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THDP Ch 154 Part 1 – To Kill and To Believe (I)

“I’m going to the next challenge,” Meng Qi said, stepping towards the edge of the grassland. “Are you going later?” She paused, looking back at the others.

“Ah, yes…” Sikong Xing stared absentmindedly at Meng Qi.

“Alright,” Meng Qi nodded. She stepped forward, and her blue-robed figure instantly vanished from the spot.

The remaining few exchanged looks. Chu Tianfeng’s expression was not very pleasant. He glanced between Qin Xiumo and Sikong Xing, his gaze moved around for a while and finally rested on Pei Mufeng and Li Che.

As for Qin Xiumo, he remained silent. His eyelids slightly lowered, hiding the light in his eyes.

Li Che stood bewildered, looking at the spot where Meng Qi had just disappeared, and then turned baffledly at Sikong Xing, “What does that mean?”

Pei Mufeng, on the other hand, was the only one who looked calm. He stood still, not leaving immediately.

After a while, Sikong Xing finally returned to her senses and broke the silence, “A Dao companion? When did Meng Qiqi get a Dao companion?” She was still in disbelief, “When did this happen? How come I knew nothing about it?”

“A Dao companion…” Chu Tianfeng stared blankly at the spot where Meng Qi had disappeared, then suddenly jumped up, “She has a Dao companion? When did that happen? Who is that guy? Could it be…” His expression darkened, turning to Qin Xiumo, “She’s been with Ji Wujiong after leaving the Starfallen Sea. Could it be that bastard?” Chu Tianfeng’s face turned extremely sour.

“It can’t be!” Sikong Xing protested, “Ji Wujiong has always wanted Meng Qiqi as his disciple, right?”

“Heh, naïve!” Chu Tianfeng scoffed, “Ji Wujiong may have the aura of a human cultivator, but his actions are more like those unscrupulous bastards from the Devil Realm. Disciple or whatnot, do you think he will care?” He paused for a moment, then exploded again: “And you’ve seen it, haven’t you? After leaving the Starfallen Sea, he obviously knew something, and Meng Qiqi suddenly got closer to him and even agreed to call him ‘master’. Maybe this despicable guy used the same tactics to coerce Meng Qiqi again!” Chu Tianfeng became more and more convinced, “He’s been pestering Meng Qiqi so stubbornly, who knows what his motives are? He’s definitely up to no good!”

“…What do you think?” After a moment of silence, Sikong Xing turned to Qin Xiumo.

“Have you forgotten the thing Meng Qiqi carried around in the Starfallen Sea?” Qin Xiumo said calmly, “It’s more likely to be that person.” He didn’t specify who, but everyone there, except for Li Che’s two fellow disciples and one Xingluo Pavilion disciple, had fought together in the Starfallen Sea and quickly caught on.

“But…” Sikong Xing was shocked, struggling to speak, “But if it’s that person, then Meng Qiqi would be… would be our…”

Sikong Xing’s voice trailed off. Her throat was parched, and her lips felt dry as she tried her best to find her words. It all seemed incredible. She shook her head, feeling dizzy with shock. If Meng Qiqi’s Dao companion was indeed that person, then she would be someone of extraordinary significance!

The Demon Monarch Order appeared once every few centuries, and all members of celestial demon clans were eligible to participate in the battle of the throne. For this reason, the White Tiger clan, despite producing countless geniuses and generations of monarchs, never held absolute dominance in the Demon Realm. Every time the Demon Monarch Order emerged, opening the selection for the next ruler, many powerful demons would stir, aiming to claim the title.

Not too long ago, rumors circulated that the current Demon Monarch, the White Tiger Sovereign Yun Qingyan, had practiced a forbidden array and incurred divine punishments as a result. He was struck by a heavenly tribulation, jointly invoked by the will of the Three Realms, and after failing to overcome it, he was severely injured and disappeared without a trace.

Those capable of contending for the Demon Monarch Order were overjoyed. In no time, the Demon Realm was engulfed in turbulent changes, with various forces ready to take action. The ruling class of the Demon Realm had always been divided into three factions. One faction aligned with the human race, willing to collaborate and maintain friendly relations, even engaging in regular trade. The second faction consisted of demon cultivators who remained neutral, neither favoring nor advocating hostility against humans. The third, and last, faction believed demons should be the sovereigns of the Three Realm, looking down upon both human cultivators and devil cultivators.

Although Yun Qingyan did not overtly align with humans, his trusted subordinate, Su Junmo, had been frequently present in the Three Thousand Worlds, maintaining a friendly relationship with various major human sects. During his reign as the Demon Monarch, Yun Qingyan was known for his laissez-faire leadership, rarely intervening in the affairs of various demon clans, allowing them freedom to develop. Therefore, most demon clans categorized him as part of the first faction.

Those intent on strengthening the Demon Realm and establishing demons as rulers of the Three Realm naturally disliked his approach. However, Yun Qingyan was incredibly powerful. Sikong Xing had never seen him in action, but she had heard countless times from her elders about his genius and unparalleled strength. This youngest Demon Monarch in the history of the Demon Realm was so powerful that even those opposing him had to acknowledge that if any demon could break through the void and ascend for the first time in millennia, it would be Yun Qingyan.

The tales Sikong Xing heard about Yun Qingyan were always filled with splendor and glory, painting him as a legendary figure, unbeatable in battle. Since he first seized the Demon Monarch Order three hundred years ago, those ambitious celestial demons with eyes on the title no longer dared to make a move. Countless demons adored him, enough to fill all the Nine Heavens of the Demon Realm…

But such a legendary figure was suddenly rumored to suffer injuries, and a severe one on top of that. Of course, it was unthinkable. When the news first spread a year ago, no demon cultivator believed it.

Sikong Xing had also heard about the rumor at the time. Her father, though not involved in the internal politics of the Red Fox clan, was still a noble of the clan. Back then, even the Red Fox clan found it hard to believe such news. In their eyes, the idea of Yun Qingyan being injured was laughable and a blatant lie at best. Anyone who had ever seen him in action would never believe such a lie. Those ambitious celestial demons who didn’t dare to contend with Yun Qingyan for the title of Demon Monarch, yet still harbored ambitions, became even more cautious. They suspected the rumor was a trap set by Yun Qingyan to lure out ambitious contenders and eliminate them in one swoop.

During that time, those ambitious demons became increasingly respectful and cautious in their actions, not even daring to entertain their ambitions in their dreams. However, gradually, the rumor grew more intense. Yun Qingyan had stopped appearing in public eyes, and some ceremonies that required the Demon Monarch’s presence were conducted by his trusted subordinates or the elders of the White Tiger clan.

This situation caused a lot of speculations, but nothing considerable happened until about a year ago, when the current longest-living elder of the Phoenix clan had successfully undergone his eighth Nirvana. The elder had finally touched the edge of the heavenly dao and was just one Nirvana away from entering the Great Ascension stage. On the day of his 1,600th birthday celebration, which also marked his successful eighth Nirvana, Yun Qingyan was notably absent again.

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