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ATCF Ch 40 Part 1 – A Well-Matched Pair of Grandfather and Granddaughter (I)

After receiving the results of the high school entrance exam, everyone began thinking about their school selection. Jiang Li didn’t hesitate and directly chose Minjiang First High School.

Because of the school selection, Tong Yi specifically called her to say that he had chosen to enroll in Minjiang International School’s high school division.

Curious, Jiang Li asked, “Are you planning to return to China for the college entrance exam?” In the novel she had read, Tong Yi was merely a background character, and his storyline had already concluded before the high school entrance exam. She was certain that Tong Yi did not take the domestic college entrance exam, as the top scorer that year was the male lead, Qin Zheng.

“I don’t know yet. I’ll keep my student status for now and decide later,” Tong Yi replied nonchalantly.

Before Jiang Li could respond, he added, “If I beat you in the college entrance exam, would you be willing to call me ‘big brother’?”

Jiang Li: …

She didn’t understand why this Big Sleepyhead was so fixated on being called ‘big brother.’ Perhaps he thought the country owed him a little sister!

After thinking for a moment, Jiang Li replied, “Call me ‘aunt’ for three years first. When the college entrance exam comes, I’ll consider your request.”

“Jiang Xiao Li, you are going too far!” Tong Yi protested.

Ignoring him, Jiang Li hung up the phone, opened the QQ messaging app, and browsed through the group messages. After inviting the whole class to her banquet, many of them added her as a friend and included her in various group chats. Although she didn’t actively participate in these groups, she occasionally checked to see what others were discussing.

So, even though she didn’t interact much with her classmates, Jiang Li still had a general idea of their situations.

For example: Qin Zheng had applied to Minjiang First High School, but Jiang Ruo chose to stay in Minjiang International School. Like this, the male and female leads of the novel had unexpectedly gone their separate ways.

Another example was Shen Mian, who had been advised by the school to undergo psychological treatment at home. After resolving her issues, she made remarkable progress and scored an impressive 640 points in the entrance examination.

When Shen Mian’s name came up, many people said she reaped what she had sown. If it weren’t for her targeting Jiang Li during the 800-meter run, she wouldn’t have lost 15 points, and her score would have been 655. That was a high enough point to make her eligible for a scholarship at Minjiang First High School.

But most of the gossip revolved around Zhou Li, who had scored only 530 points. As the only student in Minjiang International School’s honors class who didn’t meet the requirements for admission to a top high school, Zhou Li received significant attention, second only to Jiang Li and Qin Zheng, the ‘two students who do well in the exam.’

It was said that when he first saw his results, he couldn’t believe it. He argued that even if his performance was poor, he couldn’t have scored zero in physics!

It wasn’t until someone reminded him to check whether he had misspelled his student ID that Zhou Li wore an expression of utter disbelief.

Regarding this incident, many classmates couldn’t help but gloat and say that Zhou Li was getting his just deserts.

The reason was simple: he often used his phone to take sneaky pictures, and the worst part was that he intentionally created misleading angles to make it look like two people were being intimate.

Reading her classmates’ comments, Jiang Li suddenly remembered that someone had anonymously posted photos of her and Tong Yi before. If she guessed right, Zhou Li should be the one who had taken the photos secretly.

In the end, Jiang Li couldn’t help but type a short sentence: “serves him right.”

As soon as she sent those words, the group chat exploded with messages. Seeing the flood of messages in the chat box, Jiang Li calmly exited the messaging app and went to prepare for bed.

As a healthy person with a regular daily routine, she refused to waste her limited time on earth caring about meaningless gossip.

Upon learning that Tong Yi had applied to Minjiang International School, the administrators of the high school division were practically beaming with joy. Sure, Tong Yi’s exam scores might not be particularly excellent, but the fact that he hadn’t even participated in the PE exam and still managed to perform well was quite a feat. Furthermore, he had taken a two-year hiatus from school and had developed a penchant for sleeping during classes, making his results even more remarkable!

While Tong Yi had planned to stay abroad throughout his high school years, it wasn’t a problem. As long as he returned in time to take the college entrance examination as a student of Minjiang International, any honors resulting from his achievement would be credited to their school!

This was also the case with Jiang Li — who had spent most of her junior high days in a county-level school. After her exam results were out, who paid attention to her former school?

The leadership at Minjiang International School was genuinely elated, but Tong Bingran’s mood was the opposite. His nephew, who had initially planned to go abroad before the high school entrance exams, had suddenly postponed his plans and decided to participate in the exams.

When he first heard about it, he simply dismissed it with a laugh. How funny — someone who had missed 50 points in the PE exam and always dozed off during class — what kind of result could he possibly achieve?

What’s more, Tong Yi had neglected his studies for more than two years. Even if he had once been a very smart child, those times were long behind him.

Tong Bingran thus watched with amusement, intending to check his nephew’s score once it was out, and quickly spread the news across his social circle.

However, when he learned of Tong Yi’s scores, Tong Bingran could no longer laugh.

Did these scores really belong to his nephew, a kid who had previously whiled away his days and was only good at fighting?

Tong Bingran swiftly realized that his nephew had definitely been pretending to be a wastrel all this time.

Had Tong Yi planned everything as a counterattack before going abroad, or did he want to prove himself to the Feng family?


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