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THDP Ch 129 Part 7 – Heavenly Purgatory Array (VII)

“So, every time the Five Spirit Cauldron advances, you can carve a new array on it. Understand?” Lin Yan said.

“I understand,” Meng Qi nodded heavily. Just as she nodded, a bitter feeling suddenly surged within her. Would she be able to wait until that daLin Yan was teaching her all of this without holding back, but did it mean that she liked her? They were practically strangers who had only met twice, including the time in the Apricot Forest. Moreover, it was obvious that this Lin Yan was not that Lin Yan. It was from the Five Spirit Cauldron and the medical notes that this Lin Yan deduced that Meng Qi had seen the other her in the Apricot Forest.

Meng Qi could finally read the last volume of the medical notes that she couldn’t open before. It contained only one method, a method that Lin Yan had never tried during her lifetime — resurrecting the dead.

Even cultivators whose inner core was destroyed and whose bodies dissipated after death had a chance to come back to life with that method. The medical note recorded it in great detail. The main array required was the Heavenly Purgatory Array. Then, the Azure Dragon Crystal was used to guard the array and seal the spiritual consciousness in preparation to reconstruct it with the help of the Nether Grass. Next, spiritual consciousness from different cultivators would be extracted from their bodies by Luoxin Trees, upon which they would be lured into the Heavenly Purgatory Array by the scent of Nirvana Flower and used by the Nether Grass to reconstruct the destroyed spiritual consciousness. The leaves of Luoxin Trees, besides being the number one hallucinogenic medicine in the Three Realms, could also bestow the restored spiritual consciousness with the memories belonging to the person one wanted to resurrect.

The next step was recasting the spiritual sea.

Meng Qi kept watching silently. Lin Yan opened her palm, and nine starlights, each as big as a fist, flew into the array. The starlights were refined stardust, a treasure that could repair damaged spiritual seas. Putting it bluntly, for a medical cultivator at Lin Yan’s level, reconstructing the physical body needed for the resurrection was the easiest part. As long as there was a bone left, she could restore a dead body, grow flesh from white bones, and return the person to their peak state.

As expected, Lin Yan took out a small box next. Her movement was very pious and gentle. It was a slender white box, and as soon as it was taken out, Meng Qi felt a chill. Lin Yan held the small box in her hands and gently closed her eyes.

“Long time no see,” she whispered, while gently opening the box. Inside the box lay a human finger bone, only a small fragment, quietly resting within.

“Meng Qi,” Lin Yan looked at her Five Spirit Cauldron in front of her and said softly, “This is the only thing belonging to him that I found when I arrived there.” Her lips trembled, and tears suddenly rolled down her cheeks. Her lips still had a faint smile, but her eyes no longer held any trace of happiness.

“What did the history write about me?” She asked suddenly.

“It says that Senior, in order to save the trapped common people, depleted all of your cultivation, causing your golden core and spiritual sea to be damaged. Your cultivation base fell from the Great Ascension to the Void Comprehending, and you could no longer advance in this life.”

Void Comprehending… even Great Ascension cultivators couldn’t live forever. Only by breaking through the Great Ascension stage and ascending to become immortal could one possess an endless lifespan. Lin Yan was already heavily injured in this battle, and on top of that, she fell by two major realms. Although she was a medical cultivator, her physical condition had never been the same again. She was originally a genius who broke through to the Great Ascension stage at the young age of two hundred. But when she passed away, she was only three hundred years old, which was shorter than the lifespan of most Void Comprehending, and even some Spirit Severing, cultivators.

“Oh.” Lin Yan casually responded, seemingly not paying much attention to these details. “Do you know who he is?” she said softly, her slender fingers gently caressing the tiny joint of the bone.

Meng Qi shook her head. There was no record in any book mentioning that Lin Yan had a Dao companion, let alone their relationship. The Lin Yan known by the later generations was a perfect being that was never tainted by the mortal world. Meng Qi watched as Lin Yan carefully held the cold jade box and lightly touched the small finger bone. She saw the tears on Lin Yan’s long lashes and the slight redness in her eyes and nose. Meng Qi suddenly felt that this Senior Lin Yan, in this state, appeared much more lovely and real than what was described in the books.

“His surname is Xiao.” Lin Yan spoke again.

Xiao? Meng Qi frowned. Most of the powerful figures in history had their names and deeds recorded in the books, just like Lin Yan. But surname Xiao… a man who went by this name and was from the same era as Lin Yan…

No way!

Meng Qi’s eyes widened at once: “Xiao Lang?! Is he Xiao Lang?”

“Yes,” Lin Yan nodded with a smiling expression. Tear stains remained on her face, but her lips curved slightly upwards, revealing a sweet and even somewhat proud smile.

Meng Qi gasped in shock. She looked at the small finger bone in the cold jade box. So Lin Yan’s Dao companion turned out to be Xiao Lang! This person… had a lot of controversy surrounding him!

From ancient times to the present, he was hailed as the most talented sword cultivator in the history of Three Thousand Worlds… or even the history of the Three Realms! At the age of eleven, he formed his Core, and at the same time, his Sword Spirit was born. It was said that at that time, sword aura pierced through the sky, as if ascending to the heavens, leaving sword marks within a hundred-mile radius. The matter caused a huge sensation in the Three Realms. Compared to him, the current genius swordsmen like Pei Mufeng were nothing.

By the age of nineteen, Xiao Lang had already reached the peak of the Spirit Severing stage. He ventured alone into the Devil Realm and engaged in a continuous battle for seven days and seven nights. During the battle, he advanced to the Void Comprehending stage, his killing intent pervading the air, shocking his opponents so much that they immediately lost their battle spirit.

But such Xiao Lang was also known to be controversial. He was wild and unruly, standing out of the Three Realms by his non-conformity. As much as he was revered, many also disliked this proud young man, especially the older generations. No records mentioned Xiao Lang having a Dao companion. Even more shocking, this person turned out to be Lin Yan, the legendary profound-rank medical cultivator.

“It turns out to be… Senior Xiao Lang,” Meng Qi murmured in astonishment. “It has never been written in the books.” The Three Realms never lacked people who enjoyed gossip. The romantic histories of the demon monarchs, the power struggles among the masters of the Devil Realms, the love and hatred between the upper echelon of the Three Thousand Worlds… there was always a market for such stories. But Xiao Lang, on the other hand, had never been documented in these accounts.

“Yes,” Lin Yan smiled. “Because I don’t like others talking about us like that.”

Meng Qi: “…”

No wonder. With Xiao Lang’s swordsmanship and his fiery and defiant temperament, if he didn’t want it, there was probably no one in the Three Realms who dared to say anything behind his back.


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