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ATCF Ch 25 Part 3 – We Like Her Sowing Discord (III)

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“It’s impossible for A’Zhou to do such a thing. Have you misunderstood something?” Feng Yun’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Seeing her like this, Feng Bai cursed, “Don’t you know what kind of bastard your son is? Even the school forum has already picked up the evil things he committed. If you still have a brain, go ahead and check it yourself! You said you didn’t know when Jiang Ruo bullied Xiao Jiang Li. Now that it is obvious that Jiang Zhou has bullied Xiao Jiang Li, you said it’s impossible! Are you still a mother?!”

Feng Yun stepped back in reflex, shaking her head stubbornly, “This…this cannot be true. A’Zhou has no reason to harm Xiao Li. Besides, I asked him to deliver money to Xiao Li before, and he did it.”

Feng Bai’s anger only increased by Feng Yun’s words, but before he could speak, Feng Song interjected, “Are you sure the money really reached Xiao Jiang Li?”

If not for a shortage of money, how could Xiao Jiang Li be so desperate to milk the school coffer!

Just like he and his younger brother back then — he was obsessed with online games while his brother was obsessed with photography. Their allowance couldn’t keep up with their expensive hobbies, so they put their eyes on school to earn money.

Xiao Jiang Li didn’t seem to have such hobbies herself, yet she still lacked money. Clearly, she never received any money from the Jiang family!

Facing Feng Song’s accusation, Feng Yun started to falter.

Looking back now, A’Zhou and Xiao Li were indeed not very close…

Still… even if they were not close, it was hard to believe he would withhold his own sister’s living expenses! And regarding A’Zhou’s actions towards Xiao Li, was it truly as the twins claimed to be?

Feng Yun was silent for a long while, “I… I did tell A’Zhou to send it…” Her voice lacked confidence.

“You told him that, but have you checked it yourself?” asked Feng Song.

Without waiting for Feng Yun’s response, he sneered, “You haven’t, because you never treated Xiao Jiang Li as your daughter. But she’s living well now, so please don’t disturb her anymore.”


“And your son, if he targeted Xiao Jiang Li because he was afraid that she might fight him for his inheritance… well, you can tell him to rest assured. Our Xiao Jiang Li doesn’t lack your family’s little money.”

Feng Song’s words were too rude. Feng Yun took two steps back in shock. Her lips shivered, but she couldn’t utter a word.

“From now on, take good care of your son, or we will help you discipline him.”

After saying this, Feng Song dragged Feng Bai and left.

Feng Bai frowned in dissatisfaction: “You are letting him away like this?”

Feng Song shook his head, “Of course not. The university recommendation list is out, and I remember Jiang Zhou’s name should be there. Let’s find a way to check if there is anything tricky behind his recommendation.”

Feng Bai nodded immediately, “Okay.”

But before the twins had time to act, they received the news that a leader in the high school department of Minjiang International School had been dismissed for taking bribes from parents and secretly manipulating the list of recommended students.

At the same time, Jiang Zhou lost his recommendation quota, showing that the parents who made the bribe were indeed Jiang Huai.

With a look of confusion, Feng Bai looked at his brother and asked, “Which divine being has given us this gift?”

Feng Song just smiled in response, “I have no clue. But I am content to see Jiang Zhou’s getting shit luck.”

Feng Bai laughed, “You’re right.”

Sitting on the sofa in the living room of the Jiang family villa, Jiang Huai’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot. Losing the admission spot for his son made him very angry, but what infuriated him even more was finding out through various sources that the school leader was reported and dealt with after an intervention from Feng Qi.

Although the two families had no contact for over a decade, they had been in a state of ignoring each other and had no real hostility. He honestly couldn’t figure out why Feng Qi suddenly attacked his son.

A’Zhou was also his nephew!

Jiang Zhou stood silently before Jiang Huai, not daring to say a word knowing that his father was fuming with anger. Jiang Ruo tried to say something, but was silenced by Jiang Zhou’s gaze, who understood that he should keep secret the reason behind Feng Qi’s attack from his father.

At this moment, Feng Yun suddenly pushed the door and came in. She didn’t seem to notice the tense atmosphere in the room as she hurriedly went to her son, “I asked you to deliver money to Xiao Li before. Have you done it?”

Jiang Zhou pursed his lips and remained silent. He had only wanted to delay for a bit at first, but as time passed, he had forgotten about this matter completely and wouldn’t even have remembered it if not for his mother’s sudden reminder. The only person who knew that he hadn’t sent money to Jiang Li was Jiang Li herself. Despite acting so pretentiously in front of him, she actually turned around and made a complaint to his mother!

Seeing Jiang Zhou’s expression, the truth was instantly clear to Feng Yun. She looked at her son disappointedly and asked again, “Tell me, was the matter of Shen Mian threatening to jump off the building really caused by the message you sent her? Did you give her the idea to make trouble for Xiao Li?”

Jiang Zhou quickly glanced at Jiang Huai before bowing his head again. He wished he could deny it, but the incident had already been widely spread across the group chats and the school forum. Shen Mian even dared those who doubted her to check the police records, leaving him with no way to deny it.

The look on her son’s face told Feng Yun everything. “Xiao Li is your sister. Why would you do such a thing to her?” she asked with a trembling voice, unable to hold back her tears.

Jiang Zhou remained silent. Things had come to this point, so he had nothing more to fear.

“I know you grew up with Ruoruo, and you two have a good relationship as siblings. But Xiao Li is your blood-related sister. She…”

Jiang Zhou abruptly interrupted her, “A person I had never met before suddenly came out of nowhere to divide my inheritance. Why should I admit her as my sister?”

Jiang Zhou actually never considered the family property or inheritance with Jiang Li. Their dispute went beyond that. But now that the matter had developed to this point, he couldn’t let his parents think that his hatred was caused by Ruoruo. If they knew, they would definitely anger Ruoruo instead.

It was better to take all the blame on himself. Anyway, he was his parents’ biological son. Any anger they had toward him would subside in time.

Jiang Zhou’s words hit Feng Yun hard, leaving her speechless for a moment. “You… you… how can you be so heartless?”


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