’s fellow disciples, she would have drawn her sword and taught them a lesson already.

Sang Yunsi was the most valued disciple of the Biyun Sect, and while Senior Brother Zhang had a very low sense of existence compared to her, he was still the second most cherished disciple. However, Mo Shuang’er, who always followed Sang Yunsi, looked down on the plain-looking Senior Brother Zhang.”

“Junior Sister Yunsi needs to be alone. Fellow Daoist Mo, please keep your voice down to not disturb Junior Sister Yunsi’s recuperation.” Senior Brother Zhang’s face remained stoic.

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