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ATCF Ch 25 Part 2 – We Like Her Sowing Discord (II)

As Qin Zheng scrolled over the screenshots Shen Mian sent to the group, he knew his guess in the Office of Academic Affairs that day was correct.

Jiang Zhou had indeed manipulated Shen Mian, but his words could be taken as a slight hint at best, far from enough to hold him accountable. It was precisely this trickery that made him even more despicable.

After Jiang Zhou’s voice messages came out last night, Qin Zheng actually believed his narrative. After all, if the anonymous sender’s guess was correct, the Jiang family should have announced Jiang Li’s identity long ago.

Moreover, Jiang Li wasn’t a submissive one. Even if the Jiang family chose to make Jiang Li the adopted daughter because they favored Ruoruo, it was unlikely that Jiang Li would cooperate with them.

More importantly, if Jiang Li was truly the daughter of the Jiang family, then Ruoruo must have told him the truth long ago. There was no way Ruoruo would lie to him!

As for the similarities between Jiang Li and Aunt Feng, it was probably just a coincidence…

Now, the only remaining mystery was the animosity Jiang Zhou showed toward Jiang Li. What kind of deep hatred was worth it for Jiang Zhou to do everything possible to attack her?

Jiang Ruo’s refusal to answer his calls and messages last time had angered Qin Zheng, so he had stopped reaching out to her and was now waiting until she contacted him on her initiative.

But now, he couldn’t wait anymore and decided to ring her a call.

This time, the call was connected quickly, and Jiang Ruo’s voice came through the receiver: “You don’t believe my brother either, do you? Are you going to question me now?”

Jiang Ruo’s voice sounded particularly aggrieved, softening Qin Zheng’s heart. “Even if your brother did do those things, I wouldn’t question you for the sake of a stranger. I’m simply curious – what makes your brother hate Jiang Li so much?” He asked gently.

Jiang Ruo was silent for a few seconds, “It’s late now. I’m sleepy and want to rest. Good night, Qin Zheng.”

Qin Zheng: …

As the call disconnected, Qin Zheng’s brows furrowed, yet he remained helpless. With something like this happening, there’s no way Jiang Ruo could be sleeping soundly. Maybe she just didn’t want to talk to him, but who else did she want to speak with?

Her brother, Jiang Zhou?

Jiang Ruo was indeed with Jiang Zhou. After seeing the messages in the group, she immediately went to him and asked if those chat records were true.

Admitting to his actions without hesitation, Jiang Zhou explained that he couldn’t stand Jiang Li and wanted to give her a lesson. He then proceeded to ask Jiang Ruo if he had frightened her.

Jiang Ruo shook her head, “I know you did it for me, Brother. If… if only Jiang Li and I were never exchanged…”

With furrowed brows, Jiang Zhou firmly interjected, “There’s no ‘if,’ and I don’t wish for such possibilities either.” He then looked at Jiang Ruo and said softly, “I only have one younger sister, and that is you. Although Jiang Li and I are blood-related, I don’t recognize her as my younger sister.”

Upon hearing Jiang Zhou’s words, Jiang Ruo was momentarily overwhelmed with emotions and didn’t know what to say.

As for Jiang Zhou, he didn’t care about Shen Mian’s revelation. In his opinion, he would, at most, become the topic of gossip for a while. Still, it wouldn’t take long until a hotter gossip came out, and everyone forgot about it.

Rather than himself, he was more worried about Ruoruo being talked about. Now that everyone knew that he hated Jiang Li, they probably wouldn’t have a doubt about Jiang Li and Ruoruo’s identity anymore!

Still, there was a dangerous factor in the form of the Feng family. What Jiang Li said last night had left him feeling unsettled, and he couldn’t guess the Feng family’s stance in this matter.

After Jiang Li’s return, the entire Feng family was in a festive mood, and even the household staff had their faces beaming like it was Chinese New Year. The reason behind the joy was quite simple: Old Master Feng was thrilled to have his granddaughter return and, as a result, generously gifted each staff with a sizable red envelope, claiming it to be a work bonus.

Of course, no one believed this excuse. As a result, the household staff was very attentive when serving the newly returned Young Miss, lest they make her feel less than comfortable.

Fortunately, Miss Jiang Li had such a pleasant personality. Even towards the servants, she remained polite, and this had earned her their favor.

Meanwhile, the two brothers Feng Song and Feng Bai were currently browsing the school forum in an attempt to learn more about their younger sister’s life at school. Speaking of which, they were both top students, yet they couldn’t help feeling proud when they saw people in the forum praising Jiang Li’s academic performance. Although there were occasional sour remarks, the twins selectively ignored them. Their younger sister was too excellent; it was normal for some people to feel jealous of her!

However, when the two saw the post about Jiang Zhou instigating Shen Mian to fake a suicide and use it to morally blackmail Xiao Jiang Li, they were immediately furious.

Feng Bai did a quick check and confirmed that the screenshots posted had no traces of being edited. Plus the fact that Jiang Zhou didn’t come out to clarify, it did confirm that the chat records were true.

Feng Song pressed down his enraged younger brother and said, “We mustn’t let Grandpa know about this.”

“That bastard is simply inhuman. Why should we cover his ass for him?” Feng Bai argued.

Feng Song frowned and said, “Grandpa is too old to get worked up over something like this. Let’s handle it in private.”

Feng Bai was taken aback, “What is your idea?”

Feng Song’s expression turned cold, “Go and see his guardian.”

Feng Bai was surprised: “You mean Jiang Huai?”

Feng Song shook his head, “No, I mean Feng Yun.”

Feng Song had always called Feng Yun ‘Aunt’ before, but now he called her directly by name, indicating that he was truly furious.

Feng Bai snorted in displeasure, “You are going to find her? She only has Jiang Huai in her eyes. I think her brain has long been eaten by love and no longer has the capacity to think like a normal person.”

Feng Song’s face turned even colder, “If she doesn’t care, I don’t mind disciplining her son on her behalf.”

When Feng Song and Feng Bai came to see her, Feng Yun was first surprised, but also delighted. The fact that her two nephews were coming to visit showed that they still valued their relationship with their aunt, which made her very happy!

Could it be that Xiao Li’s return to the Feng family had quelled Dad’s anger, so the twins were willing to pay her a visit?

However, Feng Yun’s joy soon turned into an upset when her two nephews went straight to the point and told her what her son had done recently. “It’s impossible for A’Zhou to do such a thing. Have you misunderstood something?” Feng Yun’s eyes widened in disbelief.


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