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THDP Ch 136 Part 1 – Tianhai Pavilion (I)

Meng Qi blinked her eyes, looking at the jade slip in her hand with some disbelief. It was delicate and exquisite, and she had originally thought it had fallen in the Starfallen Sea, which made her a bit regretful because she didn’t know when she could get one again.

After all, Beyond The Heaven was…

Ji Wujiong glanced at the jade slip in her hand and raised the corner of his lips, asking, “Beyond The Heaven?”

“Yes,” Meng Qi nodded. She turned and walked towards her room. “I’m going to Beyond The Heaven.” After saying this, she closed the door behind her.

There were two rooms in the courtyard, one for each of them. After Meng Qi left, the black-robed young man didn’t return to his room. He remained standing in the courtyard with his hands behind his back, silently gazing at the closed door. His expression appeared quite serious, with deep and profound eyes, as if he were seriously contemplating something. The Apricot Forest, Grand Tournament, Lin Yan, Starfallen Sea… and now, Jingyuetian and Ten Absolutes Mountain!

Slowly clenching his hands, Ji Wujiong’s gaze flickered slightly. He exerted more and more force, and veins started to bulge on the back of his hand, his skin turning somewhat pale. Ji Wujiong was originally very handsome, and even the three scars on his face didn’t conceal his attractiveness. But now, those three scars seemed to deepen continuously, even distorting. It was as if three reptiles were crawling on his face, twisting and writhing horrendously.


Ji Wujiong’s tense expression eventually relaxed, and he released his clenched fists, returning to his usual arrogant and prideful look. After slowly exhaling a breath, he turned to walk toward his room.

He had actually come this far…

Ji Wujiong lowered his head slightly and gazed at the palm of his own hand. A thin black line had appeared there. The black line extended from the veins on his wrist, but it didn’t look particularly frightening. After staring at it for a moment, he clasped his hands together, causing the black line to disappear beneath his skin.

With a creak, the door opened and then closed. The courtyard once again became quiet. Only the wind rustled through the flowers and trees, occasionally leaving behind a rustling sound.

Inside the room, Meng Qi sat in a chair, holding the jade slip in her hand. She closed her eyes and poured in a strand of aura. In the blink of an eye, the grand city, no longer unfamiliar, appeared before her. Meng Qi took a deep breath and hurried toward the city gates. It hadn’t been long since she was here last, but she felt a strange sense of nostalgia, mixed with some melancholy.

Meng Qi couldn’t help but look up at the highest floating island. The sky was filled with white clouds, the azure sky was crystal clear, and everything was exceptionally clean. She knew she couldn’t go to that floating island right now, so after a quick glance, she withdrew her gaze. She paused briefly and thought for a moment, eventually deciding not to head directly toward the Heaven And Earth Bookhall.

Although Beyond The Heaven City was vast, there were many teleportation arrays scattered everywhere. Cultivators were bustling along the streets, making it look similar to the cities in the Three Thousand Worlds. Meng Qi had always rushed in and out during her previous visits and hadn’t had the chance to explore in leisure. Seeing cultivators coming and going, even though she knew it had nothing to do with her, she couldn’t help but feel delighted.

That person… he was truly amazing.

Everything he did was extremely impressive.

Thinking of this, Meng Qi couldn’t help but look up again at the highest floating island.

Although Beyond The Heaven Restaurant was the signature establishment, it was not the only eatery in Beyond The Heaven. Along the streets of the city, in addition to various shops, there were also several restaurants. People came and went, making the place look quite lively. Meng Qi’s gaze swept over the names of the lining shops. She wasn’t here just for leisure. Besides visiting the Heaven And Earth Bookhall, her main goal was to prepare for the Ten Absolutes Mountain. The mountain trial might be a minor version compared to the real one, but naturally, preparing some life-saving items would be the best option. Beyond The Heaven had almost everything one could wish for, providing items from all corners of the Three Thousand Worlds.

Meng Qi didn’t hurry. As she strolled around, she casually entered a shop operated by a refinery cultivation sect. The shop had limited items, and the disciple in charge sat behind the counter, holding a bamboo slip. When he heard Meng Qi entering, he merely raised his head briefly to glance at her before returning to his reading.

Meng Qi walked around inside, her gaze passing over the artifacts and weapons on display. Similar to medical cultivators, many ancient inheritances of refinery cultivators had disappeared in the river of time. During the long period of almost ten thousand years, refinery cultivators were in a much worse state than medical cultivators. They developed slowly, with most of them had to survive by becoming affiliated with major sword or spell sects. This situation continued until a few hundred years ago, when a talented disciple from a certain refinery sect found a jade slip in the Starfallen Sea containing a lot of ancient refinery knowledge that had become extinct. Only then did the refinery cultivation start to rise again.

In the recent few hundred years, the refinery cultivation had seen significant development, and the sect that found the legacy in the Starfallen Sea, Tianhai Pavilion, had even become one of the top ten major sects in the Northern Realm within three hundred years. This was something unimaginable even just a thousand years ago.

This shop was operated by Tianhai Pavilion, and even the young disciple responsible for its operation carried a trace of pride belonging to a major sect. Tianhai Pavilion also set up an establishment on the floating islands, a privilege restricted to the top ten major sects of the four realms. The shop above was where they conducted the real business, and the small shop down in the city sold only relatively ordinary items.

After looking around for a while, Meng Qi looked back at the disciple and asked, “Excuse me, Fellow Daoist. May I see the best defensive artifacts you have here?”

“Defensive artifacts?” The disciple finally looked at Meng Qi. After a moment of contemplation, he took out a small box from the side and placed it gently on the counter. “Fellow Daoist can take a look at this.”

“This is a defensive artifact made from thousand-year cold iron mixed with Xuanjin Silk. It requires the infusion of spiritual aura to use.” As the Tianhai Pavilion disciple introduced the item, he opened the box. Inside the sandalwood box lay a somewhat rough-looking black bracelet, finely crafted with some simple patterns engraved on it. The disciple pushed the box towards Meng Qi and said, “It is a fourth-realm defensive artifact, usable for cultivators at the Nascent Soul stage and above.”

Meng Qi picked the bracelet up and casually examined it without expressing any clear judgment. She looked refined and young, and even though most cultivators appeared youthful, judging by her current appearance, the disciple estimated she might be at the Nascent Soul or Spirit Severing stage. The disciple himself came from one of the top ten major sects and had spent a long time in Beyond The Heaven, so he had broad knowledge. He observed the azure robe Meng Qi was wearing, which didn’t have any clear sect markings. While it was possible to conceal one’s identity in Beyond The Heaven, disciples from major sects, especially those from the top ten major sects of the four realms, rarely hid their affiliations. After all, it was something to be proud of.

The disciple, therefore, surmised that Meng Qi probably came from a medium-level sect and was one of the more talented disciples there, seeing that she was given the privilege to enter Beyond The Heaven at a fairly young age.

Regardless, no matter how talented she might be, she likely didn’t have many spirit stones.


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  1. Ji Wujiong seems a little too concerned about Meng Qi’s “lucky” encounters with things that have only benefited her. I hope he’s not planning on using her for something else beyond a disciple because he seems to care a lot about her, even without the master-disciple relationship.

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