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THDP Ch 134 Part 1 – Entering Jingyuetian (I)

“…” Meng Qi raised her eyes and stared blankly at Ji Wujiong. The black-robed man, however, didn’t seem the least bit embarrassed. After remaining silent for a moment, she finally took out a small brocade bag from her storage pouch. “You want profound-grade spirit stones?”

“Yes,” Having repeated the same process several times, Ji Wujiong became even more straightforward. “My cultivation base is in the Void Comprehending stage, remember? For me, eighth, ninth-grade spirit stones are unusable.”

Right. A Void Comprehending cultivator was already considered a powerhouse in Three Realms. So here came the question: Why would such a powerful man be lacking spirit stones? These thoughts flashed through Meng Qi’s mind, but she wisely kept them to herself.

Ji Wujiong took the brocade bag and stored it away, “I know, I know. I already owed you a lot of spirit stones. Don’t worry, I will pay you back together.”

“Let’s go then.” He waited for Meng Qi at the door and walked out together.

Jingyuetian, like most sects in the Three Thousand Worlds, was located outside Jingyue City. As the two of them strode forward, Ji Wujiong suddenly asked. “Do you know why Jingyuetian is called the number one spell sect?”

Meng Qi was now a Nascent Soul cultivator. With her improved speed, she could walk alongside Ji Wujiong, matching his pace with no difficulty. When she heard his question, she shook her head and casually responded, “Because their spell techniques are powerful?”

“You could say that,” Ji Wujiong replied. “In Three Thousand Worlds, Jingyuetian probably has the most complete ancient legacies among other sects.”

“Hmm?” Meng Qi couldn’t help but turn her head to look at Ji Wujiong. This was the first time she had heard of such a claim.

“You didn’t know?” Ji Wujiong raised the corner of his lips, looking somewhat proud. “Any sect with the names of the sun (Ri), moon (Yue), and star (Xing) descended from ancient sects.”

“Then… is Xingluo Pavilion the same?” Meng Qi asked.1

“Yes,” Ji Wujiong nodded. “However, Xingluo Pavilion’s legacy is far less complete than Jingyuetian’s.”

“I see,” Meng Qi nodded again.

“In fact, the so-called legacy is barely considered the foundation of a sect,” Ji Wujiong continued. “During the ancient times, there were countless powerful forces in the Three Realms, and the spell techniques were much more abundant than they are now. There were various schools of cultivation methods, and sects of all kinds were established one after another, resulting in fierce competitions.”

“Yeah.” Meng Qi nodded, “So, what happened later? Now sword cultivation, spell cultivation, and medical cultivation are the majority, and your branch of array cultivation is almost unheard of. Did something happen?”

Ji Wujiong gave her a sideways glance. This girl was very attentive when listening to his stories and would answer his questions obediently. As her master, this well-behaved attitude of hers was indeed very pleasant.

But what did she mean by ‘your branch of array cultivation’?!

“Don’t forget; you are also an array cultivator, Meng Qi.” Raising his eyebrows, Ji Wujiong said with an irritated tone. He then casually took out an eighth-grade spirit stone from his storage pouch and flicked it forward with a finger. The spirit stone emitted a surge of spiritual aura, resembling a shooting star with a long tail, cutting through the quiet of the night. Wherever the spirit stone passed, countless small silhouettes appeared in the night breeze.

Though very small and fleeting, Meng Qi could still discern that these tiny figures represented various types of cultivators — sword cultivators, spell cultivators, and so on. She found it amusing and couldn’t help but smile slightly. “Is this also an array?”

“No,” Ji Wujiong replied with some annoyance. “Just a little trick.”

Meng Qi’s heart suddenly stirred, and vague images flashed in her mind. She subconsciously turned her head to look at Ji Wujiong. Because she was walking on his right side, her gaze fell on the flawless right side of the black-robed youth.

Previously, she could be certain that she had never seen Ji Wujiong in her past life. But now…

Meng Qi’s brows furrowed slightly, feeling that she should remember something. However, those fleeting images were too fast, and she couldn’t catch anything.

Ji Wujiong continued, “Jingyuetian’s legacy preserved from ancient times is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding in the Three Thousand Worlds. After over ten thousand years, it is only a matter of course that they develop into the number one spell sect.” The tone of his voice suddenly changed, “Apart from that, Jingyuetian should also have other legacies, something other than spells…”

Meng Qi’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. She quickly turned to look at Ji Wujiong again. This man wasn’t a heinous criminal, sure, but he definitely wasn’t a strictly good person either. Back at Xingluo Pavilion, didn’t he…

“You don’t need to look at me like that,” Ji Wujiong snorted lightly. “Rest assured, I won’t meddle with Jingyuetian.”

“Why?” Meng Qi asked subconsciously. Xingluo Pavilion didn’t matter to him, so what was special about Jingyuetian?

“No particular reason!” Ji Wujiong snorted again. “In any case, I won’t touch them, and if you want to, I…” He suddenly licked his lips, turned to look at Meng Qi, and asked, “So, what do you think about their ancient legacy? They should also have some medical-related legacies preserved.”

Meng Qi: “…”

“No!” she said firmly.

“I see,” Ji Wujiong nodded somewhat regretfully, “It’s good that you don’t, actually. Otherwise, things might get a bit awkward.”

“Now, let’s talk about something else,” Ji Wujiong continued, “Within Jingyuetian, there’s a hidden place called Ten Absolutes Mountain.”

“Ten Absolutes Mountain?!” Meng Qi suddenly widened her eyes, “Is it the same Ten Absolutes Mountain from ancient legends where only Great Ascensions could enter for cultivation?”

“You wish,” Ji Wujiong rolled his eyes, “Even if the ancient Ten Absolutes Mountain still exists, it’s impossible for a single sect to own it. Though it’s quite remarkable that you’ve heard of Ten Absolutes Mountain’s name.”

Most of the time, Ji Wujiong’s tongue knew no mercy. But he was very different to Meng Qi. From the time he prepared to accept her as his disciple in the Grand Tournament’s barrier, he practically ceased being sarcastic when talking to her.

“Is it something similar?” Meng Qi blinked, her steps slowing down a bit. She pondered for a moment and then asked directly, “The ancient Ten Absolutes Mountain was said to be a place where the ten most powerful cultivators of the era could enter. Those who entered had the opportunity to directly comprehend the Great Dao, which greatly benefited when they finally ascended.”

“What else do you know?” Ji Wujiong asked.

“Well…” Meng Qi’s knowledge about Ten Absolutes Mountain solely came from the books she read in Beyond The Heaven. At the time, she only skimmed through the records casually, mainly because there were so many legends about the bygone golden era of ancient times. With legends, hearsay, and rumors mixed in, it was almost impossible for modern people to discern facts from falsehood.


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  1. Xing from Xingluo means star, and Yue from Jingyuetian means moon

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