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MSRV Extra 1 Part 1 – Happy Days (I)

SiYueV: Blessed to have you in my life. @YunjuanYunshu

YunjuanYunshuV: Looking forward to your guidance. @SiYue

The accompanying picture showed the two wearing matching rings and holding a marriage certificate.

One post stirred up a thousand waves, shattering the calm and igniting a storm on the internet.

As if the impact wasn’t enough, Si Yue posted another status not long after, directly stating that Wenwen is his biological son, accompanied by a photo of an authoritative paternity test. As for the reasons and details, they involved personal matters of the parties concerned, which he wouldn’t disclose. He only mentioned that it was his past mistake, for which he has now obtained Fu Yunruo’s forgiveness. He also hopes fans won’t over-interpret it.

The third post announced Si Yue’s official retirement from acting to take over his family business.

[Oh my god oh my god oh my god]


[Married? Biological son? Retiring? Too many bombshells, which one should I scream about first?!]

[What does this mean, Brother Yue? Ahhhh I’m going crazy!!!!]


The three explosive posts sent fans into a dizzying frenzy, unable to think straight with only screams echoing in their minds. In less than three minutes, all the top twenty trending spots on various social media platforms were dominated by this news. Within five minutes, major internet platforms crashed repeatedly, struggling to cope with the traffic, as even the backup servers couldn’t handle the flooding demands.

It took three hours before some of the bigger servers could stabilize somewhat. Despite the cooling time, both fans and onlookers alike were far from calm, with tens of thousands of new comments flooding in every second.

[Congratulations! Finally married!]

[Brother Yue finally has official status, us Little Moons are relieved…]

[Our cub is Brother Yue’s biological child!! Did I read that right?]

[Brother Yue is retiring? Nooooo…]

[Noo!!!! Don’t leave, Brother Yue…]

[To legitimize his child? No need to go that far, actually.]

[Biological or not, he is Brother Yue’s son, our little baby!]

The comments were uproarious, as if the fans had gone crazy. Who could blame them, though? The overwhelming amount of information was too much to digest. One moment they were celebrating their finally fulfilled CP, the next they were wailing as Si Yue announced his retirement. Then they were left to speculate and piece together the true story behind Wenwen’s parentage, even conjuring up a novel-length narrative. Their collective brains were about to explode from the strain.

For the past two years, Si Yue hasn’t released any new works. There were whispers in the industry and discussions among fans that he was planning to transition to a behind-the-scenes role as a producer and stop acting. However, as long as Si Yue didn’t make an official announcement, the fans kept clinging to hope.

As a result, he is announcing his retirement!

Countless fans howled and pleaded for Si Yue to stay and not retire from acting. Even threats of turning into haters couldn’t change his mind. After their initial shock and grief, the majority of fans extended their blessings.

For a moment, the fans experienced the full spectrum of emotions. The trending topics buzzed for an entire month, with countless fans flooding their official social media with laments, tantrums, and cute appeals. Thankfully, Yuan Xin was vigilant in monitoring online comments, keeping things under control. Only when the frenzy finally started to die down did he breathe a sigh of relief.

He must owe that bastard Si Yue a lot in his previous life! Typically low-profile, when Si Yue did make a move, it was huge, showing little consideration for his agent’s aging nerves. To take care of his most recent commotion, Yuan Xin hadn’t had a proper rest for nearly a month.

To be fair, Yuan Xin understood that each of these three announcements was inevitable and had predicted the massive uproar they would make individually. Si Yue, not wanting to constantly trend for the wrong reasons, decided to drop all the news at once, resulting in the past month’s chaos.

Once the fans calmed down, they realized that everything had signs pointing to it; it was just a matter of official confirmation. Although Si Yue and Fu Yunruo’s relationship was never officially announced, there were enough hints and speculations. Fans and passers-by alike had seen sightings of them together in public, displaying close intimacy, so they were not unaware.

Having followed Si Yue for years, fans knew he rarely had any scandals. The only exception was the one involving Fu Yunruo—the only ‘scandal’ he never suppressed or clarified. There was even an incident during Fu Yunruo’s livestream where Si Yue accidentally appeared, causing a three-day trending topic. At that time, Fu Yunruo claimed they were only friends, and Si Yue echoed her statement. Upon closer inspection, however, fans had the impression that Si Yue looked pained when clarifying, leading to an inside joke where fans teasingly asked Si Yue when he would get official status—they were looking forward to an official announcement! Unexpectedly, when Si Yue and Fu Yunruo really made the announcement, it was to inform the world about their marriage.

As for Wenwen being Si Yue’s biological son, there were previous comments about their resemblance, not in looks but in certain habits and demeanor. No one took it seriously then, attributing the similarities to a child’s tendency to imitate the adults. But then Si Yue dropped the bombshell…

Regardless of the truth, most fans believed what Si Yue said. They figured if it wasn’t true, why go through the trouble of making it up? Marrying Fu Yunruo would make Wenwen his son, anyway.

…well, a stepson and a biological son were not the same, but still…

Fans, exhausted by the bombardment of the three news, finally resigned themselves to the situation and started digesting the information.

Then they realized—even though Si Yue was retiring from acting, he wasn’t leaving the entertainment industry entirely. He has invested in many quality dramas and movies recently. Gradually, the fans came to terms with it. It didn’t matter if Si Yue wasn’t acting; as long as they could still catch glimpses of him and knew he was doing well, they were content. Being an investor was less tiring than acting in front of the camera, and all they lost was just one quality movie per year, nothing more… at least, that was the rationale the fans came up with to soothe their aching heart.

In any case, they still had their beloved little cub, Wenwen! Compared to Si Yue, Wenwen was even more naturally talented and impressive at a much younger age. They could be his fans for decades!

After Si Yue formally retired, fans continued to follow him quietly. His private life, once so well-hidden, started to surface occasionally, and his fans eagerly shared his updates. Those struggling to accept his retirement also came to terms. Their Brother Yue was moving on to manage his family’s business, achieving both success in love, career, and family. What more could they say? If they were in his position, wealthy and in love, they would want to take it easy, too!

Much to the joy of his fans, after marrying Fu Yunruo, Si Yue began to appear in her live streams openly, casually marking his presence as if to flaunt their married status.

While the internet was abuzz, Yunjuan Yunshu’s fans had mixed feelings. They were happy for their idol’s blissful marriage but saddened to see their beloved white cabbage taken. They felt sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy at the same time, and for a moment, didn’t know how to react.

In various fan groups, managers and fans alike shared their thoughts and worked together to guide the fan community in a positive direction. Many of these managers had been fans for years and were cooperating with Fu Yunruo’s studio when leading their fellow fans. While most of them were mature, rational adults, a few irrational and extreme fans did exist; fortunately, their negative voices were drowned out by the overwhelming wave of well-wishers, and they failed to stir up any splashes.

After the initial shock and subsequent joy faded, fans began to clamor for a glimpse of the wedding. They felt entitled to witness their idol’s special day. Not satisfied with just a marriage certificate photo and lacking even a wedding portrait, they weren’t having it. Just as the fervor was dying down, it surged again as fans collectively requested Si Yue and Fu Yunruo to share their wedding ceremony.

Fu Yunruo and Si Yue saw the flooding requests online and hesitated for a moment. They were planning to hold their wedding at the Si family estate in a month and were currently preparing for the event. It was initially planned to be a low-key affair, but with so many loyal fans eager to watch, Fu Yunruo was finally moved by their sobbing pleas. They couldn’t expose the Si family’s side, so they decided to select a segment from the recorded wedding video and post it online.

As for a live stream, that was out of the question.

Regarding wedding photos, the couple had taken quite a few. Fu Yunruo first posted a selection online, causing fans to cry tears of joy and causing them to trend again. The comments were rave: what a perfect match, straight out of a novel, handsome and beautiful, with matching temperaments…

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