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TGCF Ch 18 Part 3 – What Does It Feel to Become Rich Overnight? (III)

Xia Mian nearly spit out her double-skin milk, “Who taught you to call him brother?”

Xiao Feng sipped on his double-skin milk and tilted his little head, “Brother Ning told me.”

Xia Mian pouted, “He dares to call himself brother? You should call him grandpa—…”

Suddenly, Xia Mian remembered that Dr. Ning seemed to be from Yan City! And his family is super rich!

Her decision to take Xiao Feng to Yan City was because she lived there in her previous life — for simplicity’s sake, let’s refer to it as such — and was relatively familiar with the city.

However, while this novel’s background might be based on reality, it still has some discrepancies. What if Yan City was different from the one she lived in? Moreover, having someone familiar help was always better than blindly exploring a new place. Plus, collecting stamps at a high price was a game for the wealthy. Considering she might eventually need to sell one or two stamps, building a good relationship with Dr. Ning downstairs is quite necessary.

“If he tells you to call him Brother Ning, then call him Brother Ning,” Xia Mian said pragmatically. “Auntie doesn’t mind having an extra nephew.”

“Let’s go. We’re sending Brother Ning some double-skin milk!”

After delivering two bowls to Aunt Liu’s house across the door, Xia Mian and Xiao Feng went downstairs, just in time to meet Dr. Ning returning home from work at noon.

Xia Mian immediately put on an enthusiastic smile, “Dr. Ning, welcome back!”

As she spoke, she gently nudged Xiao Feng, who also raised his little face and greeted in a well-behaved manner, “Brother Ning.”

Ning Shaobai was somewhat surprised. He patted the tuft on Xiao Feng’s head gently, but his face was blatantly wary when he looked at Xia Mian, “What mischief are you plotting this time?”

Xia Mian took two deep breaths and responded with her softest, gentlest voice, “How could that be? I’m sorry about what happened before. This is a double-skin milk that I made myself. Please, have a taste.”

Ning Shaobai mimicked her soft and gentle tone, “Did you personally poison it?”

Xia Mian: “…”

Given his current behavior, now she wished she had done it!

But for Xiao Feng’s sake, she must endure! Struggling to maintain her fake smile, Xia Mian said again, “Dr. Ning really has a sense of humor. This is very delicious, you know? I’ve also put a lot of fruit dices.”

Just then, a tall girl entered through the building’s main door, her face lighting up upon seeing a certain Monk Tang1, “Dr. Ning, good afternoon.” Seeing Xia Mian holding the fruit dices in front of Ning Shaobai, she thought the handsome Dr. Ning was being hassled again, so she immediately came to the rescue, “Little girl, Dr. Ning doesn’t like strawberries. Please, don’t trouble him anymore.” After finishing her sentence, she gave Dr. Ning a modest smile and slowly went upstairs, swaying her graceful waist.

Xia Mian looked down at the strawberry dices in the bowl, her eyes silently asking: You really don’t like them?

Ning Shaobai sneered, his gaze replying: You apologize with something I don’t want, and say sorry with something I don’t like.

Teacher Mi, hearing the noise, came out to see, “Xiao Bai, who are you talking to? Why not come in?”

Xia Mian put on a well-behaved smile again and handed over the two bowls of double-skinned milk in the basket, “Teacher Mi, I made this for you and Uncle Chen to try.”

“Oh, they look good,” Teacher Mi was delighted, “I’ve heard from Xinmei that you’re a skilled cook, Xia Mian. Come in, we just cut a watermelon and can’t finish it.”

Originally planning to leave after delivering the gifts, Xia Mian now took the opportunity to enter with Xiao Feng. She politely placed the three bowls of double-skin milk on the table and asked Engineer Chen, who was reading the newspaper, “Mr. Chen, what fruit do you like? And what about Teacher Mi?”

Engineer Chen glanced at the fruit dices and said, “We like everything. What’s this, tofu pudding? It’s made so tenderly.”

“It’s not tofu pudding, it’s double-skin milk.” Xia Mian explained while placing the fruit dices on top, “It’s made from milk and eggs, suitable for both you and Teacher Mi.”

Engineer Chen became interested, “Oh, then I must try it.”

Teacher Mi just happened to bring over the spoons. Ning Shaobai had just sat down at the table when a bowl of double-skin milk was pushed in front of him, his face expressionless as he stared at the nearly protruding strawberry dices.

Xia Mian looked at him eagerly, “Dr. Ning, please have a taste. This is really delicious.” As she spoke, she patted Xiao Feng, who immediately looked up and said in a sweet, milky voice, “Brother Ning, try it. This is really delicious.”

Ning Shaobai: “…”

Upon hearing this, Teacher Mi chided with a smile, “Who taught you that? How can you call him Brother Ning?”

Engineer Chen chuckled, “Xiao Bai was teasing the kid yesterday,” he said kindly to Xiao Feng, “You can’t call him Brother Ning; the seniority doesn’t match.”

Xiao Feng looked confused, and Xia Mian quickly added, “It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s just a title. If Dr. Ning likes it, I don’t mind.”

Ning Shaobai: “…”

This stinky girl!

Xia Mian returned to the second floor in good spirits. The summer afternoon day gradually quieted down. Just as Xia Mian was dozing off with Xiao Feng in her arms, a loud ‘bang bang’ knocking suddenly came. Just by the sound, she could tell that the visitor had no good intentions.

Xiao Feng, who was just about to fall asleep, was startled awake. As Xia Mian was walking to the door, the banging noise came again. She opened the door displeased, only to frown even more upon seeing the people standing outside.

She hadn’t expected these people to come looking for her again.

Standing outside the door was Brother Jitou from yesterday, but today he had taken on the underling posture, with two older-looking men in charge. The leader of the two slowly took off his sunglasses and hung them on the collar of his floral-print shirt. He eyed Xia Mian up and down — a look of astonishment in his eyes. He then smirked, raising his eyebrows in a manner he thought was charming, and said, “So, you’re Xia Mian?”

Xia Mian ignored him and turned to Brother Jitou, “Who are they? What do you want?”

Brother Jitou’s eyes darted around, looking at the man with the sunglasses, “Our boss Brother Long and Brother Hu here have business with you.”2

The sunglasses man wiped his lower lip with his thumb, looked around, and his gaze landed on the security door, “Aren’t you going to invite us in? You sure you want to talk to us like this?”

Brother Hu, the tattooed man with a large stature but a hunched back, ogled Xia Mian without any attempt to hide his lecherous gaze, “We can talk like this if you want, but soon everyone here will know you’re our woman.”

Xia Mian looked back, saw that the guest room door was closed, and then opened the door to let them in.

Seeing Xia Mian opening the door, the two men acted as if they had already secured their prey, with Brother Long sitting down on the couch with a thud.

The tattooed Brother Hu looked around the room from top to bottom, eventually pushing open the door to the master bedroom and saying with satisfaction, “Brother Long, that room is pretty nice.”

After saying that, he pulled out two cigarettes and handed one to Brother Long, while Jitou quickly took out a lighter from his pocket to light the cigarettes for them.

Xia Mian didn’t say a word. She went straight to the kitchen and brought back a bowl of water.

Brother Long took a puff and blew out a smoke ring, then said disdainfully, “Little girl, you took so much money from us yesterday, and now you’re trying to fob us off with tap water?” He pointed to the fruit plate on the cabinet, “Bring that over here.”

Xia Mian was surprised. These people actually thought she was serving them water? That was really amusing.

She couldn’t even be bothered to roll her eyes and simply flung the water out, drenching both men and extinguishing their cigarettes.

“There is a child in the house; smoking is not allowed.”

“Damn it…” Brother Long was about to stand up angrily, “You bitch…!!!”

Xia Mian jammed the porcelain bowl into his mouth, causing a loud clack of teeth, and forced Brother Long to fall back onto the couch.

She said impatiently, “Keep it down, my nephew just fell asleep.”

Brother Hu didn’t take the hint and charged at her, shouting, “You…!!!”

Xia Mian clicked her tongue in annoyance and, using the bowl still stuck in Brother Long’s mouth for leverage, delivered a flying kick that silenced Brother Hu, his jaw dislocating along with Brother Long’s.

Wincing from the pain, Xia Mian lowered her leg. This stupid guy was quite tall, and the kick had strained the muscle she had overstretched the day before while doing splits, giving her a sore. She turned to Jitou, the only one still able to speak, “Now, tell me, what else did Zhang Qiming ask you to do?”

Brother Jitou glanced at Brother Long and Brother Hu, subconsciously touching the camera hanging around his neck.

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  1. Monk Tang and Monkey King (Sun Wukong) from Journey to the West.
  2. Jitou: chicken head, Long: dragon, Hu: tiger. Just some cliche gangsters’ names.

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  1. What did the scum brother-in-law ask them to violate or harm her and take photographs as evidence?!?

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