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THDP Ch 133 Part 5 – The Truth Behind Her Return (V)

Meng Qi gently trembled as she raised her own hand.

The rules mandated by the Heavenly Dao couldn’t be violated, much less reversed.

So how had she come back to life and even returned to the past?

She looked at her white fingers; her body was real, her skin was warm, and the blood and aura in her body were also real.

How did she come back?!

Meng Qi rolled over again, carefully putting away the jade token in her hand. In this world ruled by Heavenly Dao where time flowed inexorably forward, it was impossible for her, an insignificant being, to be an exception to this rule.

But she had really come back to life once, and it seemed that she had even shaken Lu Qingran’s luck as the beloved darling of heaven.

She used to think it was just her luck.

Now, when she thought about it, all the answers pointed to one person…

Yun Qingyan!

No! How could she still sleep now?!

Meng Qi suddenly shook her head and sat up. She crossed her legs on the bed, and two profound-grade spirit stones jumped out of her storage space, landing in her left and right hands. Tightly grasping both stones, she closed her eyes and began meditating.

The aura within the spirit stones followed the array inscribed on her palm and flowed up her meridians through her arms. The spiritual aura contained within a profound-grade spirit stone was roughly equivalent to the spiritual sea’s capacity of a Great Ascension first realm cultivator. This was far more than the current Meng Qi could handle. Her face, which had three narrow black marks on it, began to change instantly. It seemed like something was wildly surging beneath her skin, ready to burst through at any moment, leaving three scars on her cheek.

“Ugh…” Meng Qi let out a muffled groan, her forehead covered in cold sweat, and the back of her blue robe was instantly turned damp with sweat. Wherever the spiritual aura passed through her meridians, a tremendous pain akin to being cut by tens of thousands of small knives ran through her spines.

Cultivation was inherently a defiance against heaven. The cultivation methods in the Three Thousand Worlds had been passed down for tens of thousands of years to reach their current state, but the method Meng Qi was using now was obviously unorthodox. Compared to cultivating ordinarily, each moment felt like torture, and the thunder tribulations she would face were far more terrifying and powerful.

Her previous Golden Core to Nascent Soul tribulation had already been at that scale, grand enough to have alarmed Jingyuetian. Those who had come to check but were driven away by Ji Wujiong were all elders of the Void Comprehending stage and above. Needless to say, they wouldn’t have appeared if it was an ordinary Nascent Soul tribulation.

When she broke through from the Nascent Soul to the Spirit Severing stage, the tribulation’s severity would only increase exponentially. And once she advanced to the Void Comprehending… As powerful as Ji Wujiong was, even he only dared to suppress his cultivation and waited until he entered the Starfallen Sea to face his tribulation.

When Ji Wujiong talked about others, he was as cunning as a snake, but when he mentioned his own matters, he was surprisingly casual. Thinking about it now, he probably had a narrow escape. And this was Ji Wujiong we were talking about — a man who still maintained his arrogance even when his life was hanging in the balance during the Grand Tournament’s final test. Even later, when he mentioned this particular moment, his tone was playful and easy, as if it were just child’s play for him.

No, she should stop here — Meng Qi shook her head and gathered her focus. For now, she shouldn’t think too much and just concentrate on cultivating. Her natural talent in cultivation was not high, and if she continued like this, it might take her four to five decades to barely touch the edge of the Void Comprehending stage. At this rate, if she wanted to reach the peak of Void Comprehending and enter the legendary realm of profound, earth, and heaven, one or two centuries might not be enough.

An hour later, the two profound-grade spirit stones in the palms of Meng Qi’s hands dimmed. She opened her eyes, and a black mist escaped from her mouth. Meng Qi lowered her head to look at her open palms. The two spirit stones had turned into small piles of white ashes in her palms. With a wave of her hand, they dissipated into the air.

She slumped on the bed, unable to even move a finger. Her entire body was in tremendous pain and she was soaked all over in sweat. Even so, the two profound-grade spirit stones had only slightly increased the size of her spiritual sea, a negligible improvement.

—To go from Nascent Soul to Spirit Severing, she probably needed tens of thousands of profound-grade, much more than the stash she currently had.

Just then, there was a loud ‘bang,’ and the door was suddenly kicked open from the outside. Ji Wujiong walked in with long strides. His expression was darker than his clothes, and he looked at the collapsed Meng Qi on the bed, his eyebrows furrowing tightly.

Ji Wujiong reached out and tightly grabbed Meng Qi’s wrist. “Are you trying to get yourself killed?!” He let go of her wrist, and two mermaid pearls flew out of his storage pouch, floating around Meng Qi. A sea-like aura instantly filled the room, enveloping her completely.

“Didn’t I just tell you?! You just finished your tribulation. Don’t be so impatient!” Ji Wujiong scolded, his eyebrows furrowing tightly.

“It’s… fine…” Meng Qi struggled for quite a while before she could finally speak. She slowly said, “I… I… am a medical cultivator. I know what I’m doing.” She took a deep inhale.

Ji Wujiong almost burst into angry laughter. “Alright, alright! You know what you’re doing.” He turned his head slightly, looking at the three black marks on Meng Qi’s face, which were even more pronounced than before.

“I’m fine.” Meng Qi slowly pushed herself up on the bed, unperturbed. She casually ran her hand through her hair, then looked up at Ji Wujiong. “Shall we go to Jingyuetian now?”

“…can you even walk?” He asked.

“Yes.” Meng Qi flicked his finger slightly and took out a porcelain bottle from her storage space, “Just give me a moment.” She poured out a pill and ate it.

Ji Wujiong nodded. He crossed his arms and watched Meng Qi as she sat down with her legs crossed. There was no light in the room, save for the radiant glow emitted by the mermaid pearls, softly illuminating the girl’s elegant face.

Tsk, it’s not very pleasant to see a young girl with these three scars on her face—he thought, touching his own face with his hand. Well, maybe he was not one to talk, but this girl, Meng Qi, had always been a bit different from the others.

Did she really not care about her appearance?

The Demon Realm was full of countless beauties; surpassing those in the Three Thousand Worlds and the Devil Realm.

How could she remain so unfazed?

“Let’s go.” After a moment, Meng Qi opened her eyes and looked at the two mermaid pearls with some envy. She also needed to find a way to get mermaid pearls. They were too useful, especially for treating internal injuries. In her opinion, every medical cultivator should have a pair of mermaid pearls.

“Meng Qi,” Ji Wujiong suddenly became serious, “Jingyuetian is not an ordinary sect. The patient you are looking for will definitely have experts around him. After all, the Devil Realm is still searching for him, and the lord of that Devil Seat has offered a very high price for his life. So, when we get there, you must follow my lead.”

“Okay.” Meng Qi nodded obediently. “I understand.”

In fact, Ji Wujiong was not worried. He knew that once Meng Qi made a promise; she meant it. Meng Qi was sensible and obedient. When they fought side by side in the Great Tournament’s barrier, he had seen it clearly. Even if her cultivation was not enough and she couldn’t fight well, she would never become a burden.

At this, he had nothing to worry about.

“So…” Ji Wujiong paused, his expression still serious, “Do you still have enough profound-grade spirit stones?”

Meng Qi: “…”

Ji Wujiong cleared his throat a couple of times as his face showed a rare hint of embarrassment. But he quickly became serious again, looking Meng Qi directly in the eyes and saying confidently, “Give me some.”


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  1. I don’t understand why Meng Qi feels the need to progress to the highest cultivation level, just before ascension, so quickly; even a few hundred years is too long for her whereas others would only be grateful to have such accelerated progress in their cultivation. I wish she would take her health and safety more seriously, especially because she is a medical cultivator and should understand that impatience in anything doesn’t help the situation, but only negatively impacts it.

    Thanks for the chapter! 😀

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